Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grommers' Advertisement

I found a surprise email in my inbox last night. It was an email from my dreamer Granddaughter, Paige. I will forever cherish this email. It was sent to about ten people that she has in her address book. The surprise was that it was an advertisement for me!

Paige took one of my poems, typed it up and sent it out with the message that the recipients should forward it to their contacts. She wanted everyone to know about me. Reading her praise of me gave me a feeling of being loved and honored. Yes, I will always remember and cherish her act of praise for me.

Giving praise and honor to those we admire is an act of love. Love compels us to speak out and share with others what God is doing in our lives and who He is to us! Paige has shown great love to me and in turn I can show my love for her.

Praise and worship is not one sided. We lift our voices to the One who is worthy, He, in turn, responds by accepting our sacrifice of praise and filling our hearts with His love and presence!

I know that joy from God and from Paige! Have you experienced it?

God, thank you so much for Paige and her heart that is created to love completely and without shame! Draw her close to You. Let Your Spirit grow in her till she is compelled to share You and Your wonderful deeds with the world! Thanks for speaking to me through her email!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Love God

Love the Lord, Your God with all your heart,with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

Love your neighbor as yourself!

My version: Love God in front of others and love others in front of God!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree House

The last time I was in my hometown, I took this picture. This tree still lives in the front yard of my childhood home. My sisters and I called it our tree house. We had no walls or floor or ceiling. We had a few boards nailed to the side of the tree so we could climb up and one board wedged in between the first break of the branches. You can't see it but it is still there!

Our tree house was a place of solitude and silence. We each had our "room," a special limb that we called our own. You can see mine on the left hand side. I loved to sit and read, imagine and think wonderful thoughts up there! I don't remember many times that we were all there at one time. It was almost always a quiet alone time.

The memories of that tree house experience are vivid and powerful. They draw me with a desire to find just the right solitary silent spot for my time now. Maybe I need another tree to sit under? Maybe I need a new place of wonder and imagination?

I think it must be away from the computer, cell phone,T.V., and other distractions. I am looking for that special place! A place God has made just for me!

Father, I hear You calling me to a time of quiet aloneness with You. Delight me with a special place where I can once again be filled with joy and wonder, ideas and imaginings! Let's meet in a special place!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taxi Anyone?

I thought that I drove quite a bit before Patrick's surgery, but my driving time has surely tripled. I drive further and I make more trips than ever before! I can't say I like it!

I have never liked to drive. My parents forced me to get my licence and then it was when I was a full year past the 16 year old right of passage. Back then I was very afraid to be the one who was behind the wheel of what I considered a potential lethal weapon! I am a good driver even though I have my lapses just like everyone. Driving now takes time I'd rather be spending somewhere else, causes stress, and gas prices empty the bank account.

Amid all the downs to driving that I am readily aware of, I've been trying hard to see if there may be any upside. I admit it doesn't come easy, but I have found a few things I do like about sitting in the car at a stop light or maneuvering in traffic.

1. I have an opportunity to show love, for my passengers and my fellow drivers.
2. I find that a captive audience can make well thought out questions turn into treasured discoveries of my fare.
3. Reading the messages people display on their bumper or window become prayer requests for individuals, families, countries and the world!
4. God is with me even in the taxi business! He is a constant fare and I am so glad He rides with me. He is my map to making every trip a witness for Him!

God, Thank You for the Holy Spirit guide that leads me in every way to using my abilities for Your glory! Teach me to submit my likes and dislikes into Your hands so that they can be used to drive Your message into all the earth!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Caught with Your Pants Down

This morning my Grandman, Scott age 19 months, was having trouble keeping his pants up. Even his diaper did not add enough padding to hold up those saggy pants. As we got ready to leave for Pappy's appointment I decided I needed to get him a new pair of pants.

As I came out with new pants in hand, he was standing there with his pants around his ankles! What a sight! I wish I had gotten a picture! He did not seem embarrassed, but he couldn't move! He was stuck! Any step he would try would land him on his face, so he stood and waited for help to come! I think he actually enjoyed the situation and maybe even understood our giggles!

I've had situations like that. Maybe I haven't been caught with my pants around my ankles, but I have been caught in embarrassing situations. Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. Other times it is my actions. I have even found that my heart attitude can cause me to feel caught with my pants down in front of Jesus! Sometimes the situation just calls for an adjustment. Other times it calls for a definite change. In either case I need help because if I try to move forward, I could fall flat on my face!

It is good to remember that we all have been caught with our pants down (fallen short of the glory of God). We all need someone to help us before we fall even further. The good news is that we have someone who understands and is the perfect one to help us out! After it is all over maybe we can laugh with Jesus over some of our life's embarrassments. But I think before we can laugh we might take time to cry because of what He had to endure because of us.

Jesus, Thank You for catching us with our pants down, providing us with a new set of clothes and being there with us as we try them on! I do hope that after I cry for what You have gone through for me, we can laugh with each other! I'd really love to hear You laugh!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Do You Have to Give?

There are many things we are given that are to be shared with others. God richly provides many things to us. He wants us to enjoy everything he supplies, but He also wants us to share generously with others.

We are lavishly rich in time, talent, money, and our testimony. Oh, but you say you don't have much time, don't have any talent, short on money and , well, without those you have little testimony! The truth is that we are rich in all of those things. Yes, we may find ourselves less full of one or more of these things but we do have them! god did not over look us when He was sharing His goodness with His people!

Time slips by quickly. If we fritter away our time, we will have none to share when a friend in need calls. I know that I let minutes pass by unnoticed and once they are gone I can never get them back. I often wonder where the time went. Some days I accomplish much and other days i while away the time given to me. It is sad that when a need is made known I sometimes have to say "No" because I've wasted my time and now the need to complete my chore is urgent. Time is a precious gift to share because it becomes more meaningful to us when we do!

Talents can sometimes be scary! Yes, they can be hidden because we are so afraid of being seen as a fool or worse that we won't be as good as someone else! The truth is that talents can be cause for others to ridicule us. They can be a source of pride. We want to be the best and so we hide our talent away because we are meant to sing in the choir and not do the solo! Our talents take work and sometimes we are just plain lazy. We don't want to do what it takes to improve or find our potential! Talents are a gift that should be shared because it brings joy and reveals God to the world! sharing our talent brings satisfaction and joy to us also!

Money given is life shared. It is really hard to obey God's whisper when I hear Him say give this much, when I only have a little for myself. The truth remains that giving out of our need is a blessing not only to others but also to ourselves.

It is true that our time, talents and our money is our life. The hours of our life have been exchanged for the money we earn. Taking time out of our day is an offering of our life. Using our talents is opening our lives to others. Giving our life away is a testimony.

So what do we have to give? We have our lives to give! There is no greater love that to offer your life for someone in need.

Lord God, You have lavished riches on all Your children! You have given us life and even when we have our own needs we still have much to give! Teach us to give as You have given! Let us offer our lives as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to You!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where is Heaven?

Where is heaven? I have a theory, really it is just my imagination, but I enjoy thinking of it now and then.

I think that heaven is all around us. It is the Holy Spirit world that engulfs us. To me heaven is God! I cannot imagine heaven as any other place than in the very center of The Living True God. God is everywhere so heaven is too, in my mind.

I have looked at nature and imagined heaven to be there, but wrapped in the fullness of God's glory! Nature is more glorious, more beautiful and more alive in heaven.

I have thought of loved ones who have died and imagine them in heaven, again, wrapped in God's glory. God revealing their beauty that was meant to be theirs from the beginning before sin. Of course they are more alive in heaven too!

If I am right and heaven is all around me, and it is God Himself, then just maybe there are times when I touch God and enter into heavenly places like John the writer of Revelation. Could there be times when my eyes see into the heavenlies, or hear the heavenly choirs? Could I touch heaven by spending time alone with God? I think so.

Father, I do not have the answer to where heaven exists, but You have said the Kingdom of God came to earth when You sent Jesus. You have said it is with us and I want to believe that! I want to believe that to be absent from this world I will be eternally present with You! Father, wherever heaven is, I want to be also! Open my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my mind and heart to receive Heave, to receive You!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Playing By Ear

Before Christmas break my granddaughter, Paige, tried out for the Advanced Recorder Ensemble at her Elementary School. She failed to make it, but the teacher instructed her to learn to read the music instead of playing "by ear," and she would be invited to join.

Paige was disappointed believing that she knew the songs and she knew how to play. She was ready to give up her dream of playing with the Advanced Ensemble. Her Mom insisted that she could learn to read the music and pass if she would only try. Mom was right!

Paige came home after her second audition glowing in success! We were cheering for her and getting the call that she had made it was a relief and a sense of pride in her accomplishment.

I remember well the music teacher that pushed me aside because I played "by ear" and I sympathized with Paige, but I also knew that reading music was not that hard and she could do it. I was so happy for her!

Yesterday I had a chance to speak to a composer I know, and told her the story about my music-loving, song-writing granddaughter. She looked at me aghast hearing her saga, and softly said that she, too, played by ear as well as by reading the music. Her confession made me think.

As Christians, we must play "by ear" as well as read the music, so to speak. Faith is playing it by ear. Faith comes by hearing the word of God! It is the only way to please God and so our lives our played out "by ear." But we must also read the music. Reading God's word is like reading the composition He has written for our lives. It is God's opus and we would miss so much of what He offers if we fail to read His music!

Faith without knowing the Word can only go so far. Reading the Word without faith is nothing but a nice story. We need both faith and the Word to live life in harmony with our Creator!

Father God, Thank You for teaching me how to play by ear. Thank You, also, for giving me Your Word! Your gifts are always perfect! And Thank You, Lord, for letting Paige learn music in both ways!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have been watching my 20 month old Grandman as he imitates our actions, facial expressions and tries to imitate our words. I love it when he follows Pappy's lead in doing exercises. We have fun trying out dances to the fun songs his toys play. We all are tickled when he imitates his cousins in play or even the dog! He is learning by imitation!

Imitation can mean that it is not the real thing, like imitation leather. When we imitate someone it may not be "Real" at first, but if we continue into a habit of the action it becomes ours to own as real.

I am an "Imitation" of Christ. I am not the real thing. I am only trying to be like Him. My imitation of Christ is real though. I have a heart desire to be like Him and as I imitate Him, I build the habit into my life, making his ways my own.

The point is that if you are looking for the real Savior, look to the real One: Jesus Christ. Don't look at me for His perfection. If you are looking for someone who is learning, growing and living to imitate, I will let you come with me. We can travel the imitation road together!

Jesus, You give me plenty to imitate! You are the perfect Holy One that is worthy of following! I have friends who walk with me as we follow You every day. Teach us, Lord! Open our eyes to see You and train us to be the people You want us to be! Let others follow me as I follow You, Lord Jesus!

I Corinthians 11:1 (ESV) "Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ"
Ephesians 5:1 (ESV)"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Consider Your Ways

"Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider your ways. You have sown much, and harvested little. You eat, but you never have enough, you drink, but you never have your fill. You clothe yourselves, but no one is warm. And he who earns wages does so to put them into a bag with holes." Haggai 1:5-6 ESV

Sounds familiar in some respects. The prophet was speaking to the people about their ways while the temple of the Lord was in ruins. Reading this entire chapter has made question: What are my ways? Am I working hard for myself or for God's glory? Is the temple of God in ruins? What temple do I need to be concerned for? Haggai was speaking of the earthly temple but can I test my spirit, God's temple now, by this chapter? Can I check my relationship with the church through the revelation of this scripture?

I have heard Your voice, Lord! Show me the truth and where to apply it in my life. I will consider my ways.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I was filling in birthdays on my new 2010 calendar and thinking of the years of each loved ones life. When I came to my birthday I suddenly realized that I was going to be 59 this year! No! That couldn't be right! At least that is what I thought till I did the math, twice!

It seems I don't feel or consider myself that old! I think it may be due to the fact that I am in a constant state of being a young "Mother." Well, not in the strict sense, but I watch young children every day and that makes me feel like a "Mom" of a toddler and of elementary age children.

When I told my friends they disagreed with my thinking and reassured me that I would still feel young even if I had no kids to watch. Come to think of it I may feel younger!!

The point is that as I grow older in years, I can also grow in so many other ways! I can grow in wisdom and knowledge that makes living life in relationship to others, myself, and God so much easier and more meaningful! Growing up into those things certainly fills my life!

Abundance of life is sometimes seen by the world as reserved for the young. I am thrilled to know that Jesus came to bring life and life abundant! He honors those with white hair and feeble steps with the wisdom of experience. In every year that passes He wants me to continue growing.

Oh Ancient of Days, You are full of life! You do not take away my youth, You perfect it. Eternal God You invite me to join You in forever growing and forever knowing You! Thank You!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard Week Changed

It has been a hard week for me. I felt as if I were being squeezed by a python! All sorts of extra chores, extra frustrations, and to top it off I was not doing well handling it. My attitude was self centered. I deliberately disobeyed God and then was told by other Christians not to be too hard on myself.

I am looking back over my failed week only to see what lessons I must learn from these experiences. Here is what I've come up with.

* I must get more rest, eat properly and exercise .
* When my circumstances overwhelm me it is time to stop and get alone with God...not wait for a convenient time.
* Put more gratitude into my day.
* Let repentance happen no matter what others say.

I must say that this last lesson is an important one that I never considered doing otherwise. I was, however, surprised to think that believers could so easily dismiss sin in my life or their own! It saddens me when I confess my sin and the other party tells me not to be too hard on myself. I believe in balance and I believe it is my place to bring my sin to the cross, cry over my failures if I must and then allow Jesus to wash me in His blood and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

It is not my place to shrug my shoulders and say, that it is okay because I am not perfect. I think that it is difficult to change our sinful behaviors without feeling the pain we cause God, others or self. I want to change and repentance is part of the change!

Change starts in me when I:
1. see my sin for what it is
2. truly understand what my sin is causing to God, others and self
3. cry out for forgiveness and help
4. receive the grace that God gives so freely!

Father, Thank You for letting me unload my sin onto Your Son! Thank You for being there to hear me. Thank You for loving me and accepting me even though I fail often. Thank You for healing me and setting me free from the bondage of my sin! You alone have the power to change my life! I choose You. Please live through me and in me!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I love definitions. Today I looked up the word significance. It comes from the root word signify which means to make a sign.

Here is the definition from the American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster 1828 (Yes, I like the old version!).

1. Meaning; import;that which is intended to be expressed.

2. Force; energy; power of impressing the mind.

3. Importance; moment; weight; consequence

Significance is a heavy duty word! To be significant is an amazing feat and surely only God can accomplish that in any life!

The meaning of our lives comes from our Creator. It is through Him that our lives express His significance! As our minds are impressed, or maybe you could say "renewed", by Christ we are filled with power and the force of the Holy Spirit that can make a difference in this world! We are important to God because of His great and awesome love He has for us! It is time to live a life full of significance, not for ourselves, but for the One who made us to be significant!

Father, I cannot live a life of significance without You! I realize that I can live a significant life without realizing it, and maybe that would be a good thing. If I were to focus on MY life as one filled with meaning I might miss that You are the only significant part of my life. Lord, I never want to forget Your grace that offers me the fullness of significance. Open my eyes to see You in every part of my life!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When You Want to Cry

Today has been a day when I just wanted to cry. It was the kind of day when you have to laugh at something...any thing just to keep sane.

It began fairly normal, in fact, I thought it was going to be pretty good at first. Grandman Scott arrived still sleepy so back to bed he went. The girls took off to school and I got in the shower. Pretty soon, in comes Brooke saying that Paige had ran on ahead of her and left her alone on the road to school. I panic. Dressed as fast as possible and hopped into the car to find Paige. She was walking with some other kids and was surprised to find us following her! I let her and Brooke have an earful of cautions about never being separated!

Back home to begin the process of going through last years' receipts. After hours of trying to make sense out of what I need to keep and what I don't, I decide I need some organization. It is not a good time to organize when you are watching three kids and two of their friends as well.

I don't even want to tell you about the computer confusions! UGH! If I only had a sure income I'd be buying a new computer!

So here I sit wanting to cry and not really ready to laugh about it all, but I figure I will in a day or two. These kind of days must have some redeeming factor. I figure it must be that a good laugh will come and bring some healing, right?

Lord, I could use a laugh dipped in chocolate right now! I know You have been watching all this transpire and You have kept us all safe. You have given me little children to lead me as I watch them cry out their hurts and move on to the next fun happening! Let me be like a little child. Let me laugh tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When God Speaks

When God speaks who listens? Am I one who has hears to hear His voice? When I hear do I follow with action, or am I content to hear His voice and then do my own thing?

If I am honest I must admit that my actions do not always follow what I've heard God speak. I am not proud of that. In fact, I am deeply saddened when i look back and realize that I have failed many times to really LISTEN to His voice.

I believe that the implication of the word "listen" is that there is a response that proves the hearer heard. This year my hope is that I will listen more often than just hear. I want to listen to my husband, family and friends and especially the Holy Spirit. To see that hope be fulfilled i need help. I need the Holy Spirit. I know I will stumble , but I choose to catch myself in the falling and call out for help so that I can change.

I am challenged by Jesus who could do nothing unless He saw the Father doing it. I want to bind myself to that way of living. I want to listen and see and follow.

Lord Jesus, speak to me and I will listen. Teach me to heed your call and be quick to answer! Open my ears and my eyes to hear and see You clearly!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Margaret Feinberg is a writer that continues to challenge me. Today she asked a question in her book "The Organic God" that has me checking my own idea of God in the way of generosity.

She asks: "Do I see God as a giver or a taker?" She goes on to explain that what I do reflects what I believe about God. If I believe God is a giver I will be generous in my giving. If I believe God is a taker, then I will hold on to what I possess. I see this principle as true in many areas of my belief system.

I am humbled to say that though my words would say that God is a giver, my actions do not always line up with that statement! I cried today when I was faced with this truth. I am not proud to say that I have times of selfishness and greed. I am filled with remorse when I push away thoughts that would cause me to be generous because I am afraid I won't have enough for me! I would love to be a cheerful giver whenever the Spirit prompts me, but the truth is I am not.

Don't be mistaken, I do give. I am a tither. I enjoy sharing at times. But I want to be like my Heavenly Father and I want to reflect Him to the world. To do that I must not just give when I want to, but I must BE a giver like He is!

My tears over this mornings' revelation must become the watering of the seed of truth so that I might grow the fruit of generosity in my life!

Father forgive me for believing the lie that You are a taker. I know You give good gifts. I know that You only ask me to give because it is good for me! I know that You are the Giver of all Givers! Change my heart, Lord! Change me! I want to be more like You!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Center of the Universe

This morning at church we sang a song about Jesus being the "Center of our lives." Our worship leader mentioned that God is the center of the universe. I thought it was so very true!

The thought became a picture in my mind. I saw galaxy's like we see in pictures from the Hubble telescope. I then knew more than saw that they were orbiting our Great and mighty God, the Light of the Universe! How awesome is HE!

Almighty Creator God, I bow in humble adoration of YOU! I cannot comprehend You, yet You know every detail of me. I cannot imagine You, but You know me intimately! You are Great!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Costly Obedience

Obedience is costly. When we choose to obey Parents, the law or God we pay a price.

We give up control and for those of us who like to be in control that is a high price to pay. Then there are times when we come against opposition to the path of obedience and we pay the cost of a change is relationships or our circumstances. Obedience is NOT easy!

There are times when obedience will force us to stand alone. There may be people on both sides of an issue who will oppose our walk with God. Like Paul who found himself criticized by both the followers of the way and by the Jewish community we must stand firm with God.

Solitude. It can be a dangerous, lonely, and costly place to stand, but God will never let our obedience go unrewarded! The question for today is: Am I willing to stand alone in obedience? Am I willing to live a life of solitude, knowing that my reward is Jesus Himself?

Father, I want to belong and yet I am called to obey You in some matters that put me on the outside of a group. I must depend on You to help me stand alone in the world but never alone in You! You have promised to be with me always and I want very much to choose You and Your way! Lead me Lord! I depend on You!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthy Diet

I struggle with eating/not eating healthy foods. I go for months dining on the fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats that my body needs and even sometimes craves. But then I get a taste of sweet and I go off on a tangent till I face my uncontrolled behavior and rein in my sugar addiction.

When I tell my husband what is going through my head, he looks at me with glazed eyes (not at all as desirable as glazed donuts). He has no idea what I go through in my head when I finally realize how much sugar I've ingested. He cannot understand the grasp this has on me. He really is no help either, because he offers the forbidden sweets so easily and without thought of the consequences to my resolve.

My prayer for the past few months is for God to miraculously break this craving in me. I want to live free. I want to connect the craving to the consequences. The answer to my prayer includes the discipline of taking my emotions to God, not the idol of food.

My emotions blind me from seeing the connecting of cravings and consequences. Emotions are not bad, but I have put them in control of my eating habits and they do not want to abdicate their reign. It is up to me to seek God for help to fight the battle and then to crown HIM as Lord of my food supply and emotion control. Just as Jesus could do nothing unless He saw the Father do it, I, too, cannot eat without seeing what my Lord would eat.

It is, for me, a change of mind, a change of spiritual control and a change of voice. What I think about must be given to my King. The control over my life must also be handed over to Him. It is His voice I need to hear over my own. This is a God-sized fight. It is a God-sized mission!

The battle is Yours, Lord! I cannot do this alone. I have years of proof that I am incapable of changing myself in this area of my life. Take over and let me join with YOU in living life and enjoying a healthy diet. Thank You for caring and Thanks for being my defender against this enemy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long Journeys

The story of the Magi intrigues me. I wonder why God would draw these men away from their homeland(s) to worship the Messiah child only to return home again. I question what made them so curious and what they knew that grabbed their attention so strongly that they had to find the child King ?

The more personal question might be what draws me to take a journey that lasts days or weeks, months or years? Sometimes it seems it may be circumstances that send me on a journey far from my comfort zone. Today I realize that it is not the fate of my existence but it is my Lord. He draws me through the valleys and over mountains and yes, even beside the still waters. He walks with me and brings me to a place of worship, only to set me back to continue on with the rest of my travels.

My travels with God change me. Wherever I find myself I can be sure that He wants me to know Him better in the trip. The journey is not about where or with whom. It is about experiencing God. You see, the Magi headed back home but they took with them their experience of meeting God. They went away changed too!

Today a long part of my journey has begun the process of ending. I still have a long way to go and many more experiences with God. Like the Magi, I have made this trip and found what I needed to find and now it is time to go on my way to another destination, another revelation.

It is a day of worship and a day of rejoicing! God has been faithful and I pray that I, too, have been faithful to what He called me to do. It is a good day. This is the day that the Lord has made. I rejoice and I am glad!

Are you on a journey with God? You can be. Just ask and He will let you come along with Him!

Jesus, I give You thanks and I worship You! You have made my journey an adventure I will not forget! I look forward to the next one!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Loving Jesus

What do you love about Jesus? I read that question this week and it did not take long for me to answer for myself.

I love that Jesus is Truth. I know that sometimes the truth hurts, but it is a good hurt! His truth helps me to live a better life and to know Him more!

The other day I had a moment of truth with Jesus. After being around some very negative people, I saw myself in a different light because God's word spoke to me. I examined my attitude and found that though I often hear people say that I am judgmental or negative, the truth is that I am not that way at all! Jesus, the Truth, sees my heart and knows who I really am. Coming to Him makes the truth about me known.

I am reminded of a wonderful quote by St. Augustine. He said that after his conversion he saw that " ...the scriptures were not just words to be interpreted; they were words that interpreted their reader." (quote from "Loving God" by Charles Colson p.54) To me that truth and the truth God reveals to me about Himself is why I have come to love Jesus.

My question for you is: What do YOU love most about Jesus? I've been asking others and the answers are mini revelations of who God is! It is a wonderful question! answer for yourself then try it out on someone! I think you will see what I mean!

Lord, we love You in so many ways! Teach us through each other the Truth about Yourself!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holy Spirit GPS

My husband got a GPS for Christmas. It has been fun to play with and I am sure it will be a great help when I need to find someplace I've never been before. Yes, by default I get to use this marvelous tool too!

Gabby, as we have named her, has access to maps and satellites that help us to find the final destination that we want to get to. She does not decide where we are going but she can tell me where I am and how to get there. In a similar way I find my New Years goals to need a guide.

The New Year is a good time to consider my way. It is a good time to plug in and set my goals. Then I must ask what direction have I been going? Do I need to adjust my course in order to reach my final goal? I always need help to maneuver the road ahead. Are there obstacles to overcome? I need a helper. In fact, I consider the Holy Spirit to be my guide as I set out each day. Like the GPS He will not force me to go His way, but He has the wisdom to lead me in the right direction. With Him I can arrive at my desired destination.

Holy Spirit, I am turning to You for guidance as I navigate this life! I need you! I do not want to get lost along the way. Thank You for being with me!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Numbering my days

Psalm 90 records a prayer that God would teach the psalmist to number his days. If I were to utter that same prayer I might ask God "How do I number my days?"

Spending time alone with my Creator who knows the number of my days, I believe that I am to consider each day a precious gift from Him. I am to delight in His love and even in His correction. I am to receive each day as a package sent to me from my Father God. It is lovingly held in His nail scarred hands and presented to me with utmost care.

It is my obligation to learn how to receive the good and the evil within those days as an opportunity to know Him more intimately. In each of my days He offers me the gift of Himself. How many days will I count as a treasure of knowing and loving Him who made me?

Lord teach me to number every day as a day knowing You! Teach me to count every occasion as a dance with You! Teach me to see You in the minutes and hours of of my short life here on this earth!