Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speak, Lord!

I have told my family many times that I love to hear Gods' voice. It is most comforting and most exciting to me knowing He is with me. Knowing God, who spoke the world into being and has breathed life into me, would want to share His plans and His wisdom with me is intoxicating!

I am awakened from my routine slumbers when His whisper brings alive the task , my surroundings, or a word. Like a jump-out-of-bed morning, I am aware of His presence and my mind is awake to His word! I can be anywhere because He is everywhere. I can be doing anything because He lives within me. His word is power: Power to guide, power to change power to resurrect, power to calm the storms, power to renew and heal.

God of Power and Might, who spoke into being all that I see all that I am, I am listening for Your voice. Speak Lord, here I am!
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