Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Merry Heart

In the last couple of months I have enjoyed two belly-laughing times with my granddaughters. We laughed until our sides hurt and every little thought or comment made us laugh more, even if it wasn't that funny! It makes me feel good to laugh like that, at least after my side stops hurting!

The movie Mary Poppins has a scene where a group of friends are laughing so hard that they float to the top of the ceiling. Every time I laugh hard I think how wonderful it would be to float to the ceiling. In a way I do. My spirit rises and I feel as if I can soar over any troubles I may have. It is better than going to the doctor, having painful surgery or running a mile. I get similar or BETTER benefits from laughter. My heart races, my muscles tighten and relax and though I end up with a side ache I know it will heal much quicker than an incision.

Laughter breaks up the dark clouds and offers a sunny outlook. A good giggle will put the world into perspective and offer smiles to those we meet.

In the world of so much bad news we need laughter. We need the joy of the Lord! God says His joy is our strength. We need a smile and a good laugh to get us through the day. A merry heart does good like medicine. Have you had your dose of laughter today?
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