Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love Song

Today I listened to Kenny Rogers crooning away all my favorite love songs. Listening to the words as he sang, and thinking of couples in my life that have loved deeply, made me cry. I allowed my tears to flow thinking of Gods' love for me and how He has given me so much. Tears ran down my cheeks as I remembered those who had lost the love of their lives. My heart broke into sobs as I realized my desire to finish life filled with love for the man I have given my heart and life. I prayed the love songs back to my Lord, and allowed the words to speak to my heart what I know God whispers to me.

Then, as if he heard my heart, Patrick came to dance with me. He held me in his arms and allowed my tears to wash away my longings. He stood tall and offered his strength to me. He was my man, my husband, my love. My love song will always be played for him. Our love will always be offered to our Lord as one.

Yes, I am a romantic! I love being romanced by My Lord, and I love being romanced by my husband. I even love being romanced by a love song.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Erasing the Past

President Obama seems intent on erasing everything that President Bush put into place over his 8 years in office. I think we all knew it was coming, but at the furious pace that the erasures are happening, I think we are all a bit shocked at the vengeance and ridicule it seems to portray.

I am saddened by the lack of respect shown to President Bush. I pray for President Obama to do unto others as he would have others to unto him.

The final thought is that God is the only one who can really erase the past. He alone rubs out our sin with His eternal eraser. He knows none of what we have placed in His nail scarred hands. For this I am deeply thankful.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission: Obedience

My mission for God is to obey! It is not for me to manipulate the outcome so I will get patted on the back, or rewarded for the success of the project. Obedience, plain and simple is the goal.

This is a strange thought to most of us. I guess we figure if God gives us an assignment we should make sure that it turns out right! The problem with that kind of thinking is that it places us in the drivers seat and puts God on the sidelines. The truth is that whatever mission God sends us to do is His mission and we are just an instrument in accomplishing the task He has assigned us.

Ultimately my success in the eyes of God is my obedience, not the finished result. My answer to the Lords' call and the follow through with complete obedience will reward me with His words, "Well done!"

It may be hard to leave the control in His hands but then sometimes just obeying Him is enough. Today does have enough trouble of its own! Those little steps He asks me to make could be steps of faith that in looking back weren't so little after all.

Mission: obedience.....I accept!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parenting Styles

After talking with a young mom about parenting styles earlier today, I began thinking about my philosophy of parenting and how it has changed over the years.

Long ago, when I was a new Mom, I relied heavily on the experts. I read just about every book . Of course, getting my B.S. degree in Child Development and Family Relationships made me certain that I would do everything right as a parent! I was shocked when I began to see flaws in my parenting, and so I sought other moms and read more books. Learning from the best did not make my child a perfect child nor was I a perfect parent! I judged myself by what the books said a parent should do and I judged my child by how they measured up to other children.

The sad truth in all of this is that it took me years to finally go to the One who formed us both! God, Himself, is the only perfect parent. He alone knows the unique fingerprint of His image we will be for the world. He is the only one who should be consulted for the wisdom on how to parent our children.

Looking back over the years I saw successes only when I trusted that God loved my children more than I did. He placed them in my care because He knew that I was the right person to give them something they would need to serve Him. Today, I should have told that young mom that God, not me, or other moms can judge what is right for her child or anyone elses. If she remains close to Him she will fulfill her role as a mother just as God has planned.

The sequel to this is that we should also watch out about our judgement of others' parenting. It just may be that God wants His children to be raised under different parenting styles.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life and Death Struggle

I've been pondering the life and death struggle that my neighbor is fighting.

The family has asked the question "Why?" Why isn't God just taking Bob home? It has been painful for the family to watch life inch away over the past 4 weeks. Well, it began before that with a diagnosis of Parkinson's a couple of years ago, but only recently has the struggle begun in earnest. It is because of their questionings that I, too, wonder what this struggle is accomplishing.

It is a fact that we all will loose the battle to hold on to life eventually, but we will fight. We all will grasp for the last minute, even though we believe that beyond the veil lies our Savior and a place without disease, pain and tears.

I believe that it is love we play tug-of-war with: love for our family and friends here and love for our God and the eternity He promises will be ours. We hold the love in our hearts and we cannot be totally engulfed in Gods perfect love while living in this sinful world. We cannot be completely involved with the loved ones we hold so dear and be free to love them without pain and heartache if we remain here on earth. The pull of the two loves begins when we believe and it ends when we surrender our life to live the complete love filled life God has planned for us!

Lord, let us learn to trust you even in the moments of letting go. Send your Comforter to bring peace that goes beyond the seeing and hearing of this world! Help us to live a life of love and let love guide us home!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Silver Linings

I used to sing a song when I was a child. It spoke of looking for the silver lining behind every cloud. I've seen the sun make the clouds shine along the edge looking like a silver lining. It is a beautiful reminder that the clouds are not all dark and gray!

Every trial can hold a blessing if we but open our eyes to see God working in it. He is faithful. He is always with us.

Today I see silver linings. They may not be bright but because God is working they are there.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life Hangs in the Balance

Our neighbor is on the verge of dying. He has lived a full life and it seems his time here on earth is nearly over. Death does not wait for the long lived. The past few weeks we have heard of friends and acquaintances, young and old, taking the step into eternity.

No matter what our age we have no guarantee that our next breath will come. Today we may be balanced on the edge of eternity.

Eternity is a word that we cannot fully understand. It is a long long time and yet we cannot comprehend its length because it has no end.

I am convinced that heaven and hell are real. It is important to know that we choose where we will reside after we step through the doors of eternity. I am trusting Jesus to provide my entrance into Heaven. He is the only one who offers to let me in without my own perfection.

My neighbor is trusting Jesus as well, but some of those who have left this world trusted in themselves, their works, or failed to believe that eternity was real. The balance of our lives could be one breath away! The question arises, how will we make it into a perfect place if we have not yet reached perfection? Jesus offers His perfection as a free gift to anyone who wants it. I do! How about you?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where is God's Heart?

A question was posed in my Bible study: Where is God's heart? I answered quickly but didn't recognize the depth and closeness of His heart till I thought about it a bit longer!

God's heart is with people. He became one of us. He sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us. His plan revolves around our needs and our lives. If you are looking for His heart you must look at people.

God has told us that He wishes that no one would perish, and so His priority is our eternal life. His heart is moved by those who choose to trust Him. God has also shown us through Jesus that His heart is moved by the troubles that are caused from our sins. He desires to help us through those trials so we can find Him in the process.

The bottom line is that when we find God's heart, we find needy people. To join in God's work we tend to the needs of others and let God reveal His love for all through our charitable actions.

Where is God's heart? It is also with me! I am a needy person too!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Digging Out

When I fall into a slump, now commonly known as a funk, it takes some digging to get out!

The digging usually takes place within myself. I shovel through my thoughts, feelings and even the things I have done. I sift through each layer, looking for a sign that will show me the way out of the shadowy smog I made for myself.

Rereading the last paragraph actually reminds me of the CSI shows. They often dig , shovel, sift and discover answers. However, my answers rarely come in a one hour time slot. Some take a day or a week but others can last much longer.

I am told that exercise, prayer and rest can help the process along. So I work the muscles of my body, soul and spirit. It helps. Everyday I see things I didn't see before, I think differently and I keep walking forward even when I am really not sure in what direction I should go.

If you see me in a funk, you can be sure I'm working on digging myself out. I'll call if I need a little help! God is always there, but sometimes I might need you!

"Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him-a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Eccl:4 9-12 ESV

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Humility is being stopped by a policeman and admitting I am wrong.

Humility is admitting to a friend that I didn't stick to your exercise plan or keep my promise when I said I would.

Humility is admitting I am selfish to my spouse.

Humility is telling my grandchildren that I still do naughty things.

Humility is knowing when the wise words I say are not my own but are from the Holy Spirits' whispers.

Humility is listening when I want to speak, speaking when I want to remain silent, seeing each job and each person as better than my job and myself, and being sure of whose I am even when I fail.

Humilty is not something in which to be proud, rather it is something to bring to the Father and allow Him to make something beautiful out of it. It is knowing who God is and who I am not.

True humility can only be obtained through the working of God in my life. Funny thing is I want to be humble but I don't want to be humbled!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that I think is Gods' vision of the world. It isn't that I see everything as God sees it, but when He shows me bits and pieces I get excited and imagine how the world would be if God's vision was fulfilled.

This dream I have today is one of the equality of mankind. What would the world be like if presidential celebrations or other accomplishments are not focused on the color of the persons' skin or their gender but of their character, beliefs and deeds?

Certainly today's inauguration is historical, but the overwhelming message has been that President Obama is African American. My dream is that it would not be his heritage but his person hood that would be the standout message. This black and white mindset keeps the racial divisions alive. We the people do not need to be reminded of our differences. Rather, we must seek our common core to make us truly be the United States! Our unification is in a people "Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Maybe for the next president this will be so!

"For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." I Samuel 16:7b

I See You

Last night I attended a memorial service. My eye was drawn to one woman who was moving chairs for the crowd that had exceeded their expectations. She never said a word, never asked for help. She simply moved one chair after another to serve the needs of the mourners. Then there were those quiet ladies who prepared the reception for the family. They were mourners who spent their grief in serving those closest to the deceased.

This morning I was able to watch a small portion of the inaugural proceedings and was again more interested in those servants who followed behind and who are making the day run smoothly.

When I see these quiet helpers I am reminded that God's word tells us that if we desire to be great in the kingdom of God we must be the servant of all. From what I heard at the memorial service I believe the woman who died was a servant to her family and those to whom she worked. I do not know, yet, what role President Obama will take.

My prayer for President Obama is that he will serve more than rule. I pray he will be a great president and surprise me. I pray he will not be the president who would be king but a true public servant. I pray for his protection and that he finds wisdom from a greater source than himself, God.

I am a cautious observer to President Obamas' administration. I watch to see if he serves all Americans not only those who put him in office. Whatever his policy, I will choose to do the right thing. I hope he does also!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What is a Friend?


In true friendship
We reap lasting rewards of worth,
Security, joy, love, intimacy, and growth.
Friends care, comfort, encourage, listen, and
Gently touch the deepest need in our soul so that
We are able to dream and reach
For the one success that
Seems truly hopeless. Yet,
Because of the loving insistance of a friend
We must persevere.

by Carolynn J. Scully 1995

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Expendable Relationships

There seems to be a growing number of people who believe that relationships are expendable. That means that they do not believe that relationships were meant to last and they can easily be replaced by someone else. This seems to be true of friendships as well as marriage partners.

The divorce rate keeps inching upwards and no family seems to be immune to the influences of divorce. Friendships are changable over the smallest of errors or percieved afronts. Because of the fluid movement of our society people feel free to drop friends in one city or state and find new ones in another.

As I look over the list of friends I've lost touch with over time I am saddened. I know there is no possible way to keep close all the friends of the past and present , but I believe past friends are still a treasure and a precious gift.

Forgiveness can prolong relationships that have been hurt, and correspondence through letters, Christmas cards, and emails can revive far off friendships. So why do we let relationships die instead of making an effort to remind the person that they have made a difference in our lives? Maybe they really need to hear it now. What might be happening in their lives that a sweet voice of a friend could cheer?

I don't want expendable relationships so it is time to make a call or two!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Day is Done

I feel that the holidays are finally over. The last of relative visits ends this weekend. January birthdays are upon us, but they will be celebrated with the calm after the storm (I think).

It is the end of the day and I am weary. I love the holidays and relatives, but holidays are not holidays if they are everyday, and visits from far away relatives are not kindly remembered if they last too long. So tonight I will sleep soundly and dream pleasantly as I count the blessings of holy days and people I love.
Though this day is over, time ticks on. Celebrations, family and friends remain the heart of living!
Memories. Delights.
Thank You, Lord, the giver of all good gifts!
Santa Scott Christmas 2008

Friday, January 16, 2009

People Thoughts

People are everywhere. Unless you are a hermit you will meet people and in some way and you will relate to them. Come to think of it, even a hermit will be influenced by the people of the world. He may not see or communicate directly with them, but he will be touched by the events happening in the world because we affect our environment and it has no boundaries.

Keeping in our own space and respecting others property and space helps us to get along in the world of relationships. However, this rule must be broken if we are to ever have an intimate and deep relationship with someone. I think we can only have a few of those types of relationships though. too much of a good thing will turn sour.

Here are some random or not so random thoughts about this:
* Our first and most intimate relationship is with God.
* To have an intimate relationship we must become vulnerable.
* We should never be forced or intimidated into allowing someone into our space.
* When we violate anothers' space we must be willing to suffer the consequences.
* Intimate relationships must be agreed on by both parties.

I am certain my thoughts are not the entire wisdom of this topic. They are simply a few thoughts. My point is that even though I may want a deeper exchange with another person, they may not be willing. In this light I must remain in my space and let them remain in theirs.

In that regard it is a blessing of God that we find a mate or a best friend. God, Himself, shows us how in Jesus Christ. He became vulnerable. He reached out and when we allow Him in, He accepts the invitation. He will not cross the line if we say "No. "

It is not easy to let God or another person invade our space, but the experience is far more than we can comprehend totally! So, with God, a mate or a friend let us be open, tread lightly and enjoy the blessing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Answered/Unanswered Prayer

Two days ago I had a call from my friend. She was very excited and relieved and happy all rolled into a mass of emotion. I at first was not sure if she was happy or upset from the sound of her wild emotions.

I came to find out that God had answered one of her prayers. This prayer was a huge request and if the answer had gone in the other direction there would have been dire consequences. But God said "So be it" to her request and so she called to let me know. I was thrilled for HER.

The problem was that I've had a similar circumstance and God has repeatedly told me "Not yet." So along with my joy for my friend I tasted a tad of bitterness that my prayer had gone on so much longer than hers, and my prayer has not yet been answered. I am sad for my family and happy for hers. I have a heart full of questions with no answers. I want what she has received!

I do not take anything away from their relief and joy, and I truly do join with them in their praises. I only hope that my answer will soon be, "So be it."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where is God?

Where is God today? Good question!

Yes, He is everywhere. There is the obvious work that He is doing, holding together the universe and keeping up with relationships He is developing with His people. Then He also has plans that He is carrying out to fulfill the prophecies He has laid out in His word. The question most important to each of us is where is He in relation to our lives?

Is it possible to look around and see Him at work? If so I have recently begun to understand the importance of joining Him in His work, not asking Him to come be with me in my work. That brings me to new questions: Is my work part of His work or am I trying to fly solo and ask Him along to be my co-pilot when I need help? Is my work part of His plan or simply my plan attached to His design?

I have lots of questions today, but no answers....except to seek Him and join Him when I see Him moving in my life, in my family, in my church, in my work, in my country and in the world.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not-So-Good and Bad Friends

When I get around some people I begin to act in ways that are not Christ-like or that simply defeat me in sticking to my goals. I come away disappointed in myself and vowing to never allow them to influence me in that way again.

People who complain about everything cause me to take on that attitude when I am around them. Blue people cloud any sunny disposition I might be trying to maintain. Braggarts make me want to brag, and unfortunately, people who tempt me to eat what I don't need usually win, while I lose, not pounds but the battle to lose pounds! I am weak in these things and I must learn to stay away from these people or stand up to their influence.

I can turn this all around and look to myself. Am I a friend who influences others in the wrong ways? Can I even be called a friend if I do? It is most important that I work on myself and call on the help of the Holy Spirit to keep me on the right track. I must also be watchful of the friends I keep.

I still must be friendly to all, but I am not obligated to keep company with those who will draw me away from my goal to be a strong witness for Christ and bring honor to Him. It is time to stand firm and be a good friend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Friends

Gods' word reminds us more than once that choosing good friends is an important way to live a life that will be rewarded. Finding good friends is not always an easy task, but certainly one that is rewarding in the end.

Sometimes when we find someone we like and draw close to them, it becomes easy to see their faults. We then must decide if that is a reason for holding them afar or even removing them from the friend list. Since we all have failures and rough spots in our character, we should look for someone who can help us smooth out those rough patches. Then we can smooth out theirs. That is a good friend.

A good friend sticks around when they see our ugly ways. They commit themselves to helping us overcome. They want us to become the best person we can be. A good friend doesn't run away. A good friend is honest in a loving way. A good friend allows us to be those things for them.

"To have a friend you need to be a friend" is a true statement. We must model the type of friendship we want, be willing to be the friend we need. Yes, it will cost us. We will pay the price in time and energy and in commitment to learning as much as we can about the person. The interest we receive back, though, is a windfall.

Friendship, good friends, are part of Gods' plan for each of us. I think I'll write a friend today and tell them how much they mean to me!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

We all sport an attitude. It may change during the workings of the day, but we bring an attitude into every conversation and action.

All attitudes cause that ripple effect of changing attitudes in others. If we have a good attitude or a bad one we will influence the attitudes of others. They may not take on our particular mood but theirs will be affected. If they keep a happy mood when we present them with a sour disposition, it is only because they are working harder.

An amazing fact is that we can control our attitudes! We choose to look at the silver lining behind the storm clouds, hold up a bright umbrella or we get soaked by the storm and drown in self pity.

Where am I today? I am looking for the silver lining and the bright umbrella. I'm getting a little bit of the sprinkles from the storm but I am on my way to putting a smile on my face! I hope it helps you to smile too!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking the Time

Take time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise. Yesterday my granddaughters were out playing and ran in excitedly yelling at me. "Grommers! You have to come see the sky!" They were so excited that I didn't hesitate but grabbed a jacket and headed outside.

WOW! It was magnificent! I immediately shouted out to God. I praised Him for the beauty and the wonderful blessing it was to see His light shine. I then ran in side to get my camera.

The neighbor kids heard me praising God and asked what that was all about. My granddaughter Paige explained it to them and they then joined me in telling God how beautiful He painted the sky! What joy to hear little ones shout his praise!

What are you taking time to do? Maybe enjoying God's majestic creation of your body? Or maybe taking time to read His word and discovering the treasure that lies within each verse!

Take time! It is a gift.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As Time Goes By

As time goes by, there comes a momentum that leans toward some direction. As we make our first steps toward growth in the new year, we can be certain that the momentum is picking up. If we repeat good habits we will turn the momentum toward the good. If we repeat bad habits the tide will flow toward a downhill slide.

The key is to turn around quickly when a path is found to be wrong. If we wait too long it is hard to pull ourselves up, find a place for a u-turn, or build a new path toward the goal we have set.

The clock is ticking and minutes, hours, days and weeks are passing. It may seem too early to evaluate the direction we are going , but it is a good time! Today is the day we can adjust the course without too much trouble.

It only takes a minute or two. Those minutes are worth spending!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bearly Started

I've started the new year on a down note. It has not been an extreme low, but it hasn't begun how I wanted it to be.

I won't go into details but my thoughts are my biggest problem. It seems that no matter what is happening I think a negative thought or look at the situation as less than what it should be. GRRRRR. I really don't like being a bear growling about and scaring people away. Now if I were a Teddy Bear that was cuddly and kind and a comfort to others that would be great! But the past few days I haven't been.

I've been angry...over what, I am not sure I even have a good reason for my anger. I have sought for one, but it only lands on innocent people who have no intentions of provoking me.

I've been sad....mostly that I cannot change things that are going on around me. I also am not the person I want to be, do what I want to do (and earn a living at it), or fulfill the roles of wife, mother, friend and grandmother with the joy and integrity and blessing I want to be in those roles.

I interpret the actions , words, and silences of family and friends and surmise who I am from that, BUT my Heavenly Father has spoken to me this morning. He has told me that He knows my heart. He knows everything about me, and HE alone can judge who I am. The hard part for me is to shut my eyes and ears to those around me and keep my eyes and ears focused on HIM!

So, going with my goal for this year to send God's message, I will close my eyes and ears to the world and open them to my all knowing all loving Father. I hope you will see a change in me and you will get the message of the Fathers' love.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Page

Today begins a new page of history. Yes, I know it is the same every day but today being January 1, 2009, the world recognizes the change.

For me, I see myself writing a few new stories of my life. It is interesting that you, too, are writing the stories of your life. Though we choose our own stories we also bring in others stories into our own. Your story is a part of mine just as my story is a part of yours. To me that is an amazingly delightful thought!

God is part of our stories as well. He is there even if we fail to acknowledge Him. I am happy to have Him in my story. Because He is such a big part of my story He is also in your story (If you are part of mine!)

2009 is a year when I choose to share His story and my story as often as I am able! I want to tell all about Him and who He is in my life!

Happy New Year! The story begins anew!