Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Storm Warnings

It is not often we get plenty of warning for a storm that comes into our lives. Hurricane Matthew is giving Florida a warning. Will we heed the signs?

Meteorologists are amazing in how they can predict the weather, but they can be surprised just like the rest of us. They give us a wide margin of impact for hurricanes and most of the time we shrug them off. That can be dangerous. If we do not prepare we can be stunned with the impact of a storm that does not do the expected.

The same is true in life. So many times we make decisions that become storms. We can guess where those decisions might head but if we do not take action to weather the storm we created or take measures to move to another track, we can face disaster.
It seems to me that every day I wake up to possible storms looming on the horizon. Thoughts that take me down the wrong road, habits that are detrimental, making wrong decisions, or just being near to those who are in a storm can flood me with inner or outer turmoil. Each day is a day to prepare and pray.

God has been so helpful in giving us access to His armor that prepares and protects us. Our helmet of salvation, when used wisely, protects our thoughts. Our salvation assures us that God is good. He is perfect love. We wear the breastplate of righteousness over our hearts. It is not our righteousness that protects us, but Jesus’ perfectly lived life. We place truth around us and choose to put on truth that makes our armor secure. We stand firm with the Gospel of Peace. We cannot be moved from the place of peace even while we are ready to fight the enemy. Our sword is God’s Word. It is powerful and mighty to bring down strongholds. Our faith is our shield that puts out fiery darts aimed at us. We believe in God so we do not fall prey to the enemy’s lies. Every storm can be weathered in victory when we are protected by God’s armor.

Almighty and most powerful God, You have walked through the storms and calmed the seas. You are our Prince of Peace. I ask your forgiveness for the times I fail to prepare with Your gifts for the storms of life. Thank You for the grace that sees me through in all my storms. Open my eyes to the power you give me. I believe You are good all of the time. Amen.