Friday, September 10, 2010


Whew! I passed the test! Forty questions and 80% needed to pass. I made an 87% only because there were a few distractions and questions with very reasonable and similar answer to which I chose the wrong one, with the right answer coming in as my second choice. Excuses! I wanted to ace the test. I was not happy with and 87%. How many other tests do I slide by and never fret over the less than perfect mark?

Every time I sin I miss the mark. How often does that bother me? I know there are many times I just say "Oops!" to my misdeeds. I never stop to think about my "score." Does it even matter what my score is, if I miss the mark? Can I be satisfied with less than perfect if eternity is at stake?

Jesus never missed the mark. He lived a perfect life. He made the 100% that we all are expected to make if we intend to enter heaven. Jesus then took my test grade and gave me His! Cheating? No. He came to do that for me! He is the tester, the teacher, the one in charge so He makes the rules! He hands His perfect test to me, and I need only take it and offer Him my failing grade. That is part of the test, too.

Lord Jesus, Perfect in all Your ways, You amaze me because I would never have thought of Your plan for my failures. Thank You for making my less-than-perfect life perfect in You! Thank You for knowing my heart and testing me with mercy and love, more than Your righteous judgement. Teach me how to do the same for others!
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