Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life and Death Struggle

I've been pondering the life and death struggle that my neighbor is fighting.

The family has asked the question "Why?" Why isn't God just taking Bob home? It has been painful for the family to watch life inch away over the past 4 weeks. Well, it began before that with a diagnosis of Parkinson's a couple of years ago, but only recently has the struggle begun in earnest. It is because of their questionings that I, too, wonder what this struggle is accomplishing.

It is a fact that we all will loose the battle to hold on to life eventually, but we will fight. We all will grasp for the last minute, even though we believe that beyond the veil lies our Savior and a place without disease, pain and tears.

I believe that it is love we play tug-of-war with: love for our family and friends here and love for our God and the eternity He promises will be ours. We hold the love in our hearts and we cannot be totally engulfed in Gods perfect love while living in this sinful world. We cannot be completely involved with the loved ones we hold so dear and be free to love them without pain and heartache if we remain here on earth. The pull of the two loves begins when we believe and it ends when we surrender our life to live the complete love filled life God has planned for us!

Lord, let us learn to trust you even in the moments of letting go. Send your Comforter to bring peace that goes beyond the seeing and hearing of this world! Help us to live a life of love and let love guide us home!
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