Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free as a Bird

My feet are dragging through this Lenten List I have made for myself! I think it is time to set myself free and write something new and different.

Tuesday afternoon I watched a baby bird fly into our screened porch through the door my granddaughters don't take time to close. He hopped back out a short time later, evidently not finding anything of interest. The day before I watched a squirrel take a trip around the porch and then leave empty handed! I enjoyed watching the little critters, but I also did not want them to take up residence in MY space!

The experience brought to mind the scripture, "The meek shall inherit the earth." Psalm 37:11a It was as if they were house hunting. I'm glad it did not suit their taste in living quarters and I hope they will not direct their relatives or friends to check us out! Someday my worn out house may be a playground for them and their friends but it is not theirs yet!

I thought about what I could learn from this display of natures wildlife. I didn't recognize myself in the real life picture at first. I was sure God had sent these little friends for me but I didn't think it was because I was Cinderella, though I do sometimes feel that way! Later on as I prayed about my struggles, God reminded me of the tiny bird and squirrel. He told me that I was looking in the wrong place to belong. I want to fit in where I don't fit in. I want to try being someone I am not meant to be. It was time for me to return to Gods' place for me.

I can't be a happy squirrel living in a porch. I cannot be a free bird living in a confined space. The only place I can be happy and free is in God! He is the home I am looking for!

Father, I am coming home to You! I am rejecting the worlds' ideas about where I should go, what I need to be doing and what You have called me and created me to be! You will make me happy and free!
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