Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I See You

Last night I attended a memorial service. My eye was drawn to one woman who was moving chairs for the crowd that had exceeded their expectations. She never said a word, never asked for help. She simply moved one chair after another to serve the needs of the mourners. Then there were those quiet ladies who prepared the reception for the family. They were mourners who spent their grief in serving those closest to the deceased.

This morning I was able to watch a small portion of the inaugural proceedings and was again more interested in those servants who followed behind and who are making the day run smoothly.

When I see these quiet helpers I am reminded that God's word tells us that if we desire to be great in the kingdom of God we must be the servant of all. From what I heard at the memorial service I believe the woman who died was a servant to her family and those to whom she worked. I do not know, yet, what role President Obama will take.

My prayer for President Obama is that he will serve more than rule. I pray he will be a great president and surprise me. I pray he will not be the president who would be king but a true public servant. I pray for his protection and that he finds wisdom from a greater source than himself, God.

I am a cautious observer to President Obamas' administration. I watch to see if he serves all Americans not only those who put him in office. Whatever his policy, I will choose to do the right thing. I hope he does also!
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