Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Grandaughter, Paige, is enthralled with every new thing that my Grandman, Scott learns as a 10 month old. When she sees him successfully accomplish a new task she exclaims that it is a miracle! I've giggled whan she has said it but today I am beginning to see the truth in her exclamation!

It is a miracle of life and learning. Without Gods' marvelous plan for our development we would not see those "firsts" that enable us to perform more complicated tasks.

There is another kind of miracle that doesn't happen every day. god intervenes sometimes in our lives to make them better. I had that kind of miracle today! I've struggled with my cholestrol levels for quite a few years now. I have again been on a small dose of the statin drugs, always causing me stress and body aches that create other problems in my life. So I've been praying because the low dose would not in itself make a big difference in my cholestrol. Today I saw a touch of God. Only He had the power to lower my levels 100 points ! It is He who is changing my body so that I can do the job He sent me to do! I will claim it as a miracle!

I know this post is unlike most of my posts. It is personal in nature, but it can also teach a lesson. Miracles come from the hand of God. His touch can change our lives. He can make us to grow or take away problems. Whatever He does is wonderful! First steps or a fixed problem all bring Him glory!

Miracle Maker, You are to be praised! You are the Goodness in our lives! You are the touch we need every day! Thank You!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Am I Teachable?

Am I teachable?

Teach me Your way, O Lord,
That I may walk in Your truth;
Unite my heart to fear Your name.
Psalm 86:11

Am I teachable?
Do I listen for Your voice,
Even when it comes to me
Through criticism, rebuke, or
Those under my authority?
Do I set my eyes on You,
Following Your every move
So that I might not step
Ahead of You or fall too far behind?
Am I willing to let go of my desires
allowing You to determine the outcome of my work and
letting You have Your way in and through me?
Am I willing and eager to hear the truth,
Obey it and let it be the
Hallmark of my life?
Do I do my work with honesty and integrity,
Perseverance and determination?
Do I reject the worlds’ definitions of truth,
Knowing without doubt that
You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life?
Do I place myself under the authority of the entire Truth?
Are the places I put my heart at one with You, my Lord?
Do I embrace You with my whole heart
leaving nothing for self gratification or for worldly lusts?
Does my inner being yearn to dive deeper into You,
Experiencing Your fullness:
Learning about You
Learning from You?
Am I teachable?

Carolynn J. Scully © 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live it Up! Go Deeper!

Living it up is not usually associated with Christians but it should be! As we go deeper into the heart of God shouldn't our life be more abundant?

How do we go deeper into the heart of God? It first of all takes faith to jump off of the cliff of the unknown and enjoy the experience! After the step of faith we are more committed than ever! We devote our time to allowing God to hold us up. We trust more fully and know Him more intimately. As we go deeper we find that He lifts us higher!

The question of the day is what faith step do I need to take in order to go deeper and live it up? I wonder if anyone will go with me!

Just one little step........

Abundant life is what You offer each of us, Lord. You ask only that we trust and have faith and then risk experiencing that life You give so freely. WOW! Thank You!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Just listen. Listen to someone other than yourself. Listen to the voice of God as He speaks. Just listen.

When we are silent God has a chance to be heard. He must be heard, and yet we ramble on and on while we wait for Him to speak. Hush! "Be still and know that I am God!"

Listen. Can we do it? Do we listen to anyone? I confess that my own tendencies are to listen to my own thoughts even as I say I am listening to others. I think it is time to practice silence: silence of my thoughts and my voice. I just might learn something!

God, You are the great listener! You hear our prayers. You are always ready to listen to us, and yet we so easily forget to listen to You. Teach us the way to silence our own voice so that Yours may be heard.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Look of Humility

What does Humility look like? Should humble people be recognized by their hang-dog look, always hiding in the crowd?

I can't say with a positive certainty what humility should look like, but I don't think Jesus looked beaten down or blended into the wallpaper. Jesus was bold when the situation called for it. He was a leader of men and did not cower in the face of the leaders who opposed Gods' way. Jesus was humble.

Jesus knew He was God. He deserved worship, and He understood that His mission was of utmost importance for all men and so He did not claim the rights of His true identity. I think that humility lies in that truth: He did not claim the right.

Our human pride has such a hard time letting go of the rights we think we own. Truth also lies in that statement: the rights we think we own! Do we really "Deserve" most of the things we think we do? I dare to say "no." If we give up our rights to be applauded by men, own the things we enjoy, or have our voice heard, would we disappear into the woodwork? There is that possibility but in Gods' economy of life I believe He has stated otherwise in Mathew 20:25-28.

Lord of All, You have set before us a principle You Yourself live by. You have said that the Last will be first and the first last. You have said that if we want to be great we must be a servant of all. This is Your picture of humility and it is Your will for us as Your people. Let me follow You in character above all else.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speak, Lord!

I have told my family many times that I love to hear Gods' voice. It is most comforting and most exciting to me knowing He is with me. Knowing God, who spoke the world into being and has breathed life into me, would want to share His plans and His wisdom with me is intoxicating!

I am awakened from my routine slumbers when His whisper brings alive the task , my surroundings, or a word. Like a jump-out-of-bed morning, I am aware of His presence and my mind is awake to His word! I can be anywhere because He is everywhere. I can be doing anything because He lives within me. His word is power: Power to guide, power to change power to resurrect, power to calm the storms, power to renew and heal.

God of Power and Might, who spoke into being all that I see all that I am, I am listening for Your voice. Speak Lord, here I am!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Humility or Humiliation

What is the difference between humility and humiliation? I have been thinking about this all day and have come to a conclusion.

Humility is a lowering of ourselves. Humiliation is being brought down by others. The interesting thing about humility is that it has power over humiliation. When we choose to lower ourselves it does not matter what humiliation others try to place on us.

Humility is not placing ourselves in a place where we have no value. It simply admits that we are fallible. Humiliation offers no value and is a forced tumble from a proud position.

I am learning to be humble, teachable and honest about my successes and failures. It is not an easy road but the benefits are great! I walk with God when I walk in humility.

In the humble name of our exalted Lord Jesus, I ask You Sovereign God to reveal true humility. disciple me in its ways and change my heart.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What Time is it?

There has been much talk around Christian circles of the end of days coming soon. It makes me wonder because I do see some of the signs that are described in the bible. I tend to want God to answer my "What time is it?" prayer with a direct answer.

It would be so much easier if He answered with a date and exact time rather than deciphering signs that we have seen since His departure. However, He doesn't want us to know. I must believe that it isn't to make us feel unimportant but it must be for our own good.

I am sure that knowing the day and time would spur some people into a more severe bible thumping agenda than they already have. It might frighten others. The surety of a date and time would defeat the purpose of us living by faith and trusting in God who does all things well. Jesus saw what His fate was as He neared the cross. Maybe He just does not want us to face inner struggle that He did.

Whatever time we have left here should be spent living a life that glorifies God to the fullest. We should be about our Fathers business. He can be in charge of the going home whistle. Till then let us continue to seek God for our work orders for the day and do our best work.

Author and finisher of our time, we are curious and frightened and hopeful. You know the grand finale and we trust You to help us walk safely to the end. My life and times are in Your loving, good , and wise hands. Thank You for holding me close to Your heart through it all.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stranger in a Strange Land

There are moments when, though I am surrounded by the familiar, I feel as if I am a stranger. I have the sense that I am not where I should be. I don't belong. I am out of place, not at ease. I wonder if others have the same feeling sometimes. What is the cause?

Could it be that because we live in a fallen world we long for our paradise? Our garden of Eden? We were meant to live in a perfect world in complete communion with God, but we don't. so, are my feelings of strangeness a result of that and a subtle calling to come home?

The coming home will take a journey. We must all chose one path that will take us home. There is only one way! We can only go to our proper place of belonging if we begin the walk in which Jesus will lead us. It is adventurous, dangerous and wonderful! The cross is our beginning, but our daily death to the things of this strange sinful world is the step by step progression toward home. I am a prodigal coming home. I am a stranger in a strange land.

Father, You are the builder of my home. You are the place where I belong. You are where my heart is. I can trust You to bring me home safely and to guide me every step I take.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Confess!

Yes, it is true I confess that Jesus is Lord! Could you tell? I hope so. If you had no idea that Jesus is my Lord then I am on the wrong track. If you do know, then I am at least making progress towards being like Him.

It has occurred to me that when I declare Jesus as Lord over an area of my life there will be changes. Those changes will be seen by others in my actions and attitudes. They may even be noticeable in my body.

Right now I have at least two areas that need His lordship. I have humbly given over one, but the other is a struggle. We all have places we need to turn over to Him. We all struggle with our addiction to sin. The battle begins to be won when we confess that Jesus is Lord over our lives in that area.

Glorious Lord, You are LORD over ___________ in my life. You are King and I am only Your humble servant. You are worthy to be in control. You are wise and good, all-powerful and all knowing. I bow down in surrender to You.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Selfish to Selfless

Selfishness and self-centeredness crowd into my best intentions. I am not proud of that and I work hard to keep those two under control. The question is how? How do you rein in a wild stallion or catch a sun ray in your hand? It is impossible without God.

If I try to capture my own selfish nature I will find it to be like a butterfly trying to catch itself in its own net. It can be done by accident but certainly will be a futile exercise. I do not want to be limited. Like the butterfly I want to be free to fly wherever I wish. I will flit about going my own way as long as I am able. I have only one way to change.

I must trust God that what He has planned for me is better than my own desires. I must believe in His goodness and let myself rest in His hands. This is nice to say and easy to dream about but my sinful selfish nature will fight every longing to go in this direction.

It is a battle I must strive to win in my mind. I must fight the self-centered demon that resides in me by keeping my thoughts on God and having the mind of Christ. Having the mind of Christ is to know who I am in Christ but never grasp for the position, honor or title. In humility I must know who I am and also who I am not! I am not God. I am not perfect. Without Him I can do nothing.

Jesus, Humble Servant and Living God, I accept Your example of selfless and God-centered living. You desire me to follow You and take on Your character becoming like You in all things. It is a battle, but You have already overcome the enemy. You can lead me and guide me in the changes I must make. You are good and I trust You to tame my selfish pleasures.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Merry Heart

In the last couple of months I have enjoyed two belly-laughing times with my granddaughters. We laughed until our sides hurt and every little thought or comment made us laugh more, even if it wasn't that funny! It makes me feel good to laugh like that, at least after my side stops hurting!

The movie Mary Poppins has a scene where a group of friends are laughing so hard that they float to the top of the ceiling. Every time I laugh hard I think how wonderful it would be to float to the ceiling. In a way I do. My spirit rises and I feel as if I can soar over any troubles I may have. It is better than going to the doctor, having painful surgery or running a mile. I get similar or BETTER benefits from laughter. My heart races, my muscles tighten and relax and though I end up with a side ache I know it will heal much quicker than an incision.

Laughter breaks up the dark clouds and offers a sunny outlook. A good giggle will put the world into perspective and offer smiles to those we meet.

In the world of so much bad news we need laughter. We need the joy of the Lord! God says His joy is our strength. We need a smile and a good laugh to get us through the day. A merry heart does good like medicine. Have you had your dose of laughter today?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Wonder

Spring is blossoming here in Central Florida. We can see waves of pollen float through the breeze. Our cars, clothes and everything in sight is covered with a golden dust of pollen. AAAAHHHHHCCHOOO! It is warm and we need rain! Rain would wash the air and help us who breathe to fill our lungs with oxygen again!

The last few mornings I awoke to the birds twittering outside my window. There is a tiny purple flower growing in the middle of my yard. A mother opossum has set up house in our shed and new babies are on their way! The earth is alive with new life!

I wonder sometimes why God made the earth to live in cycles. why not make it Spring always? Or maybe Winter ? I enjoy the changes and I do think each season teaches us something of God. In Spring I see His desire for life, His resurrection power, His creative color combinations, His love of musical sounds, and the truth that His mercies are new every morning! I am delighted by my Fathers' gift of spring! I wonder how He could love me so much?

Spring is a gift from God like the surprise gift of flowers from my husband! It doesn't happen every day , but it is a delight and wonder when it does. I feel loved, beautiful and ready to be with the one I love. It is my gift to Him to receive with joy!

Oh my Prince of peace, the lover of my soul, I receive You and all Your gifts with delight! Thank You for loving me! Thank You for giving me beauty and seeing beauty within me! Thank You for calling me to come away and spend time with You!

Monday, March 16, 2009

John 15:5

I am the vine you are the branches. If a man remains in Me, and I in him,
he will bear much fruit. Apart from Me you can do nothing.
Yesterday I was thinking through this verse I memorized a couple of months ago. I was focusing on just the last line "Apart from Me you can do nothing," and came up with some interesting thoughts. Here is what I pondered.

Without God I have no existence, no life, no purpose, no being. I may try to work apart from Gods' influence, but without Him and I being connected, I cannot accomplish anything that will last.

This sentence begins with the word "Apart" and ends with the word "Nothing." In the middle is "Me" and You. " When I am in the center with God I belong to something marvelous and lasting, but away from Him I am apart and nothing.

I also noticed that within the entire verse we see a change. First it talks about "He" who remains in God and then uses the word "You." My questions were why does the verse change from he to you? Could it be that it is addressed to different groups of people? or is it addressed to all people?

I could put myself into both statements. I remain with Christ through my commitment to Him not just in name only. I also agree that apart from Him I can do nothing. Not everyone who reads this could be put into the first statement, because not every Christian remains in Christ and bears fruit. This statement seems to apply only to those who are committed to live their lives as disciples of Jesus and remain close to Him no matter the circumstances.

The second statement (Apart from Me you can do nothing) applies to all people everywhere! We cannot exist or accomplish anything of even temporary value without his sustaining power. We depend on him for our next breath, for our food, light, air etc. Our lives are in His hands even when we do not believe in Him.

Lord, Author of Your Word and Holy Spirit , who speaks into my heart, I am amazed at You! I am awed by your workings in my heart and mind and soul and strength! You alone are the one I can turn to find truth and understanding. I believe You when You have said that I can do greater things because You are the one who accomplished those greater deeds when I am willing to remain in You. You have designed me for this very purpose: to do Your work, in Your way, in Your time. In this alone can I find satisfaction and delight. I give You praise and may the Glory be Yours!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


It has been 40 years since my High School graduation. I really don't feel that old! I do look like the years have grown on me though, and so I have been fussing about losing some weight, looking my best and making sure I present myself in a good light to people I may not see for another 40 years!

Is this reunion really about me? Is it about us as a class? Or could there be a spiritual side? Could it be that God has some work to do through me while I revisit the past? I would think it could be important to let my friends from long ago see the change in me for the better. I think God would be glorified if I brought a confident daughter of The King instead of the girl who wanted so much to please others and be accepted in the in crowd.

So, yes, I'll work on losing a few pound because I've been doing that already. Yes, I'll present the best of who I am. The difference is that I will go, not focused on myself, but how I can love others and make friends for God. I will choose to be kind, friendly and respectful of others. I hope to report back that God did a wonderful thing through my choice to honor Him over myself.

Lord of the past, present and future, You are to be glorified in all my days. Be the light and salt that makes a difference in our reunion celebration.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free as a Bird

My feet are dragging through this Lenten List I have made for myself! I think it is time to set myself free and write something new and different.

Tuesday afternoon I watched a baby bird fly into our screened porch through the door my granddaughters don't take time to close. He hopped back out a short time later, evidently not finding anything of interest. The day before I watched a squirrel take a trip around the porch and then leave empty handed! I enjoyed watching the little critters, but I also did not want them to take up residence in MY space!

The experience brought to mind the scripture, "The meek shall inherit the earth." Psalm 37:11a It was as if they were house hunting. I'm glad it did not suit their taste in living quarters and I hope they will not direct their relatives or friends to check us out! Someday my worn out house may be a playground for them and their friends but it is not theirs yet!

I thought about what I could learn from this display of natures wildlife. I didn't recognize myself in the real life picture at first. I was sure God had sent these little friends for me but I didn't think it was because I was Cinderella, though I do sometimes feel that way! Later on as I prayed about my struggles, God reminded me of the tiny bird and squirrel. He told me that I was looking in the wrong place to belong. I want to fit in where I don't fit in. I want to try being someone I am not meant to be. It was time for me to return to Gods' place for me.

I can't be a happy squirrel living in a porch. I cannot be a free bird living in a confined space. The only place I can be happy and free is in God! He is the home I am looking for!

Father, I am coming home to You! I am rejecting the worlds' ideas about where I should go, what I need to be doing and what You have called me and created me to be! You will make me happy and free!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Unity

Bloodline. Covenant. These two words are the glue of which families are made. The connection between parents and their children born from their union creates a bloodline and they become family. But there is also covenant parent/child bonding in adoption. The covenant of marriage joins a man and woman together in a way that connects them as one.

The unity of bloodline and covenant lasts even when we as sinful people rend in two the relationship. Pain and heartache are the symptoms that prove the union stronger than our will.

If we are connected by blood or covenant vows, we belong to one another. Belonging is a comforting word. It can be true that we belong to a church family, but if there is no covenant with Father God, we do not find family there. He has bound us with covenant and with blood so we can be in his forever family only if we choose.

The truth is that we can find family by happenstance or by choice. Who will we choose to forge covenant family ties? Will we be willing to be faithful to our families so that our unity will remain strong?

Family unity is a God inspiration! May it inspire us!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Crisis

Now that mom is getting up in years we are more frequently visited with the question, "What do we do now?" In planning for the comfort and care of mom we have found our family dynamics to interfere. Sibling rivalries, jealousies, and mistrusts spark emotions that cloud the issue at hand.

Shouldn't we have grown up and grown past these rusty old weapons for battles long over? Yes, we should, but in a single moment or a long ago heard accusation we bring out the oil and ammunition ready to make ourselves the hero. All the while, Moms' needs are being pushed aside for another day.

Dealing with an aging parent is stressful and sad at times. We do not want to face our own aging and maybe that is why we revert back to our childish ways. Could we be hoping that Mom in her fragile state will rise up and become strong, settling our squabbles with wisdom and a firm hand? Oh, that it could be so, but time does not turn back our strength like our emotions do.

Father God, I hear You whisper, "Let go! Let Me lead. Let my Spirit guide your emotions, your words, and your ways. Trust Me!" Thank You for taking us with You on this timeless journey. You are love and we who are Your children live in You! Let me learn Your ways, Lead others, and love You with all my heart and soul, mind and strength and others as I do myself.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Heritage

A newborn baby is examined closely to see which traits he/she carries from other family members. As the child grows, remarks are often made that the child behaves just like his Daddy or just like Mommy. Our spiritual inheritance, though totally our own choice, is also influenced by others.

Growing up in a Christian home is not a guarantee that a person will follow the beliefs growing on the family tree. However, the open communication of beliefs can be the first step in learning to trust God. Parents are urged to train up a child in the way they should go. In my opinion it cannot be done unless the parents are also walking consistently in the way of Christ.

The question today is do we believe with the strong conviction that we are following God, and we desire our children to follow the truth? Or are we half-hearted believers who are willing to risk the eternal salvation of our children? If we believe, we must live it out. If we live it out it will influence our children and others as well.

Good Father, You are the firm foundation of truth. You can be trusted to fulfill Your promises. Since You are believable, You will be the leader and we will follow. As for me and my house we will serve You Lord!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Family Ties

Families tie us up in knots sometimes! We are bound by our past mistakes or by the roles we play. Breaking those bonds takes time, patience, and consistency. Family ties can be knotted quickly, but so hard to release.

None of us enjoy being faced with the ties that hold us back from growing within our families. We want to be heard and known for who we are now, not the person we are imprisoned to be because of our past. The problem is that we cannot change someone else's mind. We can only be consistently different and hope they will see and hear enough to set us free.

On the other side of the coin I see myself imprisoning my family with judgements that span the years. I lock my loved ones up with titles of crazy, controlling, unforgiving, wild, baby, bossy, unfocused, etc. And then God said, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." I must change if I am to be free. What would change for me if I looked for the good in others and set them free to be the best they can be? What would my walk with Christ look like if I opened up the prison doors and set my captive family free from my preconceived ideas of how they will react or think or believe?

Father, You are Freedom. You are the Open Door. You are Good. Change my heart and mind to reflect You. Work Your will in my family. You are the lifter of our heads!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Confession and Repentance

After my last post I had purposed to love my family out of love, not duty. As the saying goes, "Easier said, than done."

After dinner last night, I began to put away the leftovers and began fixing a lunch for my beloved, when he proceeded to tell me how he wanted his lunch fixed. Self rose up, and though I was doing as he asked I certainly was not doing it out of love. It became a chore, because I had already had most things wrapped up and/or put away. Extra steps for ME! Self looked very unloving and he finally arose and finished his own by adding the gravy.

This situation has opened my eyes to the lack of love in me. I cannot love on my own. I must have God-love in me. My love can be drained and poured away. God-love is never ending. The more of His love I offer, the more I have to give. (Maybe I need to really believe this before I can live it. This, too, is a revelation of my darkened heart. I need You, Lord! I need You always!)

I now submit and admit to You, God, that I did not serve out of love and certainly there was no humility in me. I offended You, my Savior. You have asked me to follow You, and I fell short of Your example. I was wrapped up in me. I was not willing to allow You, Holy Spirit, to move through me to minister love to my hardworking husband.

To you, my man, to whom I have vowed love and respect and honor, I ask you to forgive my lack of love for you. I do not want to serve you out of duty but to serve you through the love of Christ and the love I hold in my heart for you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Forever

One of my greatest desires is to see all my family in heaven. I want them all to trust Jesus' work on the cross and not themselves as their redemption for sin. Jesus wanted that for His Mother and brothers as well. He told us that it is to those who believe that He will become family. (see Mt. 12:46-50)

With that goal in mind, the question is: how do I follow Jesus in leading my family to know Gods' saving love? Jesus' example was to first do the Fathers' will in every circumstance. He loved them by demanding the same requirements for them as He does for us all. He lived a life dedicated to God in servant hood to Him and those He was with.

Serving family can sometimes become a duty more than an act of love. Serving in love is a heart felt action. As I wash dishes, pick up dropped belongings or separate stinky laundry, I must allow my heart to participate. The participation of my heart in serving my family will be seen by them as a new attitude. They will see Jesus working through me and be drawn to Him. That is what i want.

Lord Jesus, You are the greatest among us because You became the servant of all. You are my source of servant love for my family. Reveal my heart. Cleanse my heart. Pour Your servant love into my heart so they may see Your love and be drawn to Your heart.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fingerprints on the World

I am well aware of my smallness in the world. I have no delusions of influencing the entire world toward a personal purpose. There is little that I can do on my own or even with a following of like-minded friends that could push the ideologies of the world in a different direction. But inside of me there resides a Power that pushes and urges me on to leave my fingerprints on this place I call home.

Impressions of who I am when God works through me are deep and lasting. Without Him I can do nothing of worth. Jesus even said the same. He only did what He saw the Father do and thus left the impression that was eternal.

This first week of Lent has had me focused on dying to self. It may be time to impress my family with what God is doing in me. That is, not to impress them for myself but to lift Him up and glorify His work in and through me.

You, God, are the Father of all. You can love my family through me if I submit my life to You. Leave Your fingerprint of love on my dear ones. Let them know You through me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Me?

Most of the time the question, "Why me?" is related to the tragedies that come upon us. We want to know why we, being good people, have to suffer. Come join me today as I ponder the opposite.

"Why me?" Why has God chosen me to recieve the benefits of His Sons' death and resurrection? Why would He allow His Spirit to dwell within this jar of clay? How could He possibly pick me for a task in His kingdom?

Me? I have nothing to offer in myself! All I have is my choice to let Him work in and through me. I am the glove. He is the hand. I am the shoe. He is the foot. I am the body. He is the life!

You are The Life that flows in and through me, Lord! You are the "Why" of my life! You are! I thank You and praise You because You are amazing! You are! You are purpose. You ARE!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts of God

I read a great quote this morning.

"When you attack the roots of sin, fix your thought more on the God you desire than on the sin you abhor." Walter Hilton

I do not know of Walter Hilton, but from this quote attributed to him I suspect he has/had a God-centered life. He is reminding me that I am not the center of the universe. God is the Redeemer. He is the Lamb of God, the Answer to my sin problem. The enemy would desire for me to keep my sin before me so that I would not be able to see the Salvation that is offered to me.

God, You are the Light in a dark world. You are Hope for the lost. You are Freedom from bondage. Nothing can stand before You! Do not let my thoughts be far from You!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

There are times when I believe I can hear God shouting from heaven, "Do you hear me now?"

God is certainly willing to communicate with me through many ways, including but not limited to His word, other people, nature and the still small voice deep inside of my heart.

The biggest question is, "Am I listening for His voice?" Am I tuning my ear to hear Him even when there is static from the world or my inner thoughts and feelings, or do I let the connection with Him fade away without searching for that place where I can find good reception?

Today my prayer is that I would take time to listen. I want to hear His whisper. Lord quiet my inner static and draw me to You. I hear You now!