Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree House

The last time I was in my hometown, I took this picture. This tree still lives in the front yard of my childhood home. My sisters and I called it our tree house. We had no walls or floor or ceiling. We had a few boards nailed to the side of the tree so we could climb up and one board wedged in between the first break of the branches. You can't see it but it is still there!

Our tree house was a place of solitude and silence. We each had our "room," a special limb that we called our own. You can see mine on the left hand side. I loved to sit and read, imagine and think wonderful thoughts up there! I don't remember many times that we were all there at one time. It was almost always a quiet alone time.

The memories of that tree house experience are vivid and powerful. They draw me with a desire to find just the right solitary silent spot for my time now. Maybe I need another tree to sit under? Maybe I need a new place of wonder and imagination?

I think it must be away from the computer, cell phone,T.V., and other distractions. I am looking for that special place! A place God has made just for me!

Father, I hear You calling me to a time of quiet aloneness with You. Delight me with a special place where I can once again be filled with joy and wonder, ideas and imaginings! Let's meet in a special place!
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