Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been many years, but I still remember the day a little bird flew into our porch and couldn't find his way out. The poor bird flew frantically about, bouncing into the screens and looking desperately for an opening. I don't think it helped much that the kids were excited and in trying to help by showing him the way out, They scared him into more panic. It wasn't until I brought the kids inside to watch quietly behind the window that the bird settled down and eventually found its way to the yard.

I had a frantic experience last week when I couldn't find the place I was supposed to be. Driving around and around where I THOUGHT I should be, and a few tense phone calls made my heart beat faster. I was frantic. I only wanted to forget it all and go home. It was important for me to take time, and a deep breath and ask for help from... GPS. Alas, GPS did not help and only confused me more. It was only when I set my thoughts and mind on God, who knew where I was and where I was supposed to be, that I was able to find the right place in a few minutes even though I was way off course.

Often I rely on myself, others and technology before I remember that the God who led Abraham from his homeland to the place He had planned for His people, and led the Israelites back to that promised land, could lead me to the place I am supposed to be. This is true also for my spiritual journey as well. He can lead me through my confusions, doubts, and mess ups to a greater faith and trust in him. I am so glad to know Him!

God, my Father, You created the four corners of the earth. You know every mountain and valley because your hand has formed it. You also know me, because Your hand has formed all of my parts! I forget Your love and care for me sometimes. I forget that I can call on You and trust You to take me where I need to go. Forgive me! Thank You for caring about my journeys here on this earth. Thank You for leading me safely to You at the end of this road. Thank You that You meet me along the way. I want to keep my compass set to TRUTH: You. Help me find Your way!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Adam and Eve hid from God after they sinned because they had a conscience. They knew they had disobeyed God's command and they also knew that God would know what they had done. It was fear and shame that made them want to cover their sin, hoping that somehow it would be enough.

My Grandman, Jacob, is learning new things every day. I love watching all of the children grow and learn. I especially get tickled the first few times they try to hide from me in response to their disobedience. Jacob has been trying to hide lately. He stands behind my chair and becomes very still, but I see him anyway. I call and he refuses to answer even with a little giggle of play. I smile because I am happy that his conscience is working. It is a sign of spiritual growth that needs to be nurtured.

I do not want to say that hiding from our problems or trying to hide from God is a good thing. It isn't the answer and will not resolve anything. I do think that being aware of our sin and letting our conscience move us to act is good. Our awareness of sin offers us a choice. Like Jiminey Cricket warning Pinocchio, our inner voice can keep us from falling into the trap of sin, or lead us in how to be free. Jacob must learn to admit his disobedience and accept the consequences. When he does he will learn a greater lesson: forgiveness.

Good and Perfect Father, You are the giver of a good conscience. You are the One we must come to when our inner voice judges us guilty of disobedience against You. Thank You for forgiving our sins when we confess. Thank You for setting us free from hiding in our guilt and shame. Let our conscience be our guide to You!

Monday, October 24, 2011

60 Years

Saturday was my 60th birthday. It was a grand day with lots of friends and loving wishes, even from afar! I celebrated with good food, family, friends, and that made the day fabulously fun! I am so happy to be 60!

Some people have asked if I am now 39 and holding. I never will be 39 again and don't plan on ignoring the years God has given me since then. It is a joy to be alive and serving my Father in Heaven! Why would I hide the gift of years He has given me?

I can imagine me telling someone I am "39 and holding" and hear God on His throne saying, "And what about the other 21 years with which I have gifted you?" No, I never want to hide His gift of years. Life is a precious and blessed treasure. I choose to celebrate all my years, and I hope to praise Him and give Him glory all my days!

Father God, Ancient of Days, You are the Faithful Judge of all my days. You are the sovereign Lord who has determined my years. Thank You! I am blessed beyond measure with 60 years. There are times, Father, when I have failed to live my life to the fullest as You desire, forgive me. As I press on in years teach me to number my days and as they turn into years may You be glorified! In celebration of the day of my birth I bow before You, my Creator, Lord and Father.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Penny Saved

My younger brother is a numismatist. He has collected coins ever since he was a young boy. Mike shared his knowledge of coins and collecting with anyone who would listen. I listened, a little.

I never became a big enthusiast, but I did save some coins,I thought might be valuable someday. Today I was looking through the small box of coins I had, wondering if any were worth much. I checked each one for dates and mint marks and the wear that would lessen the value. It wasn't long before my mind wandered as I picked up coin after coin.

I began to think of all the people who had touched those coins. Where had these pennies traveled and how many lives were attached to one little cent before reaching my little box? Had they been found in a purse or dropped into a car seat or sofa? Were they lost from a hole in a pocket and left to be found on the sidewalk or street? Had they had a simple path to my small collection by being handed to a clerk and give out in change again and again? To me it mattered little about the coin and its travels. I thought of the people.

The little boy or girl who held tightly to the penny while choosing a piece of candy from the counter must have thought it was gold. The Mom who dug deep into her purse for those few cents may have needed them for milk or bread. The Indian head nickle may have been a treasure saved for a special gift. Those who held my coins are connected to me in a simple way. We both found value in a small disk of metal.

We hold money in different ways. Some of us cling to it, and some of us let it go much too easily. We help others, or we selfishly use it for our pleasure. Money is given in exchange for our work. Each hour of our life is worth the wage set by our employer. Money is an exchange for our lives. It is this that gives money value to God.

Our tithe is a giving of our lives that we exchanged for wages. It is a holy sacrifice.

Father God, Creator of each life touched by my coins, You are holy. you give life and take it away! You are a Generous Giver of life. Thank You for allowing me to return to You so little of what You deserve! Forgive me for my selfish ways. Teach me to see You and Your human creation as holy and more valuable than material things. I want to hold my life out to You with open hands.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Write?

For weeks I have asked myself the question, "Why write?" A battle is raging inside of me, and I am ready to find peace.

I believe the battle is being waged by spiritual forces coming against my thoughts and desires. The enemy would like very much to stop the good work that is being done through my words. Even now I hear his whisper telling me "If there is any good." He lies,accuses, and makes me distrust the only One with which I can trust my life, my work and my purpose.

I confess that I have fallen into his sly trap for far too long. I want to be strong and resist, but it is so easy to believe that my thoughts and ramblings have no value. It is true that without the Spirit of God working in me my words are blots on a page. There are times when I write for my own satisfaction, my own glory, and with my own feeble earth-bound thoughts. But many times I begin to write with earth-bound thoughts and discover the Spirit rise up and carry my words to higher places. That is why I write!

My shield of faith is "And the Lord said to me, 'Write my answer on a billboard, large and clear, so that anyone can read it at a glance and rush to tell the others." Habakkuk 2:2 TLB

Creator God, Father of The Word and source of my words, forgive me for allowing the enemy to steal Your glory. forgive me for letting him take away my purpose. Thank You for calling me to write for Your purpose. Teach me to listen to Your voice and silence the enemy for Your sake! I write for You and that fills my heart.