Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It must be a human condition to make excuses. I know of no one, myself included, that accepts responsibility for his/edher actions all the time. Even when we accept the blame, we can find a reason why we acted the way we did. People, circumstances, our health, how we were raised or just how God made us can all become excuses for our actions, good or bad.

Recently, the Spirit of God open my eyes to the excuses I make. The first was in response to a Sunday School question: Why do we not hunger for more of God? Even the question begged me to face the excuses I make for being hungry and thirsty for the things of this world more than for God. I can think of pretty good excuses for letting the world and its lies take the place of knowing, really knowing the heart of God. However, my excuses most often involve my pride, yet they bring nods from others, Chrisitans included. But what does God think of my excuses?

The second mirror held up to reveal my excuses was a question from the study we are doing in Potter's Wheel: Why do I procrastinate with my writing if God has called me to write? Again, the question brought me face to face with not an explanation that could be accepted, but an excuse revealed as sin.

My excuses almost always include a statement avowing that I do the right things. I guess the truth is that I am not perfect. I do let other things replace my total dependence and walk with the Lord. Having my excuses exposed is the first step to repentance.

I bow before You Lord God Almighty in humble repentance of my sin of hiding behind my excuses. You have said that nothing is impossible with You. Could You have meant that there really is no excuse for me for not seeing and knowing You more every day and obeying Your direction for my life? Thank You for opening my eyes. Expose my excuses, Lord and teach me the blessings of being honest with You, myself and others.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversary Musings

A good morning kiss becomes a sweet and tender moment blessing the new day with knowing we are together.

A call from work cut short by pressing duties is still cherished because we made a connection with a few words in the middle of our busy day.

Thinking of each other, remembering the past and celebrating today with cards, gifts and a dinner out becomes a party for two.

Making vows again to start another year is the commitment and promise to love when it is hard, to stay when we want to go, to face the opposition together not apart.

This is our 38th anniversary. Our today. Our celebration. We are deeply grateful to God for the gift of each other. We give thanks for the grace and blessings poured into our lives. It has been a good day!

Father God, Author and Builder of the marriage covenant and bond, we give You thanks! You have given us good gifts in each other and throughout our lives. Yes, there are times when we fail to see the gift and only see the struggle. Forgive us. Open our hearts each day to see Your blessing in the face of our spouse. Teach us to recognize You in each other and let us live together with You in eternity!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changing Course

Dead ends are frustrating, discouraging, and maddening! After traveling down a road that seems promising, it is never a welcome sight to find it is a dead end. This is especially true when hopes have grown and dreams dwelt safely in our hearts for a long time.

A dead end means we must turn back and pick up all the footprints we thought we had left behind. On the way we search for another route so we can again move toward our goal. Often we simply let our thoughts travel around and around wondering how we got off track, or if our journey is really meant to reach the goal that now seems so far away. We feel lost. Our steps are sluggish, so different when we boldly started off down this road.

Hope and vision are the compass that we must follow. The question I must ask is where is the hope but in our God who has promised to complete the good work HE has begun? Where is the vision except the vision of His plans that HE has? Those good plans that do not harm? The frustration and discouragement of having to turn around and change course can turn into an adventure, or a time of growth through the challenge. It is a worthy effort to follow our hearts all the way to HIM who not only waits for us but also walks along side of us!

Present Sovereign God, You are with us always. You never leave us to find our way alone. Thank You! Forgive us for allowing the obstacles to shadow Your light along the path. Open our eyes to see YOUR vision and YOUR plan. Make our feet like hind's feet to travel with lightened steps, knowing You are waiting and walking with us all the way! You are Good!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Two weeks ago I made a trip to Colorado to visit my Mom. We had a great time. I am so happy I got to see her new place. We did many fun things together but it was on my way home that something remarkable happened to me!

Many years ago I read that sometimes when flying you can see a rainbow that is a complete circle. I've always wanted to see one, but like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I thought it would never really happen. That is why I was amazed on my trip back home.

Having a window seat, I was entranced as we wove our way through clouds and over lakes and cities on our way home. Coming into Orlando we were flying through big fluffy clouds and came through a clear space with low flat clouds lying between the plane and the earth. Suddenly there was a circle of rainbow lying on the cloud! Even more astonishing was the bright white inner circle that held a sharp shadowed image of the plane! It was an awesome sight, and as I turned to share it with my seat mate, it disappeared.

I've contemplated that wonderful sight over these past two weeks. It seemed as if God was shining a spotlight on the plane and framed it with His rainbow. The truth I came away with after seeing this wonderful sight was that God sees us. He not only sees us, but His vision of us is perfect, bright, and framed with His loving promises. Yes, He does keep us under His watchful eye and frames His perfect vision of us with a rainbow of promise.

God of Promise and beauty, Thank You for showing me this perfect vision. You are The God who delights in revealing Himself to us! I pray that I will never forget Your watchful eye is on me. I never want to forget that You love me. I need your vision and Your promise. Thank You!