Friday, January 16, 2009

People Thoughts

People are everywhere. Unless you are a hermit you will meet people and in some way and you will relate to them. Come to think of it, even a hermit will be influenced by the people of the world. He may not see or communicate directly with them, but he will be touched by the events happening in the world because we affect our environment and it has no boundaries.

Keeping in our own space and respecting others property and space helps us to get along in the world of relationships. However, this rule must be broken if we are to ever have an intimate and deep relationship with someone. I think we can only have a few of those types of relationships though. too much of a good thing will turn sour.

Here are some random or not so random thoughts about this:
* Our first and most intimate relationship is with God.
* To have an intimate relationship we must become vulnerable.
* We should never be forced or intimidated into allowing someone into our space.
* When we violate anothers' space we must be willing to suffer the consequences.
* Intimate relationships must be agreed on by both parties.

I am certain my thoughts are not the entire wisdom of this topic. They are simply a few thoughts. My point is that even though I may want a deeper exchange with another person, they may not be willing. In this light I must remain in my space and let them remain in theirs.

In that regard it is a blessing of God that we find a mate or a best friend. God, Himself, shows us how in Jesus Christ. He became vulnerable. He reached out and when we allow Him in, He accepts the invitation. He will not cross the line if we say "No. "

It is not easy to let God or another person invade our space, but the experience is far more than we can comprehend totally! So, with God, a mate or a friend let us be open, tread lightly and enjoy the blessing.
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