Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wake Up Sleepy Head

The past few days have been rainy here in "Sunny" Florida! We actually have not seen the sun , but I do know it is there. I miss not seeing it and hope the clouds part soon so I won't feel so sleepy!

Rain tends to make me sleepy. I need the sun to shine bright to give me energy to keep moving . In the same way, sometimes my spirit is clouded by sin, fear, or doubt. Those clouds keep me from seeing the Son of God clearly and lulls me into sleep. I have found that praise can help me break through those spiritual clouds and lift me up towards the Son.

Today I've been sleepy because of the rain, but when the sun comes out I may see a rainbow that will remind me of God's promises. Yes, I know the rainbow was made for one promise not to flood the earth again, but for me I can see a greater promise. \Like the Sun shining through the rain to make a rainbow, God has promised that He has sent His Son to bring light into a dark world and give us hope for the future. Oh, how good my God is!

God of Heaven and Earth, You are amazing! You give me hope when the rains come into my life. You never leave me. Even if I don't see You clearly You are there, waiting for the right time to reveal Yourself and remind me of the promise You have made and will keep! Thank You!
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