Saturday, March 14, 2009


It has been 40 years since my High School graduation. I really don't feel that old! I do look like the years have grown on me though, and so I have been fussing about losing some weight, looking my best and making sure I present myself in a good light to people I may not see for another 40 years!

Is this reunion really about me? Is it about us as a class? Or could there be a spiritual side? Could it be that God has some work to do through me while I revisit the past? I would think it could be important to let my friends from long ago see the change in me for the better. I think God would be glorified if I brought a confident daughter of The King instead of the girl who wanted so much to please others and be accepted in the in crowd.

So, yes, I'll work on losing a few pound because I've been doing that already. Yes, I'll present the best of who I am. The difference is that I will go, not focused on myself, but how I can love others and make friends for God. I will choose to be kind, friendly and respectful of others. I hope to report back that God did a wonderful thing through my choice to honor Him over myself.

Lord of the past, present and future, You are to be glorified in all my days. Be the light and salt that makes a difference in our reunion celebration.
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