Monday, October 24, 2011

60 Years

Saturday was my 60th birthday. It was a grand day with lots of friends and loving wishes, even from afar! I celebrated with good food, family, friends, and that made the day fabulously fun! I am so happy to be 60!

Some people have asked if I am now 39 and holding. I never will be 39 again and don't plan on ignoring the years God has given me since then. It is a joy to be alive and serving my Father in Heaven! Why would I hide the gift of years He has given me?

I can imagine me telling someone I am "39 and holding" and hear God on His throne saying, "And what about the other 21 years with which I have gifted you?" No, I never want to hide His gift of years. Life is a precious and blessed treasure. I choose to celebrate all my years, and I hope to praise Him and give Him glory all my days!

Father God, Ancient of Days, You are the Faithful Judge of all my days. You are the sovereign Lord who has determined my years. Thank You! I am blessed beyond measure with 60 years. There are times, Father, when I have failed to live my life to the fullest as You desire, forgive me. As I press on in years teach me to number my days and as they turn into years may You be glorified! In celebration of the day of my birth I bow before You, my Creator, Lord and Father.
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