Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer for our Country

Sovereign God, I join my voice with so many others today as we pray for our Nation. We are a Nation under God. Though we have forgotten what it means to be under Your authority and Your guidance, I believe those of us who are on our knees today want to find our way back to You. Shine Your light in the darkness of this world so we may see You clearly!

May our hearts be changed by Your word. May our changed life draw others to seek You. May a fire of revival begin with us and spread without control all over our land.

We love our United States, Lord God. We want our foundations to remain firm and not be broken by men who are deceived by the enemy. Teach us how to stand for Your principles. Help us to speak out on the side of truth without anger, hostility and pride. May we all stay focused on the truth that You love all and desire that no one should perish knowing that our actions, words and attitudes may be the difference in someone seeing You for the first time and believing in Your good and perfect way.

I give You thanks for placing me in this Country rich in Christian heritage and a place for all people of like minds toward freedom to dwell.

Fill our land with Your glory, Your truth and Your purpose! change our hearts and begin with me!
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