Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not-So-Good and Bad Friends

When I get around some people I begin to act in ways that are not Christ-like or that simply defeat me in sticking to my goals. I come away disappointed in myself and vowing to never allow them to influence me in that way again.

People who complain about everything cause me to take on that attitude when I am around them. Blue people cloud any sunny disposition I might be trying to maintain. Braggarts make me want to brag, and unfortunately, people who tempt me to eat what I don't need usually win, while I lose, not pounds but the battle to lose pounds! I am weak in these things and I must learn to stay away from these people or stand up to their influence.

I can turn this all around and look to myself. Am I a friend who influences others in the wrong ways? Can I even be called a friend if I do? It is most important that I work on myself and call on the help of the Holy Spirit to keep me on the right track. I must also be watchful of the friends I keep.

I still must be friendly to all, but I am not obligated to keep company with those who will draw me away from my goal to be a strong witness for Christ and bring honor to Him. It is time to stand firm and be a good friend!
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