Monday, January 25, 2010

Caught with Your Pants Down

This morning my Grandman, Scott age 19 months, was having trouble keeping his pants up. Even his diaper did not add enough padding to hold up those saggy pants. As we got ready to leave for Pappy's appointment I decided I needed to get him a new pair of pants.

As I came out with new pants in hand, he was standing there with his pants around his ankles! What a sight! I wish I had gotten a picture! He did not seem embarrassed, but he couldn't move! He was stuck! Any step he would try would land him on his face, so he stood and waited for help to come! I think he actually enjoyed the situation and maybe even understood our giggles!

I've had situations like that. Maybe I haven't been caught with my pants around my ankles, but I have been caught in embarrassing situations. Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. Other times it is my actions. I have even found that my heart attitude can cause me to feel caught with my pants down in front of Jesus! Sometimes the situation just calls for an adjustment. Other times it calls for a definite change. In either case I need help because if I try to move forward, I could fall flat on my face!

It is good to remember that we all have been caught with our pants down (fallen short of the glory of God). We all need someone to help us before we fall even further. The good news is that we have someone who understands and is the perfect one to help us out! After it is all over maybe we can laugh with Jesus over some of our life's embarrassments. But I think before we can laugh we might take time to cry because of what He had to endure because of us.

Jesus, Thank You for catching us with our pants down, providing us with a new set of clothes and being there with us as we try them on! I do hope that after I cry for what You have gone through for me, we can laugh with each other! I'd really love to hear You laugh!
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