Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What labels do you wear? Are there some labels given to you that you wish were not there? Maybe there are some labels you don't even know about. Labels remind me of the children's' verse : "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never harm me." I think we all can agree that words can hurt and can break our spirit, and a broken spirit is a difficult thing to heal.

Labels seem to work the same as names, but there is a difference. Names are labels that identify us for who we are. My name indicates that I am different from most others. I have special names that only certain people use to describe me: Grommers, Mom, Sister, friend. etc. Labels, however, seem to get stuck on us for a single action, or impression that was made. Labels are meant to put someone down so that we can be lifted up. They focus on the negative and forget the positive. They do not give an accurate picture of the person, because they do not include the parts that balance out the label making trait.

My Granddaughter has a label of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) that I constantly try to explain or soften by telling others how amazing she is. She really is amazing! Her inability to focus on one thing could very well be a gift. She sees much more than some of us do! She is a dreamer, and once she does focus in on a dream, she sees potential where others see obstacles. She sees a diamond when all we see is a rock. Though her label may prevent others from seeing her fully, she never stops being herself. Oh yes, the label sometimes pokes and scars her. She is often hurt and held back from being her true self because of a label. The word has gone out, and even when she is in control, her vivaciousness and excitement for life makes others look at her in a negative way. I want to introduce you to my Granddaughter, Paige. She is an amazing dreamer and if you want to have an exciting fun life, make her your friend!

We all carry labels given by others. Our challenge is to overcome the label and fully be the person God wants us to be. My challenge to you is to take the label of ADD, widow, high cholesterol, clown, lazy, black, white or brown, adulterer, etc. and tack it up on a bulletin board. Keep your eye on it so it won't get stuck back on you and change who you really are. I promise I'll do my best to look for your true identity.

God of Truth, You are our Father. You are the Maker of our bodies, souls and spirits. You designed us to be unique so that we can make a difference in the world. I confess that I have labeled others before getting to know them as You see them. I forget sometimes that You are the best one to judge all of us. Thank You for making our world a variety of experiences seen through a variety of persons! Help me see Your creation as You see it! Help me name others by who they truly are and not by those things I want them to be so that I can say I am better. It is You who can choose the perfect name for each of us! I need to have Your eyes, Lord!
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