Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day

When I was a kid I had chores that needed to be done every day, sometimes weekly. Our family was large and it was necessary for all of us to pitch in with what needed to be done. A country needs to work that way too. America has been a nation of hard workers who have accomplished much in our short existence. Labor Day celebrates the workers who have labored for the good of all.

I will be out of town on Monday and so I want to thank our Labor Force today! Thank you, Mothers and fathers who care for our children. I appreciate our spiritual leaders who lead us in seeking God. There are many workers in many fields caring for our needs for food, clothing, health and shelter. Have I forgotten any one? Oh, maybe I still need to thank God for those who govern us. God has said we should even when we do not agree with their ways. So, yes, I recognize their work and ask God to lead them into wisdom.

This Labor Day let us remind ourselves of the accomplishments of our labor force. Our workers are not always paid. We have many who volunteer, working diligently to improve the lives of our citizens and increase the output of accomplishments of the whole. Monday, let's evaluate our own contribution to the greatness of our nation. Maybe it is time to also make a new resolution to not just work for ourselves, but to work as a team!

Triune God, You are One and yet share Your work with each other and with us. You understand the usefulness of working together as a team. We in America have wandered far from Your ideal. We work for ourselves and greedily use what we have for our own enjoyment. Forgive us! Thank You for giving us this great country and the heritage of Labor! Thank You for blessing the work of our hands. Turn us back to our roots and make us be the nation where dreams come true because our individual dreams give back to everyone! God, please bless America and her labor force.
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