Friday, May 29, 2009

God Never Fails Me

God is Faithful. He never fails to do the right thing at the right time. His faithfulness is a firm place to put my trust.

There are many times that the church, the government and all sorts of man lead institutions fail to do the right thing for me and my loved ones. It hurts and it can make life so much harder to live than it needs to be. The only consolation is that God has sent Jesus to walk in our shoes and in turn Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to walk with us.

When others fail me I run to God asking Him to reveal the truth in the situation. I seek His advice and His comfort. I listen for the truth that He has to say to me. Yes, sometimes it is not what I want to hear, but it is always good and it always helps me to grow.

Lord, you have always been the faithful one who teaches me truth and speaks the truth in love. You have never failed me. You discipline and comfort me as a loving and good Father. I want to be Your obedient and teachable child.
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