Monday, September 20, 2010


Money is an exchange medium. Paper, metal, or whatever is valuable to the people involved can be used as an exchange. Money holds value because of the precious treasure it has ultimately been used for as exchange.

Many years ago, Patrick and I sat with a salesman in our dining room. When he finished his pitch, he thanked us for letting him come. He said that he counted it a privilege that we would give him a part of our lives. WOW! That statement has made a deep impression on me over the years. From his simple yet profound statement I realized that the exchange of our time equals the exchange of our lives. Our precious and treasured life.

One of the ways we exchange our time and life is at our jobs for a pay check. That money is then exchanged for valuable goods we need to sustain our lives and to help others live better lives. The truth is now evident to me that the money I spend is my life and sometimes others lives. For example, my husband works to provide for our family. He has exchanged his life for the money it takes to do that.

I can choose to throw away my life on petty items, poor food choices, useless entertainment, and unnecessary clothing, or use my life (my money) to build a life glorifying to God. It is so easy to spend my life on that which is foolish. It is a hard decision to daily place my life (my money) under the authority, wisdom and love of God.

Living God, you have asked us to choose life! You want to give us life abundantly! You are a living God who dwells within me. I fall so easily into the trap of squandering my life away by the misuse of my money. I want to do better! I want to give You glory through spending my life for You. Thank You for opening my eyes. Thank You for teaching me and giving me the opportunity to repent. I choose life! I choose You, Lord!
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