Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live it Up! Go Deeper!

Living it up is not usually associated with Christians but it should be! As we go deeper into the heart of God shouldn't our life be more abundant?

How do we go deeper into the heart of God? It first of all takes faith to jump off of the cliff of the unknown and enjoy the experience! After the step of faith we are more committed than ever! We devote our time to allowing God to hold us up. We trust more fully and know Him more intimately. As we go deeper we find that He lifts us higher!

The question of the day is what faith step do I need to take in order to go deeper and live it up? I wonder if anyone will go with me!

Just one little step........

Abundant life is what You offer each of us, Lord. You ask only that we trust and have faith and then risk experiencing that life You give so freely. WOW! Thank You!
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