Friday, September 24, 2010


I think it is funny that I am called a perfectionist. I admit I like to see things done correctly and in a logical order. I do not think that makes me a perfectionist. I do not keep everything in perfect order. My house is a creative jumble. I like to have things readily accessible. I am messy, but I work hard to have a perfected product in the end.

I know that my idea of correct and in order is just my opinion. It is my way of doing things and when the matter concerns me or my work, I guess I want it to be done my way. Another word that might be more appropriate is selfish or self pleasing. But is it? Is it selfish to expect others to do a job right so that you won't need to redo what they attempted to do?

I will give you an example. We recently purchased a new dishwasher because our old one just couldn't do anything right. :o) I am happy to have my new servant working for me, but I know that it is important to rinse the dishes and scrub off stuck on foods before loading them into the dishwasher. (We didn't get an expensive pot-scrubber type machine.) I don't mind doing the extra step so that I can know the dishes are really clean.

However, I have allowed others to load the dishwasher a few times, and they have even put dishes away without that first important cleaning step. When I reach for a pot, pan, utensil or dish that has not had that extra care given, I am faced with dried on food and even flecks of food sprayed all over the inside of the dish washer. I then must rewash before using the utensil. UGH and ARGGG!

I know my helpers mean well, but their help really wasn't much help. The question I ask myself is, am I a perfectionist? Am I selfish? Or am I right? I have yet to bring up the issue with the family, but when I do, I may hear the accusation of perfection coming my way. I may find them retreating into their non-helpful mode again. To have clean dishes or dishes with clean food stuck to them is the question. I may be selfish but I prefer clean dishes!

Perfection. Is it a matter of taste?

Perfect Holy Father, You alone are Perfection. I fall far short of Your mark, and yet, part of You lives within me! I like to know that the final product will be perfect. Thank You for perfecting me over and over again! Thank You for overlooking my imperfections knowing that when all is said and done Your perfection will be what is seen. Help me to do my work with excellence. Help me to forgive others imperfections just as You have forgiven me. Perfect me, O Lord! Wash me white as snow!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crying Truth

I woke up this morning feeling as if I wanted to cry. I am not sure why, but I think it might be part of what I am studying for Bible Study. The belt of truth is essential for all spiritual warfare. One of the questions being asked is, "Am I fully honest with God, myself and others?"

That question has made me search my heart. I've had to go deeper and deeper, because though I may hide things from others, I do work at being honest with myself before God. To be honest, however, there are times when I try to cover my true feelings and motives from myself and God. I am sure it is not intentional, but it is also not beneficial.

If I am to tell myself the truth, I must admit that hiding is something I do when I know, or think I am wrong. When I know I have crossed the line it does no good to try to cover over my sin. There can be no healing or forgiveness unless it is brought to God and confessed. Running away before knowing the truth and letting God shine His light in and through me is tiring and useless. When we go to God we will know the truth and it will set us free.

So what are my tears for today? Today my tears are for the truth that one of the desires of my heart has been lost. I have tears for the fears that hold me back from doing what needs to be done. Now that the tears have been shed, and I have agreed with God that I have been keeping these hidden from Him, I can rest in His knowing, loving and healing presence.

Being fully honest with God is being in the center of His heart. It is the safe place to be. Hiding places are where the shadows lie. The only safe hiding place is within the light of Truth in Christ. It is in this hideout that we are safe from the enemy's attacks.

You are the One True God, Father. You are my hiding place and in You I can be secure in even the most difficult truths. Sometimes I try to run away from Your truth only to find myself in a battle much bigger than the battle with the truth. Thank You for being patient with me while I open my heart to the truth. Search me O God, and know my heart. Open my eyes to the truth within myself and the Truth of You!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Cooking

Our household is in the middle of a "tighten your belt" season. We are committed to limiting our spending. As chief cook, it is my job to make dinner for the family. With the budget small and the pantry shrinking, it is time for creative cooking.

The best part of creative cooking for me is waiting on God. He always seems to have a recipe that uses what little I have, and He makes it stretch and grow so that we are filled. We may not be eating steak or those really nice meals that we all crave, but we are filled and blessed!

God has not changed. Throughout scripture He gave to those who were in need when it seemed the need was too great. He provided oil when there was not enough. He provided a ram for Abraham, tax money for His disciples, and best of all a Savior for our eternal salvation. When I cannot depend on myself, or when I don't see the meals hidden in my pantry, He provides, He reveals.

Father, You are GOOD! We have not gone without because You are our Provider. You create miracles by making what we have go farther than we expect. You supply all our needs! Without You I would overlook the blessings hidden in the cupboard. Without You I would not trust that we are blessed and have enough. Thank You for being enough for us. Thank You for taking care of Your children! We love You, Lord!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stand Firm

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the Devil." Eph. 6:10-11(NASB)

This verse was my memory verse for last week. As I facilitate a Bible Study class on The Invisible War by Chip Ingram, I am taking time to think through the truths about the battle against the enemy. Re-memorizing this verse in a new version made me more aware of my own stance when fighting the enemy.

Do I resist Satan by freezing and trying to become invisible by not moving? Do I think of standing firm as a soldier standing at attention? I am becoming aware that to be ready for the attacks of my spiritual enemy I must keep aware, being watchful but not being preoccupied, of his movements. My stance should be one where I am keeping a close watch on my Commanders' signals, ready to move where He guides. Ready to obey.

When I was a Girl Scout our motto was Be Prepared. When my husband taught Royal Rangers their motto was Ready, ready for anything. Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship live, etc. Both seem to be great mottoes for our spiritual battles.

We must prepare ourselves by knowing who we war against. We must be ready with our weapons and not turn away from the fight. Our God has prepared us for this battle by giving us all we need to succeed. He has won the victory and we can be assured that He will bring us through the battle.

Almighty God and Father, You are mighty and strong, the Victor over the enemy! I am weak when You are strong! I admit that I am sometimes frightened by the battle and the underhanded ways of our foe. I want to be a good soldier, but I often cower when I should trust You to give me all I need to win. Thank You for preparing me and for providing me with the weapons that are powerful and effective! Thank You for teaching me Your ways of spiritual warfare. I stand firm in Your strength and the power of Your might!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Money is an exchange medium. Paper, metal, or whatever is valuable to the people involved can be used as an exchange. Money holds value because of the precious treasure it has ultimately been used for as exchange.

Many years ago, Patrick and I sat with a salesman in our dining room. When he finished his pitch, he thanked us for letting him come. He said that he counted it a privilege that we would give him a part of our lives. WOW! That statement has made a deep impression on me over the years. From his simple yet profound statement I realized that the exchange of our time equals the exchange of our lives. Our precious and treasured life.

One of the ways we exchange our time and life is at our jobs for a pay check. That money is then exchanged for valuable goods we need to sustain our lives and to help others live better lives. The truth is now evident to me that the money I spend is my life and sometimes others lives. For example, my husband works to provide for our family. He has exchanged his life for the money it takes to do that.

I can choose to throw away my life on petty items, poor food choices, useless entertainment, and unnecessary clothing, or use my life (my money) to build a life glorifying to God. It is so easy to spend my life on that which is foolish. It is a hard decision to daily place my life (my money) under the authority, wisdom and love of God.

Living God, you have asked us to choose life! You want to give us life abundantly! You are a living God who dwells within me. I fall so easily into the trap of squandering my life away by the misuse of my money. I want to do better! I want to give You glory through spending my life for You. Thank You for opening my eyes. Thank You for teaching me and giving me the opportunity to repent. I choose life! I choose You, Lord!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I have tried all day to think of something inspirational to write here. Nothing has come, and so I began asking, "Why?" I do not feel empty in the sense of not being with Jesus, nor do I sense a drifting from my source of inspiration, (God). It has been a long week full of people and driving and I am weary.

I am an introvert. That does not mean that I shy away from people, although when I was young I did have a reputation for being stuck up because I was too shy to talk to others. I have learned that being an introvert is simply a designation describing how I get energized. I am energized by time alone. I am drained when with people. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being with people when I've had plenty of alone time.

This week has been filled with many people draining my energy and very little time to rejuvenate. I am out of balance!

Being out of balance makes me vulnerable to the schemes of the enemy. Temptations are harder for me to resist. Doubts about my self, depression, irritability, and overindulging in sweets are the most prominent ways in which the enemy attacks me. I have seen that this week. I am aware of his tactics and I am resisting, sometimes not so completely, but I know I win through Christ!

This weekend I will take time to get into right balance. I will be alone with God and let Him fill me! Next week will be better, I hope!

God, You are my hiding place. You hide me under Your wings and shelter me from storms. There are times like this week that I struggle with going deeper in You. I need more than those few minutes alone with You. Thank You for protecting me from the enemy, making his ways known, and being more than enough so that I could get through this week of battle. Thank You for making me the way I am. Thank You that I need You to be refreshed! I need You. I want You. I ask You to restore me with Your resurrection power!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Light My fire

Last night after dinner, Patrick and I continued to celebrate our anniversary with reading our vows to each other as we do every year. We then drove home and decided to do something new. We dug out the extra fireworks from the Fourth of July and lit them! It was fun!

Lighting the fireworks took preparation and effort from both of us. We needed a bucket of water and a working lighter. Then trying to light them with the wind blowing was a bit tricky. When the fuse finally took, it wasn't long before we enjoyed the sparkles, crackles and whistles!

It was much like marriage. Preparations are made for the ceremony and every couple can benefit from the preparation for the uniting of their two lives. Discussing the tough issues is not always fun, but necessary. It is best to get a good start on those talks before the vows are said. In every marriage each person needs to be willing to light the spark of romance and love. We also need to make sure we are prepared to douse out the flames of arguments before they get out of control. Preparing for the party is only part of what engagements are about.

There is plenty of opposition to lighting the spark of love each day. Yes, every day the choice must be made to light the fire of love between spouses. Just like the wind last night, the world and the enemy can swiftly make that decision difficult if not impossible! Busyness, irritations, selfishness, and much more can whip up the winds of adversity that fight the flame, and your best efforts. Last night Patrick and I had to huddle together to get most of the fuses lit. We even had to get a new lighter at one point. It is important to do what you need to, and don't give up! The rewards are ready to be enjoyed.

The display of light, color and snaps and pops last night brought cheers and delighted the neighborhood! We had fun! It was worth the effort to push through and make it all happen. The lesson to learn is that marriage can be a fireworks display of delight or a fizzled out disappointment depending on the effort and commitment of both husband and wife. I think God planned it that way!

Creator God, You are the author of marriage. You make a miracle in uniting us together as one flesh in marriage. We can never make it work without You! Thank You for giving us the tools to make it work. Help us to choose wisely each day. Help us to love one another and show us the fireworks!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


37 years ago Patrick and I celebrated our wedding day. Our lives together really started about a year before that. When we met we had no idea that today would be a day of celebrating so much of our lives together. We simply enjoyed being with each other and began to fall in love over deep conversations, and Taco Bell.

We still enjoy deep conversations, but not too much Taco Bell. We have grown to admire each others' strengths, and forgive our weaknesses. We have learned to appreciate our differences. Disappointments and disillusionment have been sprinkled with love making those tough times become teachable moments for each of us as individuals and as a couple. We choose to remember the joys and delights that have lifted us to heights we never would have reached if we had not been committed to each other.

After 37 years we do know some of what it takes to make a marriage work. I admit we have much we do not know. We have yet to face a life threatening illness. We have not had to live with disability in each other or our children. Our lives have not been touched by infidelity or a major breech of trust. We don't need to experience these things to have a good marriage. Our experience has not and probably will never be an example of a perfect marriage, but our desire is to be a living example of Christ and the Church.

When one of us fails the other will sacrifice and forgive. We will work together to see that we each will be all that God has designed us to be. We will be the beacon of light and a tree that gives shade as we live out our vows. today we repeat those vows with the trust that we cannot fulfill them without the help of God. (If you want to read our vows to each other I will post them on my Poetry Impressed blog. You can find it at

God, our Father, You have made us man and wife. You have blessed us with Your presence in our marriage and I thank You! You continue to help us fight the enemy and the world that would diminish our resolve to love each other through all of our days. Today we look back over the years and see Your blessing and faithfulness. We trust in You to get us through to the end. Draw us closer to the goal. Draw us closer to You! We will always remember that a threefold cord is not quickly broken!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've been collecting clutter for years. Recently I have been ridding myself of much of that clutter and making plans to lose it all little by little. Why did I collect it all when I would eventually throw it away?

When looking back over my bits and pieces of miscellaneous papers, books, trinkets and unused items, I remember my thoughts. I remember that most items are kept because I don't want to forget. Funny that in all the mess of my clutter I forgot about them anyway! My files are full, but I seldom look through them to find something obscure that I thought I would not want to forget. I am finding that there are many things I can enjoy for a season and then it will be okay to forget.

I also have looked and many items, even broken pieces, as something I can use again someday. I do use many things in my junk box. Actually I call it my craft box. It is easier to keep things that are craft pieces than plain junk. I've had to tell myself the truth about much of that pile of junk. It simply takes up space, and saving something I might use twenty years from now is hording! If I can't use it soon, I should give it to someone who can.

When I look at my prayer list I sometimes think it, too, is cluttered. It is cluttered with people I love and care about and their needs. Healings, finances, relationships, and many other requests clutter my days and thoughts. I pray for each as those thoughts float through my mind. I can't stop this clutter. To stop it would take away the love, and I have found that the more my love grows the less cluttered my life feels about the people who need the touch of God. Besides, I am probably someone else's clutter!

Loving Father, You have shown Your heart and it is big enough to encompass the entire world! You love eternally and fully. You never push out the clutter of human need. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the small circle of needs that surround me. I want to stop the clutter and clear my life of others' problems, but then, a friend comes hurting and needing Your touch. Thank You for sending Your Spirit of Love that stretches my heart and makes room for one more. Thank You for helping me declutter the world around me so that I have room for Your love and the people You love. Thank You for letting me clutter Your life, Lord!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Kaleidoscopes present beautiful and amazing art from bits and pieces of varying sizes and shapes that are jumbled together. The beauty is revealed, not in the friction of the many pieces, but in the light that shines through them reflected by mirrors into the eye. In the same way people display Gods beauty when His light shines through us, even if we might rub each other the wrong way sometimes.

I do not always like the things my beloved husband of nearly 37 years does or says. He does rub me the wrong way sometimes. My little Dollar Store kaleidoscope reminds me to turn toward the light in those times. If I turn to Jesus, the irritations are seen in a new light and I can see the beauty of our marriage.

The light of Jesus reveals the truth. -Love covers a multitude of sins. -It is wise to hear both sides of an argument. -God created us male and female to compliment one another not to war against each other. -We are not joined together as man and wife to conquer each other, but to let God's light shine through us.

The same is true for any group to which we belong. Our family, church, work, and volunteer places all present opportunities for us as Christians to turn to the light, let it shine through us, and allow the light to make something beautiful.

The question I ask myself today is where am I to bring the light? Am I willing to turn away from the dark so that beauty and His glory will been seen?

God of wonder, You are The Light of the World! You are the maker of the kaleidoscope of my world. You are the light that makes even the wrong things in my life to turn into good. I am unable to see the good in others without You! I cannot even see good in myself without Your loving light revealing Your presence in me. Thank You, Father God, for choosing me as Your child and the sparkle in Your eye! You are so gracious and merciful to me. I pray that I might see Your light and turn to it in every circumstance! Make me a part of Your beautiful artwork today!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Whew! I passed the test! Forty questions and 80% needed to pass. I made an 87% only because there were a few distractions and questions with very reasonable and similar answer to which I chose the wrong one, with the right answer coming in as my second choice. Excuses! I wanted to ace the test. I was not happy with and 87%. How many other tests do I slide by and never fret over the less than perfect mark?

Every time I sin I miss the mark. How often does that bother me? I know there are many times I just say "Oops!" to my misdeeds. I never stop to think about my "score." Does it even matter what my score is, if I miss the mark? Can I be satisfied with less than perfect if eternity is at stake?

Jesus never missed the mark. He lived a perfect life. He made the 100% that we all are expected to make if we intend to enter heaven. Jesus then took my test grade and gave me His! Cheating? No. He came to do that for me! He is the tester, the teacher, the one in charge so He makes the rules! He hands His perfect test to me, and I need only take it and offer Him my failing grade. That is part of the test, too.

Lord Jesus, Perfect in all Your ways, You amaze me because I would never have thought of Your plan for my failures. Thank You for making my less-than-perfect life perfect in You! Thank You for knowing my heart and testing me with mercy and love, more than Your righteous judgement. Teach me how to do the same for others!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Father

The opening of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples tells us so very much. In two small words Jesus reveals God's desire for relationship with us.

"Our Father", the prayer begins. Jesus himself prayed this for the disciples. His use of the pronoun "Our" tells us a few important things to remember. First, we are not "only" children. We have brothers and sisters. We belong to a very large family. Secondly, our Big Brother is Jesus. He is God's first born Son and we are privileged to have Him looking over us. Thirdly, the word our implies ownership. We claim God as our very own Father.

The use of the name "Father" reveals a very intimate connection to God. We are not just the creation but a part of who God is! We are made in His image. He calls us His children.

I have watched my son, David, father his two little boys. David is ready to protect and play, teach and tell stories, discipline and disciple. My husband, too, has been a father my children called when in trouble, and laughed with in the silly times. We don't always see God as that kind of "Daddy." Though He calls me His child, I respond to Him more like He is my boss.

The Father says, "My children." He, too, uses a pronoun of possession. God recognizes our need to be protected and played with, taught and delighted with stories, disciplined and discipled. He is a good Daddy! He invites us to live in an eternal childhood with Him as our Father!

Our Father.

My children.

Beautiful words that make me smile.

Our Father, you are my Daddy. You are the one I can call when I am in trouble or something is broken. You are my shield and protector. You delight me each day with the fun surprises You make for my pleasure. (Like the yellow butterfly at the ball game last Sunday!) I trust You because I am Yours! Thank You for loving me. Thank You for relationship with You and my brothers and sisters in our family. Thank You for my Big Brother Jesus. I am your child, You are my Father!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What labels do you wear? Are there some labels given to you that you wish were not there? Maybe there are some labels you don't even know about. Labels remind me of the children's' verse : "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never harm me." I think we all can agree that words can hurt and can break our spirit, and a broken spirit is a difficult thing to heal.

Labels seem to work the same as names, but there is a difference. Names are labels that identify us for who we are. My name indicates that I am different from most others. I have special names that only certain people use to describe me: Grommers, Mom, Sister, friend. etc. Labels, however, seem to get stuck on us for a single action, or impression that was made. Labels are meant to put someone down so that we can be lifted up. They focus on the negative and forget the positive. They do not give an accurate picture of the person, because they do not include the parts that balance out the label making trait.

My Granddaughter has a label of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) that I constantly try to explain or soften by telling others how amazing she is. She really is amazing! Her inability to focus on one thing could very well be a gift. She sees much more than some of us do! She is a dreamer, and once she does focus in on a dream, she sees potential where others see obstacles. She sees a diamond when all we see is a rock. Though her label may prevent others from seeing her fully, she never stops being herself. Oh yes, the label sometimes pokes and scars her. She is often hurt and held back from being her true self because of a label. The word has gone out, and even when she is in control, her vivaciousness and excitement for life makes others look at her in a negative way. I want to introduce you to my Granddaughter, Paige. She is an amazing dreamer and if you want to have an exciting fun life, make her your friend!

We all carry labels given by others. Our challenge is to overcome the label and fully be the person God wants us to be. My challenge to you is to take the label of ADD, widow, high cholesterol, clown, lazy, black, white or brown, adulterer, etc. and tack it up on a bulletin board. Keep your eye on it so it won't get stuck back on you and change who you really are. I promise I'll do my best to look for your true identity.

God of Truth, You are our Father. You are the Maker of our bodies, souls and spirits. You designed us to be unique so that we can make a difference in the world. I confess that I have labeled others before getting to know them as You see them. I forget sometimes that You are the best one to judge all of us. Thank You for making our world a variety of experiences seen through a variety of persons! Help me see Your creation as You see it! Help me name others by who they truly are and not by those things I want them to be so that I can say I am better. It is You who can choose the perfect name for each of us! I need to have Your eyes, Lord!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day

When I was a kid I had chores that needed to be done every day, sometimes weekly. Our family was large and it was necessary for all of us to pitch in with what needed to be done. A country needs to work that way too. America has been a nation of hard workers who have accomplished much in our short existence. Labor Day celebrates the workers who have labored for the good of all.

I will be out of town on Monday and so I want to thank our Labor Force today! Thank you, Mothers and fathers who care for our children. I appreciate our spiritual leaders who lead us in seeking God. There are many workers in many fields caring for our needs for food, clothing, health and shelter. Have I forgotten any one? Oh, maybe I still need to thank God for those who govern us. God has said we should even when we do not agree with their ways. So, yes, I recognize their work and ask God to lead them into wisdom.

This Labor Day let us remind ourselves of the accomplishments of our labor force. Our workers are not always paid. We have many who volunteer, working diligently to improve the lives of our citizens and increase the output of accomplishments of the whole. Monday, let's evaluate our own contribution to the greatness of our nation. Maybe it is time to also make a new resolution to not just work for ourselves, but to work as a team!

Triune God, You are One and yet share Your work with each other and with us. You understand the usefulness of working together as a team. We in America have wandered far from Your ideal. We work for ourselves and greedily use what we have for our own enjoyment. Forgive us! Thank You for giving us this great country and the heritage of Labor! Thank You for blessing the work of our hands. Turn us back to our roots and make us be the nation where dreams come true because our individual dreams give back to everyone! God, please bless America and her labor force.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


My Grandman #2 is now seven weeks old. He sleeps, eats and now smiles. Other than his little squeals and cries for food or being uncomfortable, he has no say in what happens to him. He really has no choice but to surrender to his caretakers. It won't be long, however, when he will exert his independence and learn the finer points of getting his way. For now, he is forced to surrender to the will of others. It is good that he is surrounded by loving and caring adults.

Growing up is a wrestling match. There are times when we find we are on top and the next we are forced to surrender to those with the upper hand. We fight hard to stay in control because we do not want to yield to the power of another. But there is always another to whom we must yield. Thus, the fight continues throughout life. I think that the more mature we become, the less we fight yielding. We realize that we must give and take. It is also true that a fully surrendered Christian relies on God to set all things right in time. We trust that our yielding to others now will be for our good and not our detriment.

Surrender to God through Jesus Christ brings a freedom that we cannot imagine when considering the choice to turn over all our power to our loving and wise Heavenly Father. Our surrender makes it possible for our burdens to be lifted and our life purpose to be fulfilled with satisfaction. We can be free to live life abundantly like a little child protected and provided for by a loving caretaker. Surrender to our Creator is a good thing.

Master of the Universe, You are worthy to take control of my life. You are Good all the time and You are Trustworthy and Faithful! I am so sorry that I wrestle with You over control of my life. I need to be reminded of Your goodness and wisdom and especially of Your great love for me. Thank You for letting me choose, but more than that, I thank You for making the choice to choose You so inviting! Give me wisdom, Lord, to know when, what, and to whom I must yield. Teach me how to stand firm against the enemy who would take away my freedom in You, and tie me up in bondage. I surrender to You today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I like being alone. I like to daydream and it is best done alone. I like to read, write and create. Those activities are also best done alone without the distractions of others. It takes some effort to get solitude for myself. My full house lends itself to much noise, and so finding a place where I am alone may be possible, but human sounds surround me and remind me someone is nearby. In truth I can never be totally alone.

God has promised that He will be with me always. I am glad He is. Even in my solitude I need His presence. Without Him solitude would be empty, painful and depressing. Solitude in his presence is fulfilling, joyful and comforting!

Solitude is the best way to find God. Jesus demonstrated that when He would go away to pray. Jacob went to be alone before meeting his estranged brother and he ended up wrestling with God. We can enjoy the presence of God in the company of other believers, but when we are alone with Him we receive special attention. It makes me want to find real solitude soon! How about you?

Ever present God, You are always with me! I never need to feel alone even in the solitude that draws me deeper into You. I need and desire those times when I am secluded from the world with only You by my side. Thank You for being near. Thank You for choosing to be in communion with me. Thank You for Your gentle presence. I love You!