Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Out

In sports at time out is called for the team to regroup, make plans, or to fix a problem on the field. Disciplinary time out is time set aside to contemplate what we did wrong. sometimes i take a time out and simply stop what I am doing and clear my mind.

I need a time out every day! Even a few minutes helps me to keep in focus and realign my priorities. Most often my time outs are spent quietly listening to God's whisper. I don't read His word at these times, I just sit and wait for Him to speak a word into my day.

Father, I come to Your throne room to listen to Your voice. I wait patiently in the stillness until You turn Your face to me. I love Your tender voice and loving words that encourage me in the trials. I love Your presence even when You remain silent. I search for Your face and imagine the look of love and compassion You have for me and all Your people. Fill my time out with You, Father. You are all I really need.
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