Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where is God's Heart?

A question was posed in my Bible study: Where is God's heart? I answered quickly but didn't recognize the depth and closeness of His heart till I thought about it a bit longer!

God's heart is with people. He became one of us. He sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us. His plan revolves around our needs and our lives. If you are looking for His heart you must look at people.

God has told us that He wishes that no one would perish, and so His priority is our eternal life. His heart is moved by those who choose to trust Him. God has also shown us through Jesus that His heart is moved by the troubles that are caused from our sins. He desires to help us through those trials so we can find Him in the process.

The bottom line is that when we find God's heart, we find needy people. To join in God's work we tend to the needs of others and let God reveal His love for all through our charitable actions.

Where is God's heart? It is also with me! I am a needy person too!
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