Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Healing Wounds

Wounds that come from words spoken can sometimes be healed by the words of the wounded to someone willing to listen. It need not be the one who caused the pain, but it could be.

The speaking out about the feelings, reaction and changes that occurred with the wound is like the cleansing needed to prepare for the healing balm of forgiveness. It is not easy to do this without overwhelming emotion, but to look at both sides with truth is the important surgery needed to restore relationship.

Healing does not always turn back time to restore anew the feelings and communication, but the relationship can produce new and wonderful connections. Healing may still leave a scar. The scar remains only to remind us of the vulnerability of one another and our need to be kind and gentle. Scars teach us to watch out for words that become weapons and to freely use words of compassion and tenderness, especially when confronting or revealing a truth. Healing takes time and patience. It is a work of God for all involved not just the one who suffered the wound.

Healer God, touch us with Your love and tender mercies. Wipe away our tears and teach us Your way of forgiving. Cover our relationships with love and grace. Heal us from the inside out and remind us to rely on You for our strength and hope! Thank You for resurrection power that lifts, restores and frees us from the death of friendships, marriages and other relationships caused by our words.
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