Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Adam and Eve hid from God after they sinned because they had a conscience. They knew they had disobeyed God's command and they also knew that God would know what they had done. It was fear and shame that made them want to cover their sin, hoping that somehow it would be enough.

My Grandman, Jacob, is learning new things every day. I love watching all of the children grow and learn. I especially get tickled the first few times they try to hide from me in response to their disobedience. Jacob has been trying to hide lately. He stands behind my chair and becomes very still, but I see him anyway. I call and he refuses to answer even with a little giggle of play. I smile because I am happy that his conscience is working. It is a sign of spiritual growth that needs to be nurtured.

I do not want to say that hiding from our problems or trying to hide from God is a good thing. It isn't the answer and will not resolve anything. I do think that being aware of our sin and letting our conscience move us to act is good. Our awareness of sin offers us a choice. Like Jiminey Cricket warning Pinocchio, our inner voice can keep us from falling into the trap of sin, or lead us in how to be free. Jacob must learn to admit his disobedience and accept the consequences. When he does he will learn a greater lesson: forgiveness.

Good and Perfect Father, You are the giver of a good conscience. You are the One we must come to when our inner voice judges us guilty of disobedience against You. Thank You for forgiving our sins when we confess. Thank You for setting us free from hiding in our guilt and shame. Let our conscience be our guide to You!
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