Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Wonder

Spring is blossoming here in Central Florida. We can see waves of pollen float through the breeze. Our cars, clothes and everything in sight is covered with a golden dust of pollen. AAAAHHHHHCCHOOO! It is warm and we need rain! Rain would wash the air and help us who breathe to fill our lungs with oxygen again!

The last few mornings I awoke to the birds twittering outside my window. There is a tiny purple flower growing in the middle of my yard. A mother opossum has set up house in our shed and new babies are on their way! The earth is alive with new life!

I wonder sometimes why God made the earth to live in cycles. why not make it Spring always? Or maybe Winter ? I enjoy the changes and I do think each season teaches us something of God. In Spring I see His desire for life, His resurrection power, His creative color combinations, His love of musical sounds, and the truth that His mercies are new every morning! I am delighted by my Fathers' gift of spring! I wonder how He could love me so much?

Spring is a gift from God like the surprise gift of flowers from my husband! It doesn't happen every day , but it is a delight and wonder when it does. I feel loved, beautiful and ready to be with the one I love. It is my gift to Him to receive with joy!

Oh my Prince of peace, the lover of my soul, I receive You and all Your gifts with delight! Thank You for loving me! Thank You for giving me beauty and seeing beauty within me! Thank You for calling me to come away and spend time with You!
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