Monday, September 13, 2010


Kaleidoscopes present beautiful and amazing art from bits and pieces of varying sizes and shapes that are jumbled together. The beauty is revealed, not in the friction of the many pieces, but in the light that shines through them reflected by mirrors into the eye. In the same way people display Gods beauty when His light shines through us, even if we might rub each other the wrong way sometimes.

I do not always like the things my beloved husband of nearly 37 years does or says. He does rub me the wrong way sometimes. My little Dollar Store kaleidoscope reminds me to turn toward the light in those times. If I turn to Jesus, the irritations are seen in a new light and I can see the beauty of our marriage.

The light of Jesus reveals the truth. -Love covers a multitude of sins. -It is wise to hear both sides of an argument. -God created us male and female to compliment one another not to war against each other. -We are not joined together as man and wife to conquer each other, but to let God's light shine through us.

The same is true for any group to which we belong. Our family, church, work, and volunteer places all present opportunities for us as Christians to turn to the light, let it shine through us, and allow the light to make something beautiful.

The question I ask myself today is where am I to bring the light? Am I willing to turn away from the dark so that beauty and His glory will been seen?

God of wonder, You are The Light of the World! You are the maker of the kaleidoscope of my world. You are the light that makes even the wrong things in my life to turn into good. I am unable to see the good in others without You! I cannot even see good in myself without Your loving light revealing Your presence in me. Thank You, Father God, for choosing me as Your child and the sparkle in Your eye! You are so gracious and merciful to me. I pray that I might see Your light and turn to it in every circumstance! Make me a part of Your beautiful artwork today!
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