Friday, May 29, 2009

God Never Fails Me

God is Faithful. He never fails to do the right thing at the right time. His faithfulness is a firm place to put my trust.

There are many times that the church, the government and all sorts of man lead institutions fail to do the right thing for me and my loved ones. It hurts and it can make life so much harder to live than it needs to be. The only consolation is that God has sent Jesus to walk in our shoes and in turn Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to walk with us.

When others fail me I run to God asking Him to reveal the truth in the situation. I seek His advice and His comfort. I listen for the truth that He has to say to me. Yes, sometimes it is not what I want to hear, but it is always good and it always helps me to grow.

Lord, you have always been the faithful one who teaches me truth and speaks the truth in love. You have never failed me. You discipline and comfort me as a loving and good Father. I want to be Your obedient and teachable child.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heartache & Triumph

Love is not all joy and happiness. Love has its measure of pain and heartache.

I would like to think that each newlywed would go through life with no thought of sickness, lack or death, but life lived together with love does not blot out these trials.

True love is powerful to sustain and comfort and hope those who choose to commit themselves to love. Loves' power comes only from God who is Love.

Loving God, thank You for Your power to overcome and to face trails in love. Thank You for the love that does not depend solely on joy or happy times, but becomes a rock solid foundation that we can stand on in safety during the storms that fiercely battle our desire to live lives that reveal Your love to the world. Love never fails.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

This past weekend Patrick and I attended our niece, Lisa's, wedding in Canada. Visiting with family and hearing their take on politics in the U.S. gave me much to ponder. Here are a few random thoughts as I listened to those Americans living across the country from me and in Canada.

Obama is moving at a very speedy pace to make his plans implemented. Is speed a good thing when it comes to public policy? Is the push hard attitude right when our president has had relatively very little time in Washington circles, including his time as Senator? Could it be a good strategy to catch the other side off kilter after the blow from the elections? Certainly Obama is taking every advantage he is offered. He is making the best use of his power and convictions in the time he has.

I wonder if Mr. President is still assured in his ability to govern or is he scared that we will regroup and be stronger than ever after his agenda is revealed, to take from us our freedoms our hard earned money and our ability to govern ourselves with godly morals and high values for life, liberty and the hard work it takes to pursue happiness.

The economy was a major topic with everyone this weekend. Money was definitely more important than the lives of innocent people.

Words have power to push people in the wrong direction. It may be a family member that is belittled for mistakes or character struggles. Words could push a nation to believe in the subtle lies of the enemy who would steal our freedom, kill our values and dreams for a better life, and destroy who we are as a nation of citizens, who work hard to accomplish their personal goals that also strengthen and grow our United States into a world powerhouse. What kind of words push me?

I am convinced that most of us are sitting back and allowing the government to move us rather than us moving the government. We are quickly becoming a people that surrender our government by and for the people and embracing a government who governs by the power that sits in the seats of our governing bodies.

My red, white and blue heart cries out to my Lord God in prayer for our country and all of its people!

God Almighty, Stir the hearts of Your people! Awaken us to Your freedom and grace. Teach us the truth! Let our hearts be on fire for You and Your ways. May the fire in our hearts burn so brightly that others will be sparked into life. Let Your Word the wind of Your Spirit be the fuel that revives us! Send revival to our land and then touch Canada and Mexico and our neighbors far away on this dear earth! Let us stand with YOU and not forget that we are strangers in a strange land. In You we trust!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Out

In sports at time out is called for the team to regroup, make plans, or to fix a problem on the field. Disciplinary time out is time set aside to contemplate what we did wrong. sometimes i take a time out and simply stop what I am doing and clear my mind.

I need a time out every day! Even a few minutes helps me to keep in focus and realign my priorities. Most often my time outs are spent quietly listening to God's whisper. I don't read His word at these times, I just sit and wait for Him to speak a word into my day.

Father, I come to Your throne room to listen to Your voice. I wait patiently in the stillness until You turn Your face to me. I love Your tender voice and loving words that encourage me in the trials. I love Your presence even when You remain silent. I search for Your face and imagine the look of love and compassion You have for me and all Your people. Fill my time out with You, Father. You are all I really need.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my Daughters' anniversary. Briget and Jimmy have been married for two years now. They are working through the challenges of molding their lives into one. It has not been easy, but they are still loving each other through the tough times. I am proud of them.

When I talk to newly weds now-a-days, I find their ideas of marriage are so much different than mine. They are eager to work together, but they also insist that their spouse change for them. Did I think that way when I was newly married? Yes, I must say I did. Thirty five and a half years has taught me differently. No matter how hard I try, Patrick will not always think or act like I want. He is a man. The differences between men and women go much deeper than just teaching each other how to behave. Our differences are who we are.

The questions that run through my mind today are: Why do we focus on making our spouse a carbon copy of ourselves? Wouldn't it be better to celebrate, explore, use and delight each others unique qualities? I think that with 35+ successful years of marriage we have some wisdom to offer young couples, so why don't they want to listen?

Young couples would be wise to find an older mentor couple to help them through their tough times. Maybe not family, but someone they can look to for sound healthy Godly advice.

Father, You brought Adam and Eve together and designed the relationship of marriage for them and for us. Thank You for making men and women differently. We can learn so much more about You through our differences! Help us to grow closer to one another in love. Bless the young couples I know and give them grace to find their unique relationship style in Your plan!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wake Up Sleepy Head

The past few days have been rainy here in "Sunny" Florida! We actually have not seen the sun , but I do know it is there. I miss not seeing it and hope the clouds part soon so I won't feel so sleepy!

Rain tends to make me sleepy. I need the sun to shine bright to give me energy to keep moving . In the same way, sometimes my spirit is clouded by sin, fear, or doubt. Those clouds keep me from seeing the Son of God clearly and lulls me into sleep. I have found that praise can help me break through those spiritual clouds and lift me up towards the Son.

Today I've been sleepy because of the rain, but when the sun comes out I may see a rainbow that will remind me of God's promises. Yes, I know the rainbow was made for one promise not to flood the earth again, but for me I can see a greater promise. \Like the Sun shining through the rain to make a rainbow, God has promised that He has sent His Son to bring light into a dark world and give us hope for the future. Oh, how good my God is!

God of Heaven and Earth, You are amazing! You give me hope when the rains come into my life. You never leave me. Even if I don't see You clearly You are there, waiting for the right time to reveal Yourself and remind me of the promise You have made and will keep! Thank You!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Life

I sit here breathing in the air that keeps me alive. My heart is pumping the blood that carried life giving oxygen to my cells. I am alive!

There are days that life is really hard. I need not list all that goes wrong with life, but I do need to speak out that even in the difficulties life is a good gift. Life. Precious not because of its scarcity, but because of its fragility! Life can be shattered in an instant or slowly be lost in tiny minutes. Precious life.

My heart is grieved that so many choose to count life as nothing more than a happenstance. How much more is God grieved over our careless attitude toward this precious and amazing gift? We have grabbed the gift and demanded our choice to terminate life. We demand our rights to have only the best of life and not the hard lessons that teach, reveal, and develop our character. Sadly we choose to stop life before it even has the opportunity to begin in earnest. Abortion is a deadly word.

When did we decide that we could cut off a life for not better reason than our life would become more difficult? Who are we to snatch away the life of another for greed?

We live in a dangerous time. The danger begins before birth. Helpless and without defense, babies are forced to fight for that precious life. They have not been given the choice. Their protective womb becomes a battlefield where the outcome is certainly not in their favor. The Bigger, more powerful enter their sanctuary to steal away their life. Precious life!

My question today is what side would our governing officials and our President take if bigger and more powerful bullies would barge into homes of the innocent and kill in cold blood those who dwelt there? Is there a real difference between such a horrible and detestable crime as that and abortion?

Giver of Life, I fall on my knees begging You to forgive us for allowing these innocent babies be violently murdered! We are a nation who has stood on our pledge that we are a nation under God, but we have taken Your throne away from You and misused our freedom to choose. Forgive us! Father, I choose LIFE! I stand firm and speak out today to say our President and lawmakers are wrong to allow murder of any kind to be done in the name of another person's rights to money, revenge or simply inconvenience. change us, O Lord, from the inside out! give us hearts that Love Life and protect the precious gift You want us to enjoy in abundance!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

God Sees

It is very comforting to know that God sees and looks after me. I know He is aware of everything that happens to me. He is all knowing about my thoughts, fears, issues and even those of people that influence me. He sees me and looks after me in all things.

My Lord sees me with love and tenderness, but He also sees me with truth and reality. He will ask me to do difficult tasks, but He will constantly watch over me. He sees all. He sees my sin, and He knows my heart and my actions.

It is embarrassing to know that He sees my secret sins. Knowing that He watches sometimes stops me, but there are times that I choose the momentary pleasure over Him. Going to Him with a humble and contrite heart, a broken spirit, reveals to me His choice to be blinded to my sin. Yes, He sees but chooses to not see that which I place in the nail scarred hands of Jesus. I am forgiven. I am free. I am righteous before Him when I trust in Jesus.

All seeing, All knowing God, you are so merciful and kind to me a sinner! You see me and help me to change. You see me and accept me as holy. You choose for me the way of forgiveness and love. I can only choose You!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Secret Meeting

There are times when I hear God calling me to come meet with Him alone. It is like a secret meeting of lovers who just want to be together without anyone else interrupting their time together. When I respond to the invitation it is a sweet tender intimate time of sharing His beauty, grace, love and mercy.

Though I really do love these times, I find myself putting Him off because of other things that seem so pressing at the time! It is sad to know that I have missed many opportunities to have Him to myself for awhile. He wants to romance me and take me on an adventure with his all encompassing love. Why would I think anything else could be more important or more wonderful?

My Lord, You have always been faithful to pursue me, seeking me and calling to me to come and be with You. You have never failed to delight me when I have joined You in a secret meeting. I am so sorry that I say "no" at times. I should never put You in second place, but I do. Please forgive my lack of love for You who deserves it! Please don't stop calling me! Don't take Your Spirit from me! Lead me to those secret place where I can be delighted in Your goodness! I do love You Lord!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Touching My Heart

This morning I was listening to a radio sermon and the Pastor asked this question: What area deeply touches your heart? It started me thinking. I have a list of things that touch my heart, but what one thing deeply touches my heart?

The purpose of the question was to point out my passion for others, or maybe just myself. OUCH! That thought hurts because my list does contain many areas that focus on my needs and my desires. There are some passions for others and their situations though and with these i want to find the one that deeply touches my heart and the one where God would have me place my energies.

How do I discover this passion? I would think whatever it might be would make me stop and respond with emotion and then do something about it. Today is a day I will look for this place in my heart that is deeply touched by someone or a group.

Father, You are the only one who can fill the needs of everyone in the world. You have generously called me to come and help You reach someone and I want to. Open my eyes to see those who need what I have to give. Open my heart to be tender towards others and willing to be touched deeply by their needs. I am so sorry that I have been so self centered and self involved . Turn me around to face what I have been running away from. Thank You for forgiving me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God's Work

God allows us to work for Him! Amazing thought isn't it?

The All-powerful, All-knowing, Most Capable God wants us and seeks us out to do work for Him! It is even more amazing that He does not micro manage us. He gives us an assignment and then lets us go about doing it using the gifts, talents and capabilities He has given us and those around us!

Certainly He could do things much better, easier and quicker than we do. However, He understands that purpose, accomplishment and satisfaction make life abundant and a blessing to us and others. I imagine God in heaven not sitting back but on the edge of His throne seat eagerly watching the work we do. He watches for our success to cheer us and reward us. He watches for our stumbles and longs for us to call out for His help.

King of the Universe. Sovereign God and Watcher of Men, You delight me! You allow me to work for You and You work through me! You are a good giver. You pour out so much more than You take in! Amazing! Awesome! Your abundance flows over me like a flood! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Healing Wounds

Wounds that come from words spoken can sometimes be healed by the words of the wounded to someone willing to listen. It need not be the one who caused the pain, but it could be.

The speaking out about the feelings, reaction and changes that occurred with the wound is like the cleansing needed to prepare for the healing balm of forgiveness. It is not easy to do this without overwhelming emotion, but to look at both sides with truth is the important surgery needed to restore relationship.

Healing does not always turn back time to restore anew the feelings and communication, but the relationship can produce new and wonderful connections. Healing may still leave a scar. The scar remains only to remind us of the vulnerability of one another and our need to be kind and gentle. Scars teach us to watch out for words that become weapons and to freely use words of compassion and tenderness, especially when confronting or revealing a truth. Healing takes time and patience. It is a work of God for all involved not just the one who suffered the wound.

Healer God, touch us with Your love and tender mercies. Wipe away our tears and teach us Your way of forgiving. Cover our relationships with love and grace. Heal us from the inside out and remind us to rely on You for our strength and hope! Thank You for resurrection power that lifts, restores and frees us from the death of friendships, marriages and other relationships caused by our words.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Mothers' Day is past and the work week has begun, except if you are a mom then it just continues.

Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama. Names for our Mothers always produce images from our past: Moms' smile and applause as we delighted her with our show of talents yet perfected, Her fierce look of disappointment and rage when we were found to have our hand in a known disgrace or deliberate action against her rules, Songs, prayers, words of instruction and comfort laying a foundation and fences of strength and security.

It is easy to go on and on about Mom, if we only take time to think about all she does. Then Monday comes, and she again goes about her work unnoticed and unappreciated until we come again to Mothers' Day, a day when Mom still does "Mom" work but we notice and appreciate her as she deserves.

Happy Belated Mothers' Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is God Real?

As we grow up we are faced with realities that things are not always what they seem. Magic (at least most magic we see on TV) isn't real it is only an illusion. Our favorite fairy tale characters are not real but only stories. Then we find out that our parents, whom we thought were perfect, really aren't perfect. so what is real? Is the God we can't see really real? Or is He a myth too?

My Granddaughter is struggling with these issues right now. She is too young to worry about this in my opinion, but she has serious discussions with her classmates who are slowly convincing her that God is not real. This means that the war is on! We stand on Gods' side and they stand on the world view.

So I ask, how do I help my granddaughter see the truth? I can't push her into believing. It would be much better if she comes to that belief on her own. Then she can own her faith in God. It will belong to her and her choice to accept Him.

I can pray. Prayer changes things. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God hears and He wants my Granddaughter to know Him, love Him and believe in Him. I can share my faith: Where do I see God? Why do I believe? Who is God to me? How has my life changed for the better because of knowing God?

For anyone looking in today, who does not believe I first pray: Father open their eyes that they might see Your good works, Your creation. Remove the influences of the enemy who would blind them from seeing the truth. Let them hear Your voice calling to them to Come and fellowship with You. Give Your body the boldness, the love, the words to draw them closer to You and not from You. Teach us all, O Lord, how to reach out to the lost and confused souls who need You now!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer for our Country

Sovereign God, I join my voice with so many others today as we pray for our Nation. We are a Nation under God. Though we have forgotten what it means to be under Your authority and Your guidance, I believe those of us who are on our knees today want to find our way back to You. Shine Your light in the darkness of this world so we may see You clearly!

May our hearts be changed by Your word. May our changed life draw others to seek You. May a fire of revival begin with us and spread without control all over our land.

We love our United States, Lord God. We want our foundations to remain firm and not be broken by men who are deceived by the enemy. Teach us how to stand for Your principles. Help us to speak out on the side of truth without anger, hostility and pride. May we all stay focused on the truth that You love all and desire that no one should perish knowing that our actions, words and attitudes may be the difference in someone seeing You for the first time and believing in Your good and perfect way.

I give You thanks for placing me in this Country rich in Christian heritage and a place for all people of like minds toward freedom to dwell.

Fill our land with Your glory, Your truth and Your purpose! change our hearts and begin with me!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This morning I was having breakfast with Jesus and was reminded of one of my recent memory verses: John 15:5 I am the vine you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.

As I contemplated the verse, I began to think of the communion I have with Jesus. I actually drew a grape vine (rough sketch) in my notebook/journal. The branches were loaded with fruit and all of the parts were united. My conclusion is that in communion with Jesus we produce fruit. Yes, I know it is not a new thought, but it brought a new definition of communion for me.

Communion is remaining in Jesus so we can produce fruit. Producing fruit cannot be done alone. We must do it in unity with Christ and His body.

The symbol of wine at communion will now remind me of this passage as well as the offering of Christs' blood for my sins. Communion is a time to remember that Jesus gave His life blood for our redemption. We are also to remember that we are now united with Christ in producing fruit.

Check out my poetry blog later today. I'll put one of my communion poems there for you to enjoy.

Thank You Father for coming into communion with me. You presence is my lifeline and my source to producing fruit. May I always remain in You and bring You glory through my efforts to do good works.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unsafe World

Today's world is an unsafe place for radical Christians. If you are passionate about Christ and live your life following Him as best you can, you can be assured of opposition to your way of thinking. In fact you may be surprised that the world will consider you to be a detriment to society.

Christians are to be silent in the face of objectionable material being forced on them and their children. The opposite it true for the world. They are given every right and encouraged to speak out against any Christian thought or activity that offends them.

Jesus comforts us by telling us that if we am persecuted and hated by the world, we can remember that He was hated first. He has walked this path before us and we can be sure that He continues to accompany each of us as we face our own trials. It is by the power of the Holy Spirit living in us that we can stand firm knowing that the truth will be revealed in the end. 'Til then, let us pray for one another and commit ourselves to proclaim the good news! Someone needs to hear, and some will turn around and follow! One sinner repenting is worth it all!

Lord God, you desire that I be courageous in the face of persecution. I admit that I hide out of fear on occasion, but I want to stand on the rooftops and shout Your good news! You are placing me in positions where my faith will be tested. Give me the desire of my heart to reach the lost and help those who follow my example in following You. Let Your love overcome my fears.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes & No

Is it ever okay to say "No" to a ministry that is doing the work of God? I think the answer is "Yes." Is God wanting us to say "Yes" to every ministry opportunity that crosses our path? Here I think the answer is "No."

I have experienced the pressure from well meaning individuals that want me to become involved in their ministry. It may be sending money to the starving children, or showing up to an event and working to make the event happen. The work may be God's design and it may be a very good work, but it is not always my place or my call from God.

My offer to serve is generated by the voice of God calling me into that service, not the voice of a friend. Saying "No" is difficult. I imagine that the person asking for help will somehow think that I am rejecting them, passing judgement on their ministry, or simply not hearing God though my answer is none of these. Unless we all begin to understand the working of God in each heart to do different things we will continue to struggle with saying "No."

God does not expect me to say "Yes" to another call. He only expects a "Yes, Lord." When He calls my name and asks me to serve. It may be one area of service that He calls me or it may be many. He knows me and He knows the abilities with which He has equipped me. He will not over burden me or my family with too much to do. He will not fill up my calendar so I can look like a devoted follower of His. He desires that I am a devoted follower not a Pharisee that looks right on the outside but dead on the inside.

So, if I say "No" to you, please understand that I must follow Him. Though I may want your works to be a success I am not the person you need to fill your vacancy.

Father, Thank You for knowing my limitations and my strengths. I need help to only do those things that You have called me to do. Open my eyes to see the goals set before me by Your plan for my life. Remind me often of my commitment to serving You alone and not man. Thank You for being my Guide and my Protector. Let my yes be yes and my no, no.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Blessings

Happy May Day!

May the Lord bless you and keep you;
May He make His face to shine upon you with smiles and be gracious to you in mercy;
May He lift up His countenance upon you and hearing your petitions and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26 (my version)

Lord God Almighty, we Your people need Your blessing! We come before You covered with the blood of Jesus and filled with His Spirit. In Him we enter Your presence and receive Your abundant blessings. I bow to You in thanksgiving and offer myself as a living sacrifice for Your glory!