Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God's Work

God allows us to work for Him! Amazing thought isn't it?

The All-powerful, All-knowing, Most Capable God wants us and seeks us out to do work for Him! It is even more amazing that He does not micro manage us. He gives us an assignment and then lets us go about doing it using the gifts, talents and capabilities He has given us and those around us!

Certainly He could do things much better, easier and quicker than we do. However, He understands that purpose, accomplishment and satisfaction make life abundant and a blessing to us and others. I imagine God in heaven not sitting back but on the edge of His throne seat eagerly watching the work we do. He watches for our success to cheer us and reward us. He watches for our stumbles and longs for us to call out for His help.

King of the Universe. Sovereign God and Watcher of Men, You delight me! You allow me to work for You and You work through me! You are a good giver. You pour out so much more than You take in! Amazing! Awesome! Your abundance flows over me like a flood! Thank you!
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