Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When God Speaks

When God speaks who listens? Am I one who has hears to hear His voice? When I hear do I follow with action, or am I content to hear His voice and then do my own thing?

If I am honest I must admit that my actions do not always follow what I've heard God speak. I am not proud of that. In fact, I am deeply saddened when i look back and realize that I have failed many times to really LISTEN to His voice.

I believe that the implication of the word "listen" is that there is a response that proves the hearer heard. This year my hope is that I will listen more often than just hear. I want to listen to my husband, family and friends and especially the Holy Spirit. To see that hope be fulfilled i need help. I need the Holy Spirit. I know I will stumble , but I choose to catch myself in the falling and call out for help so that I can change.

I am challenged by Jesus who could do nothing unless He saw the Father doing it. I want to bind myself to that way of living. I want to listen and see and follow.

Lord Jesus, speak to me and I will listen. Teach me to heed your call and be quick to answer! Open my ears and my eyes to hear and see You clearly!
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