Monday, March 23, 2009

What Time is it?

There has been much talk around Christian circles of the end of days coming soon. It makes me wonder because I do see some of the signs that are described in the bible. I tend to want God to answer my "What time is it?" prayer with a direct answer.

It would be so much easier if He answered with a date and exact time rather than deciphering signs that we have seen since His departure. However, He doesn't want us to know. I must believe that it isn't to make us feel unimportant but it must be for our own good.

I am sure that knowing the day and time would spur some people into a more severe bible thumping agenda than they already have. It might frighten others. The surety of a date and time would defeat the purpose of us living by faith and trusting in God who does all things well. Jesus saw what His fate was as He neared the cross. Maybe He just does not want us to face inner struggle that He did.

Whatever time we have left here should be spent living a life that glorifies God to the fullest. We should be about our Fathers business. He can be in charge of the going home whistle. Till then let us continue to seek God for our work orders for the day and do our best work.

Author and finisher of our time, we are curious and frightened and hopeful. You know the grand finale and we trust You to help us walk safely to the end. My life and times are in Your loving, good , and wise hands. Thank You for holding me close to Your heart through it all.
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