Friday, July 22, 2016

God's Garden

I see so many beautiful, wonderful, accomplished and caring pictures of people my friends love here on FB! This reminds me of a beautiful garden. Each flower/person is unique. Each one is different in shape, scent, and color. Some may have thorns or prickly stems. some may have deep roots, others shallow. Some are considered weeds to others. Some act like they are better than the others. some are complicated, some are simple. Oh, such a wonderful variety!

The point is that I think the most beautiful gardens are the ones with all of us together, side by side, being the best of our unique selves and making room for others. I also think that this is the kind of garden that delights our Creator God.

I think we must remember that the pictures of people are not all that they are. Thier outward appearance is not the only thing that God sees. He sees our hearts (yes, all of our hearts.) His garden is one that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the heart. He cares for all and places us in the place we belong. It may be in the sunshine or the shadows.

Our only purpose is to please Him.

Holy Gardener, Good Father, Great Creator, You are our only purpose for being. You have given us so much and we have lost sight of who we are in Your eyes. Forgive us for our arrogance. Thank You for making each of us different and putting us side by side so our differences would shine. Teach us Lord to recognize You for who You are and ourselves and others for who You created them to be. We need You to pour out Your living water over us because it is only in You that we can be all we were meant to be.