Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Look of Humility

What does Humility look like? Should humble people be recognized by their hang-dog look, always hiding in the crowd?

I can't say with a positive certainty what humility should look like, but I don't think Jesus looked beaten down or blended into the wallpaper. Jesus was bold when the situation called for it. He was a leader of men and did not cower in the face of the leaders who opposed Gods' way. Jesus was humble.

Jesus knew He was God. He deserved worship, and He understood that His mission was of utmost importance for all men and so He did not claim the rights of His true identity. I think that humility lies in that truth: He did not claim the right.

Our human pride has such a hard time letting go of the rights we think we own. Truth also lies in that statement: the rights we think we own! Do we really "Deserve" most of the things we think we do? I dare to say "no." If we give up our rights to be applauded by men, own the things we enjoy, or have our voice heard, would we disappear into the woodwork? There is that possibility but in Gods' economy of life I believe He has stated otherwise in Mathew 20:25-28.

Lord of All, You have set before us a principle You Yourself live by. You have said that the Last will be first and the first last. You have said that if we want to be great we must be a servant of all. This is Your picture of humility and it is Your will for us as Your people. Let me follow You in character above all else.
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