Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Childhood Memories

Do I remember truth about my childhood? I find it interesting to ask my six (yes, 6) siblings what they remember about certain events in our childhood. There is a mystery in every remembrance that I share with family. We can laugh or cry in empathy with parts of a story, but often there are parts I do not recognize. Each story is personalized for the individual.

Where can I go to find out the truth? Maybe it takes all of us telling our stories to see the bigger picture. Listening to my sisters and brothers tell about their relationships with our parents allows me to see a fuller picture of Dad and Mom.

One of my sisters shared Dad's love of aviation. She delights in telling stories about the things they shared. I love learning about all those wonderful treasures she found hidden in my Dad. But He was more than that! I enjoyed sharing with him some very special moments uniquely mine. Many of them were priceless images of his love of beauty and his art and creative talents. Each of us has something to share about Dad that the others need to know.

Mom shared her love of the church and her faith more deeply with my older sister. Though we may all have shared Mom's love of music and her cultural food dishes, we all seem to have found little unique treasures that we tucked away into our memories. Again, mom gave each of us unique experiences that need to be shared with the rest.

Our personal and unmatched memories are intertwined with each other. Our individual remembrances need not be a cause for argument or misunderstanding. They should be used as opportunities to fit the puzzle pieces together to see the big picture. We are a family! Family memories are a portrait of us!

Father God, Creator of the family and head of our forever family, You are wise and good. I thank You for giving me family. Thank You for the earthly family I was born into and for the eternal family into which I was born again. I forget sometimes to treasure those moments with family. Forgive my ungrateful, and selfish heart. I, too often, want my way and my memories to be right. Teach me to let the whole truth make my remembrances a clearer picture so that I might learn the lessons my family was meant to teach. Thank You!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Metamorphosis is a process of change. I am not a scientist, but I do know that butterflies undergo an amazing metamorphosis. A furry and plain caterpillar will cocoon himself and emerge as a colorful reshaped creature that is free to fly. I think God delights in this change and uses similar processes for us.

Sometimes the process is a short one, other times, in us humans, it can take decades. How do humans metamorphose? I watched one yesterday.

I had the privilege of accompanying my sister and niece as they looked for a Mother-of-the-Bride dress. The wedding is only about 8 weeks away. My sister was putting off the shopping trip so she could lose weight. She began the trip apprehensive and uncertain as to what was appropriate, or if she could find what she really wanted. She was going shopping knowing it had to be done but dreading the trying on and the choices to be made.

My part in the process was to wrap her in a cocoon of prayer. I was asking God to do a transformation from the fuzzy thinking into clear thoughts and a beautiful feeling of freedom to be herself. God answered my prayers! I watched her search racks and reluctantly try on outfits, 'til one stood out as the perfect shape. Next it was time to decide on color. She had in mind what she wanted but hesitated because of what others were planning to wear. I encouraged her to let God and her desires be the priority instead of what others might think. God worked on her too, I finally saw the sparkle in her eyes and the beauty within unveiled! She will be a beautiful hostess for this wedding of her daughter!

In some ways, I am struggling to get out of my cocoon too. Are you in a phase of metamorphosis as well? It may be a huge change or it may be a simple change of thought or the making of a decision that sets you free. The God who made butterflies has sent us His Holy Spirit to lead us through the process! Little by little He will change us into the likeness of Christ and bring us to everlasting life free and beautiful!

God and Creator of butterflies, You are amazing in Your works! You are the author of change that lasts within us! You understand the process of dying to self in order to live again. Thank You for making that metamorphosis happen in me! Forgive me when I fight the change you want in my life. I surrender to Your change today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The War Between Pride & Humility

I am not looking for fame or riches. I am not seeking a spotlight for myself, or am I?

There is a part of me that wants very much to impact the world for God. I want to speak the right words and do the right things that will glorify Him and help people who are lost or wandering in circles to find their way to Him. But there is another place in my heart where I want people to notice me, know me, recognize MY worth.
Pride and Humility war within me!

Yesterday, I shared with the Bible Study ladies how awed I am that our God exhibits the character quality of humility. Because of His humble nature He resists the proud. God has every right and is the only one worthy to hold Himself high, but He does not. What an amazing God! He loves first, before He is loved. He lifts me up, before I lift Him. He forgives me, before I am able to forgive others.

God of wonder and Glory, You are humble in heart. You carry me through all my trials and triumphs. You do not grasp for attention or the glory You deserve. Forgive me when I do. Let Your humble Spirit grow in me. Teach me to depend on others and You more than on my own understanding and ability. Thank You for speaking into my heart first. Thank You for loving and forgiving me first. Thank You for giving grace to the humble. I need You, because I need grace.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scotsman's Whistle

When I was a little girl, I learned about many sayings and traditions of my heritage. My Dad was proud of his Scottish heritage and would playfully share little things he enjoyed about our bloodline. One of these was about the Scotsman's whistle.

It is well known that the Scottish are known as being frugal and sometimes even being tight with their money and possessions. It brings a smile to my face to remember the many times my sisters, brothers and I would suck on a straw to the bottom of our drink till it made a loud slurp. Though it may not have been a melodious tune, Daddy would give a little laugh and ask who was making the Scotsman's whistle. You see, a Scot will get every drop and the whistle comes from that effort to get that very last sip.

The Scotsman's whistle gives me cause to think about each day filled with so much to experience and enjoy. It is at the end of every day that we can look back and ask if we have taken every moment and savored it. I ask myself if I have used my Scotsman's whistle for every experience. So many times I have not, but I must admit that when I do my pleasure is complete.

It is my understanding that God wants us to live life abundantly and to me, being Scottish, that means He wants to hear a Scotsman's whistle at the end of each life experience. In that context a Scottish whistle is a praise to God!

Praise to You Father God! You are fun, mysterious, and abundant in life! Thank You for giving us so much to enjoy. I want to enjoy life in abundance, but so often I forget to get that last little sip out of life and thus forget that you would want to hear my Scotsman's whistle. Forgive me, and help me remember to breathe in every moment with gusto and praise to YOU!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Faith of Jesus

Today is my daughter's birthday. Erin is my first born and so I credit her birth to graduating me into motherhood. Our relationship has taught me how to be a Mommy and a Mom. She is a delight in my life and she gives me much joy. She pleases me by being strong, courageous, intelligent , beautiful and amazing! It also pleases me when she trusts me. She learned to trust me as a baby when I supplied her every need. Through the years she has learned to trust my words and my support. She believes in my love for her and that is good.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

I want to please God. I suppose that my relationship with God begins with faith. My trusting Him for salvation pleases Him. When I trust my Heavenly Father for daily needs, He is happy.

Father God was pleased with Jesus as He walked this earth. He spoke words of pleasure over Jesus at His baptism: This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. (Matthew 3:17) These thoughts cause me to wonder if Jesus lived by faith. He didn't need faith for salvation because He did not need to be saved but came to save. Every thing Jesus did here on earth, however, was an act of faith.

What did Jesus' faith look like? He said that He did not do anything unless He saw the Father doing it.(see John 5:19) That is faith in action. Jesus depended on the Father to show Him what to do, tell Him what to say, and provide for His every need all the way to the cross. Jesus came not only to save but to model for us the faith we needed to please God.

Father God, I want to please You. I want to have faith in my every day life that will make You smile and look on me with delight. I don't always depend on You, though. I sometimes try to live my life trusting my own strength and wisdom, but it seldom works. Forgive me. Plant the seed of faith in my heart. Teach me how to tend it so it will grow and become strong! Thank you for sending Rabbi Jesus to teach me how to live by faith. I pray I will love You like He does, trusting Your goodness, faithfulness and love.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoy God

Over the last few months I have heard the phrase, "Enjoy God" many times. It makes me wonder what it really means, and do I enjoy God?

When I enjoy my Grandchildren I take pleasure in their voices, touch and all they do. My two youngest grands are with me all day and lately they have been putting smiles on my face and a sweet delight in my soul. They are blossoming in personality, curiosity,and exploration. It makes me wonder if I enjoy God that way too.

I enjoy God's word and His voice that speaks ever so gently but with authority to me. I delight in His creation. It is filled with beauty and wonder. He gives me pleasure as I learn about Him, but do I really enjoy Him? Just Him? Could I spend my days watching creation unfold, or look for Him in each person I meet? Am I entranced by His personality, the way He laughs or His tender heart for the hurting? There is so much to enjoy about God. He will never be dull and boring.

I could go through my day walking beside God and never really look over at Him and smile just because He is near. I could, and often do, but that is not enjoying Him. It is not what He wants for me. You see, I believe He enjoys me. Yes, simple and sinful me. He delights in my accomplishments and the way I try to please Him. He is my Father, friend, and King. I can live my life without loving my time with Him, but that is not His desire, nor mine! I want to enjoy God! Do you?

Awesome and delightful God of all creation and glory, You are amazing! There will never be a time when the newness of You will get old. I want to smile every day because of You being by my side. I want to dance, and sing, and play, and rest in You! Forgive me for the days when You become hidden and I enjoy those things You give more than who You are. Thank You for all of You and all You do! Come into my private world so that I can enjoy You and You alone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fast Words

I belong to various social networks. Because I have a passion for communication God's truth, I believe that blogging, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter help me to get the word out. Unfortunately sometimes I become painfully aware that too many words, coming in or going out, can cause stress. I then demand a word fast of myself.

A word fast can limit my words, but it cannot take them away completely. I can limit the words going out, but often times my thoughts become an explosion of words waiting to find a release. A word fast can also limit the noise of others' words coming into my mind. T.V. Radio, internet and phone calls can tease and tempt me to allow and abundance of voices into my thoughts. A word fast may not stop the word rush through my brain, but it can hush them into a whisper that allows God's voice to be heard more clearly. It also allows my own thoughts to join with The Word of God.

I need to unite my thoughts with my Lord constantly. His word is truth, light and hope for me. And so, I will speak when it is time to speak, but I will fast words when it is time to listen to His still small voice.

Word of God, You are my truth, light and hope! You are always available but with so many voices, I sometimes do not hear You clearly. Forgive me for the times I allow the world to be louder than You! Thank You for placing within me a deep need to hear Your voice. I know your voice and long to hear it continually. Teach me how to turn down the volume of the world and turn up the volume of You!


I am testing the blog to see if I need to continue writing in the html symbols in order to have a break between paragraphs.

If this works it will make things so much easier! and it will look better on my blog too!

I hope this makes you smile!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Time For....

Everything has an appointed time in our lives. Lately I have been silent here in my blog as I've spent my words in other places. I want to revive my voice on this page, and so, I begin with whispers.

Silence, at first glance, seems simple, however, It is interestingly complicated and surprisingly noisy.

Being quiet is complicated because we cannot shut out the world. Our decision to stop our voice can be met with many unforeseen obstacles. Communication is a tool needed to connect with the world around us. Finding ways to communicate without using our preferred methods of using words, is an adventure. Opinions from people in our lives as well as our own inner desires convolute the terrain of silence.

Silence will surprise most of us with the noise it awakens! Inner voices, ourselves and God's, become louder and more insistent as we give our voices a much needed rest. Listening to God, the world, and our own minds and hearts reveals interesting truths.

One of the most interesting revelations I discovered in my blogged silence is who is listening to me. It is humbling to know that my words may or may not be all I thought them to be. I am also made aware of the wisdom of others when I quiet my own words.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not write so that I can do all the talking. I write for conversation. For this reason a time of silence is golden! I listen, learn and enjoy the voices of others. I long to hear more than the days events in others lives. I want to hear thoughts, ideas, emotions and wisdom learned. I am listening for your voice!

I am back, but I may have times of silence now and then. I will be listening for you.

Word of God, thank You for communicating Your heart and thoughts to me! You have communicated to Your people and I believe You want us to share with one another. Please forgive us when we fail to listen to You and each other! Teach us to listen before we speak. Teach us to lift up our voices for what is good, true and pure. In our times of vast communication may we not be a part of the city of Babel, but the voice crying in the wilderness to make way for Your coming! Thank You for the silence. Thank You for words to share. Thank You.