Friday, September 24, 2010


I think it is funny that I am called a perfectionist. I admit I like to see things done correctly and in a logical order. I do not think that makes me a perfectionist. I do not keep everything in perfect order. My house is a creative jumble. I like to have things readily accessible. I am messy, but I work hard to have a perfected product in the end.

I know that my idea of correct and in order is just my opinion. It is my way of doing things and when the matter concerns me or my work, I guess I want it to be done my way. Another word that might be more appropriate is selfish or self pleasing. But is it? Is it selfish to expect others to do a job right so that you won't need to redo what they attempted to do?

I will give you an example. We recently purchased a new dishwasher because our old one just couldn't do anything right. :o) I am happy to have my new servant working for me, but I know that it is important to rinse the dishes and scrub off stuck on foods before loading them into the dishwasher. (We didn't get an expensive pot-scrubber type machine.) I don't mind doing the extra step so that I can know the dishes are really clean.

However, I have allowed others to load the dishwasher a few times, and they have even put dishes away without that first important cleaning step. When I reach for a pot, pan, utensil or dish that has not had that extra care given, I am faced with dried on food and even flecks of food sprayed all over the inside of the dish washer. I then must rewash before using the utensil. UGH and ARGGG!

I know my helpers mean well, but their help really wasn't much help. The question I ask myself is, am I a perfectionist? Am I selfish? Or am I right? I have yet to bring up the issue with the family, but when I do, I may hear the accusation of perfection coming my way. I may find them retreating into their non-helpful mode again. To have clean dishes or dishes with clean food stuck to them is the question. I may be selfish but I prefer clean dishes!

Perfection. Is it a matter of taste?

Perfect Holy Father, You alone are Perfection. I fall far short of Your mark, and yet, part of You lives within me! I like to know that the final product will be perfect. Thank You for perfecting me over and over again! Thank You for overlooking my imperfections knowing that when all is said and done Your perfection will be what is seen. Help me to do my work with excellence. Help me to forgive others imperfections just as You have forgiven me. Perfect me, O Lord! Wash me white as snow!
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