Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

This past weekend Patrick and I attended our niece, Lisa's, wedding in Canada. Visiting with family and hearing their take on politics in the U.S. gave me much to ponder. Here are a few random thoughts as I listened to those Americans living across the country from me and in Canada.

Obama is moving at a very speedy pace to make his plans implemented. Is speed a good thing when it comes to public policy? Is the push hard attitude right when our president has had relatively very little time in Washington circles, including his time as Senator? Could it be a good strategy to catch the other side off kilter after the blow from the elections? Certainly Obama is taking every advantage he is offered. He is making the best use of his power and convictions in the time he has.

I wonder if Mr. President is still assured in his ability to govern or is he scared that we will regroup and be stronger than ever after his agenda is revealed, to take from us our freedoms our hard earned money and our ability to govern ourselves with godly morals and high values for life, liberty and the hard work it takes to pursue happiness.

The economy was a major topic with everyone this weekend. Money was definitely more important than the lives of innocent people.

Words have power to push people in the wrong direction. It may be a family member that is belittled for mistakes or character struggles. Words could push a nation to believe in the subtle lies of the enemy who would steal our freedom, kill our values and dreams for a better life, and destroy who we are as a nation of citizens, who work hard to accomplish their personal goals that also strengthen and grow our United States into a world powerhouse. What kind of words push me?

I am convinced that most of us are sitting back and allowing the government to move us rather than us moving the government. We are quickly becoming a people that surrender our government by and for the people and embracing a government who governs by the power that sits in the seats of our governing bodies.

My red, white and blue heart cries out to my Lord God in prayer for our country and all of its people!

God Almighty, Stir the hearts of Your people! Awaken us to Your freedom and grace. Teach us the truth! Let our hearts be on fire for You and Your ways. May the fire in our hearts burn so brightly that others will be sparked into life. Let Your Word the wind of Your Spirit be the fuel that revives us! Send revival to our land and then touch Canada and Mexico and our neighbors far away on this dear earth! Let us stand with YOU and not forget that we are strangers in a strange land. In You we trust!
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