Monday, March 16, 2009

John 15:5

I am the vine you are the branches. If a man remains in Me, and I in him,
he will bear much fruit. Apart from Me you can do nothing.
Yesterday I was thinking through this verse I memorized a couple of months ago. I was focusing on just the last line "Apart from Me you can do nothing," and came up with some interesting thoughts. Here is what I pondered.

Without God I have no existence, no life, no purpose, no being. I may try to work apart from Gods' influence, but without Him and I being connected, I cannot accomplish anything that will last.

This sentence begins with the word "Apart" and ends with the word "Nothing." In the middle is "Me" and You. " When I am in the center with God I belong to something marvelous and lasting, but away from Him I am apart and nothing.

I also noticed that within the entire verse we see a change. First it talks about "He" who remains in God and then uses the word "You." My questions were why does the verse change from he to you? Could it be that it is addressed to different groups of people? or is it addressed to all people?

I could put myself into both statements. I remain with Christ through my commitment to Him not just in name only. I also agree that apart from Him I can do nothing. Not everyone who reads this could be put into the first statement, because not every Christian remains in Christ and bears fruit. This statement seems to apply only to those who are committed to live their lives as disciples of Jesus and remain close to Him no matter the circumstances.

The second statement (Apart from Me you can do nothing) applies to all people everywhere! We cannot exist or accomplish anything of even temporary value without his sustaining power. We depend on him for our next breath, for our food, light, air etc. Our lives are in His hands even when we do not believe in Him.

Lord, Author of Your Word and Holy Spirit , who speaks into my heart, I am amazed at You! I am awed by your workings in my heart and mind and soul and strength! You alone are the one I can turn to find truth and understanding. I believe You when You have said that I can do greater things because You are the one who accomplished those greater deeds when I am willing to remain in You. You have designed me for this very purpose: to do Your work, in Your way, in Your time. In this alone can I find satisfaction and delight. I give You praise and may the Glory be Yours!
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