Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year to my adoptive Jewish relatives. You may wonder why I say I have adoptive Jewish relatives. I have a Jewish brother in Jesus. I am adopted into His Jewish family and I enjoy learning about their traditions and celebrations.

It has always been around this time of year that I find my conversations with God to turn to the future. Maybe He is wishing me a happy year to come! Our family has traditions that center around Christmas and New Years. Christmas is the time we offer Jesus a gift. We usually make a commitment to change our lives to be more like Him. This is the prelude to our New Years goals.

September is when I begin asking my Heavenly Father and Jesus what I should give to them. In that regard my New Year begins. It is a subtle celebration of Rosh Hashanah. I also take a look back at the past year. It is a time to reflect on what I chose to give last year and how intently I pursued that choice. It is a beautiful time of my life. The falling away of the old habits and the trying on of new ones.

This year promises to be a year of growth. I know that growth often comes with pain, hardship and a need to persevere and so I will begin that process by submitting in obedience and keeping my eyes on His light and my ears attuned to His voice.

What will your New Year hold? You can plan to be held in the strong and safe arms of the Father. Set aside some time to ask. I am sure He is waiting for you to call!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Reading Between the Lines

I write my blog in cryptic words. There are mysteries behind my writings. Though I try to give you readings that will make you think, I most often have something going on in my life that triggers the subject. I don't write about myself. I write for you. My life is hidden so that you can see yourself in the message.

Do you read between the lines? Do you glimpse a little bit of my life when you read my words? If you don't that is fine. I really do have YOU in mind when I write. If you do find yourself reading between the lines you might want to say a prayer for me. I can always use the prayers that offer blessings.

Thanks for reading and praying. I'm praying for you as I write! We have made a circle of prayer.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fly Away Home

When children leave home there is much excitement. The change for them is a gigantic step of independence and maturity. I know from experience that at the same time it is also a leap of faith for parents.

Letting go of the child into the adult world is not easy. In fact it takes much courage and strength to let go. Parents have provided, protected, pacified and punished in an effort to make the day of flying away from the nest a successful one for the child. But as their young one drops over the edge of the nest and before the first flutter of their wings catch the wind, a parent forgets to breathe, and remembers every mistake they made. The well taught fledgling seems to never look back.

Children find the place they will call home. It is no longer where the parents live. Home is their own place of comfort and security. Home is a place Mom and Dad visit. It is a place where they can make mistakes and learn to live life fully in charge, making choices and reaping the harvest, good or bad.

Parents know the importance of letting their children fly away home and so they do, with tears. There is a future hope that parent and child will one day share an eternal home. With that hope there is joy. It is never a mistake to give your child wings that leads them to the home that Jesus is preparing for us. In that truth a parent can rejoice!

Little one, with tears I let go, so you can fly away to a place where you can learn who you are and who God can be in your life. Fly away home!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


It is dark outside. It will get lighter in a few minutes but right now it is dark and I would much rather be in bed dreaming . Well, depends on the dream I guess!

Today is Saturday and it is my day to rise early and take time to join friends and visit with the King of glory. You may know the One of whom I speak. He is the One who awakens every new day with an array of color and chorus of bird song. He is the One who also tucks the day away under a patchwork of majesty. He sprinkles the night with glittering lights and makes the moon to dance over the earth. He is majestic and holy and my friend!

I can't wait to meet with Him! I'd love you to come with me! Maybe we will see a glimpse of Him in the sunrise!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Music Magic

The enjoyment of music is a spiritual experience. Music sometimes disturbs me and causes me to cringe. More often it draws me into a deeper place inside myself where I find spiritual treasures.

Through music I am excited to love, impelled to dance for joy, or exhale my cares letting the floodgates of peace wash over me. It is not only the words but the sounds rising and falling in harmony and melody all in unity.

Music is said to be the universal language. I admit that I can "read" the music of other countries. I can touch the depth of truth hidden within the sounds. I hear the cries of those who are just as human as me.

Music nudges me closer to God, my loved ones, and everyone. My thoughts wander to others as I listen . I am not alone in this world and music is a delicate ribbon connecting me to you. Right now I must go dance! There is a song calling me! Want to come along?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Choice

When it comes to my everyday individual choices,I seldom consider how my choice will affect others. I do not consider what has been dubbed butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is a theory that even the soft beating of a butterfly wing will cause the air to stir in such a way as to ripple out and cause major changes in the world. But, I find that I am too selfish to consider long range consequences to others. I am even too concerned for my pleasure or comfort of the moment to consider that what I choose may change many lives.

In my experience I find that it is only when I am hit head on with the consequence of my actions or of others random choices that I stop for a moment and think through my choices.

I guess it comes down to this: our lives do matter. Our presence in the world and the actions we choose do matter to others. Our being invited into existence by the uniting of two cells changes the world. It is our choice to make in how we change it. Over our life time we all, make poor choices. We all make unwise decisions. Even if we live trying to always do right , we will fall short.

We do have hope even in our fallen state. God alone is totally good. He offers us the opportunity to change every bad thing in our life to our good. Letting Him connect to us everyday has a much more powerful butterfly effect and it is all for our good!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Tell the Truth

How do we teach our children, or even ourselves, to be speakers of truth? Don't lie to me! Tell me the truth!

When my oldest daughter went through a phase where she was telling lies, I began a discipline with her that I've even used with myself. When I use the word discipline I can see the red flags go up. Yes, discipline is hard. It is work. It is much like the discipline of exercise, learning a new skill, or dieting. Truth telling discipline is just as difficult, maybe more so because telling the little "White lie" is such an acceptable practice. To be seen as an honest person, we must practice the art of using tact while still remaining truthful.

If we are to stop lying, we must tell the truth. That is it! That is the discipline I use. Every time I heard my daughter tell a lie I commanded her to speak the truth. Even if the lie was days old she had to speak the truthful words to me, and on most occasions to the one she lied to: teachers, siblings, neighbors, friends. I use that same discipline in my life. There are still times that I wrap myself in the cloak of a lie so that the truth in my heart will not be known. When my conscience pricks me I discipline myself by speaking the truth out loud to myself and to the other person where appropriate.

This brings me to one other point. There are times when we lie to ourselves. Those lies are most often revealed when another person speaks truth into our life. OUCH! Sometimes pointing out the dishonest life we are living hurts, but their truthful words can become the key to my freedom.

The discipline for today is to tell myself the truth. If I take care of the plank in my own eye, then I will be better equipped to help someone take the speck out of their own.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wisdom, according to my research, is using knowledge in the correct way. It is making choices that have good outcomes. What is the standard of wisdom? Is there a difference between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom? If so, are both true wisdom? Can there be wisdom on both ends of the spectrum?

My Dad and Mom taught me to love learning. In our home, even now, there is an excitement about learning about the physical and spiritual aspects of our human condition. Knowledge and the right use of that knowledge is celebrated. In my experience there can be no separation of the two realities.

It is also my experience that yes, there is wisdom in the world and wisdom in the spiritual realm. Yes, I know that people decide for themselves what they deem wise. BUT, there is a wisdom the supersedes all wisdom we humans may set up.

Science has revealed to us the knowledge of laws that control the universe. These laws touch every aspect of our lives. There are certain principles that seem to be inherent in every person, and they too control our lives. Where did these laws and principles originate? Since I am a God- fearing person I espouse that they were set in place by our Creator. Others may have other ideas but for my purposes I will state with certainty that God has the highest wisdom because He has created us and our lawful boundaries. He has provided us with knowledge. He should be the lone judge of how this knowledge should be used in the correct way. He is the source of all wisdom, both worldly and godly.

It is nice to know God. He even told us that the beginning of wisdom and knowledge is the fear of the Lord. (Fear in this sense is more like respect.) I respect His law. I follow His principles. I also enjoy relationship with Him! When I ask for wisdom He freely gives it to me.

Wisdom. I want it. My choice is to learn and act in accordance with Gods laws so that I will attain the prize of living life well.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love autumn. Maybe it is because I was born this time of year, but I don't think that is all of it.

A single leaf floating to the ground, or piles of leaves waiting to be gathered into bags are delights to my eyes. I remember the time when leaves were burnt and not bagged. The smell of burning leaves is a signal that the holidays are approaching. The taste of apples, caramel, toasted marshmallows are autumns signature desserts. The crackle of dry leaves underfoot or the rustle of the leaves under the soft fingerings of the wind sings a melody of life getting ready for silence of a snow white winter. Why do I love autumn? Whatever it is that touches my senses it remains a mystery.

Autumns' mystery speaks to me of adventure, beauty, romance, and a harvest of growth. Even in my own life, I seem to sense a harvest of my years' labor as I approach the month of my birth.

Yes, I love autumn for reminding me to bring in the harvest of the seeds planted long ago. Each year the bounty becomes fuller and the cornucopia of my life's harvest overflows. I am blessed. I alone do not bring the harvest. My Lord is the Master of my garden!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost Words, Lost Thoughts

Yesterday I wrote out an entire blog but it failed to post so I am here to apologize to interested readers for the loss.

Everyone has had experiences of losing a dream as we awake. We also lose a thought now and again. Then there are times when we just cannot find the right word to express what we want to say. Losing my blog was a bigger loss. I had complete thoughts and the right words. It was lost because of a computer failure, not my brain dysfunction. It will not stop me from trying to share new thoughts with you.

Loss is a part of life. We think new thoughts and create new words. We also will lose some of them. The truth is that they existed. They lived even for a short time and so they were of some value, even if only to me.

Human life is like that too. It can be short or last many years, but all life has value. Life's value does not come from its length, greatness, nor purposefulness. Life's value comes from its Creator because He alone is given glory through it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made New

My body is growing older, but my spirit is renewed every day. I like becoming new. I don't like getting old.

I guess getting old has its blessings, but it sometimes gets over shadowed with the not so great experiences. Growing old in American culture is not an honor. The quest to look young and hide the aging process does not suit me, but I am beginning to think that in order for my wisdom and experiences to be accepted I must hide my age. It makes me sad because I treasure the wisdom God has shown me over the years. It seems it would be easy to advertise that wisdom if I looked the part.

I am surprised that the renewal process also has its ups and downs. When my spirit needs repair from my wayward choices it can be painful to submit to the reconstruction, renovation projects that God builds into my life. It takes discipline and hard work to surrender to His will, but I like the end result. I am refreshed and rejuvenated. I am ready for the next challenge.

As my body heads toward wearing down my spirit is creatively made new. The Creator is making this old woman new!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To-Do List

I have a to-do list that just won't go away! It does get shorter, but then it gets long again. Right now it is long with a possible two more "to-dos" to be added on to the bottom of the list.

My dilemma is if I should add them or should I say "No." Saying "No" is hard especially when it is a good thing to do. The only way to make a wise decision is to seek out the One who really knows what path I should take.

I am reminded that only a short time ago God spoke to me about focusing on one thing till it was completed. Does that mean I cannot place something on my list to be done in the future? That is something I need to ask Him. Whatever choice I make I want it to be wise and with purpose. I guess prayer and time with God is now at the top of my list!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Works!

My husband, Patrick, and I have a tradition of repeating our vows to each other on our anniversary. It works!

There are some years that it has been hard to say the words without clenched teeth, but we have said them anyway. We have found, that saying out loud what we vowed before God, opens up our hearts to fix whatever is broken between us. It is hard to build walls between us when our vows tie us together. Our vows have been a strong bond cementing our commitment to choose and love each other in good times and bad.

Our vows are holy and blessed, powerful prayers of submission to each other. Like the old childs' verse says, "A promise is a promise, and a promise can't be broken."

Monday, September 15, 2008

35 Years

Thirty five years can seem like a lifetime, or as if they have simply flown past in mere minutes. Today my husband and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with both those extremes in mind.

In our 35 years we have experienced many ups and downs of life. Our commitment to each other has brought us into commitments to families (in-laws), our children and grandchildren (and their in-laws). We have comforted each other in sorrows and have celebrated each joy that blessed one or both of us. We have cried, laughed, sighed and pondered life together, mostly on the same side. Thirty five years has been a life time for us and we look forward to the continued life we share.

As I think about that day when I walked down the aisle in my Mothers' wedding gown, I can remember details as if it were yesterday. Yes, the years have flown by. Those shared moments have gone by much too quickly. Some moments needed to linger long, leaving a deeper impression. Yet, the memories are a sweet gift allowing those times to expand and stretch over the years. Love is in the day to day remembering that I have chosen him and he has chosen me to celebrate our lives together.

The celebration continues in good times and bad, in poverty and plenty, in showers and sunshine. Today I celebrate US!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am changing. I am not only getting older and finding that old age creeping into my bones, but I am also changing in the way I live life. This includes physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

The change I find most disturbing and disruptive to my everyday life is the change in relationships. Children becoming adults, grandchildren, (empty nest/open nest), a retirement minded husband, aged mother, far away siblings, fickle friendships, and that love/hate relationship with myself all add to the mix of my changing and deepening relationship with God. Without the change in my relationship with God I am certain all the others would fall to pieces.

In truth, my exchanges with God are the reason for some of the changes with others. He is working on me. He wants change in how I relate to others and it is making a huge difference in my view of self, the world and my creator. I find it to be frightening sometimes, but also an extraordinary adventure! It can be lonely and yet filled with His presence.

Everything changes. I said these very words to my husband as we exchanged our wedding vows 35 years ago. Yes, everything is changing, and because I trust in a good God who sent His Son and the Holy Spirit to live in me, I am certain that the change will be for my good.

In the end I must let go, surrender to the changes that come, all the while holding on to the One who carries me through. Though He is unchanging, I can always find a new revelation of Him for the new place I find myself!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tax Exempt

Tax breaks are wonderful and alot can be said about their usefulness to the church. Ministries are almost always on tight budgets. They pinch pennies and try to do the best they can for people who are in need. It is a great relief for charities not to pay taxes.

However, I think that "tax exempt" has become the steering wheel for the mechanics of the voice of the church. We as the church have embraced the concept of separation of church and state without seeing the truth. The truth, as I see it, is that the state has not separated itself from the church! Government "interfers" with the church by intimidating and threatening a removal of the tax exempt status for those who take a firm stand against politically correct thinking. The relief of taxes has bound us to the govermental winds like a kite on a string. There is no real security or freedom.

Questions remain: When is the church going to stand up and believe God to supply their needs and stop relying on the governments' allowances to get us by? When will Christians become so bold for the Lord that they will refuse to live in the shadow of the Government dollars? When will we live as people who are free to speak even if it brings conflict? When will we stop depending on the handouts of our "Big Brother?" When will God alone be our strong tower, our provider, our refuge, our truth, and our Lord and Master?

Like I said before, alot of good can be done being tax exempt. But what is not being done that God would like to be done? If we took our hand out of the pocket of the government maybe we would become a greater instrument of true heart change in those who see our duplicity. If we stood on our own with only God as our source, maybe we would find our voices singing His glory and truth and honor!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deaf Ears to Politics

I am turning a deaf ear to the political ads that point fingers at the opposition instead of presenting strategies that they will take for leading our beloved country and ALL citizens. I am tired of hearing how bad the other side is and how our side will be "Different."

Don't get me wrong. There is a need for change. We must find a leader who can stand against the flow that has Washington in its grip. We need something different! BUT, I am convinced that one person, even a strong leader cannot undo, remake, or change the flow without the cooperation of the congress and the majority of the people. I am not looking for someone who can talk change. I want to hear and be convinced that our next president and vice president can convince both sides of the aisle that the change they propose is for everyones best interest.

I am certainly not looking for someone who polarizes so much change that it would be impossible to move in any direction. I am looking for someone who thinks through what really matters.

A message to the candidates: Please do not talk about your opponent! I will make my own judgement about both of you. Tell me what qualifications you bring to the office. I want to hear not only your platform but how you intend to achieve it without placing it all on the backs of the citizens (taxes included). I believe both sides have good ideas and want the best for the country. I am a smart voter. I read between the lines. I will decide by what you intend to do not by what you say the other side will do!

Change is in the wind no matter who gets elected. But do we want the change to put us into slavery because we, as voters, do not want to rise up and work for our own needs, make our own decisions, and live self-controled lives? We have the power in our vote to tell our representatives that we want our freedom, not a government that is the master over every part of our lives.

My cry at the the voting booth is "FREEDOM!!!"

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lizard and the Fly

Today when I sat down at my computer I noticed a little lizard playing at my feet. Of course, I had no desire to have him use my feet or leg as a jungle gym so I promptly scooted him out the back door!

Later this evening we were greeted by some fly-by acrobatics of a huge house fly! We chased and swatted but could not effectively remove the buzzing menace from the house.

So now I sit here at the computer thinking that getting rid of the lizard may have not been the best idea. He could have caught the fly with a quick zap of his tongue! In retrospect I could have placed the creature into a box and waited for the fly and putting the lizard to good use in my house! But I had no idea of the future and so I chose the path that seemed best.

Not seeing into the future limits us, but there is wisdom in sticking to the present and relying on lessons learned in the past or from others who have gone before us. If I had kept the lizard I would have spent much time finding secure housing for him, making sure he was tended to properly etc. I would have lost moments that could have been used in a better occupation. Worrying about a little fly that would buzz past my ear in the future would be a trivial waste of time.

The truth is that I do sometimes fret over those little irritations that may come in the future. I do sometimes spend time chasing down a path that leads only to the possibility that I can change the future. God knows my future and He alone can direct me in todays' decisions so that the future will be in alignment with His perfect will.

So the lizard will go out the door and the fly will buzz through the house, but me? Well, I will keep asking God what I should do today, because only He knows the future!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giving Big

I am so proud of my family! This is the time of year that we usually gather to plan our Christmas giving: pulling names or setting up an exchange of some sort. This year is different. We are planning a big gift for a needy family, a service project and a possible gift box for a service man serving in Iraq.

Over the next few months we will be having fund raisers, a yard sale, and possibly some crafts to sell. In Colorado we have a connection that will be taking some of the proceeds from the sale of Indiana Jones DVDs to give to our cause. One member of our group has been doing laundry for her daughter for a price. Today the excitement is growing!

Here's a challenge for you: Plan a "Big Gift" of your own! You just may find that in the giving you receive the biggest gift of all! You certainly won't miss not opening a gift if you have the right heart! I guarantee you will have a Blessed Christmas, Happy Holiday and new vision of your neighbor!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Do

It is not often now-a-days that couples can celebrate 50 years of being together. It is rare that a man and woman forge a path strewn with thorns, pot holes, stones and ruts and still look at one another with love because they said "I do!"

Today I celebrated with dear friends who will cross that threshold tomorrow. They are a picture of priceless love that was chosen every day and every passing year. No, it has not always been easy. Their story has long been haunted by the debilitating illness of M.S. Through it all they have said "I do" to each other

I do choose you.
I do love you,
I do not give up.

The power in those two words is not that they are said at the begining of the marriage. Their power is in the living and doing. They may be easy to say but they hold a challenge in the living. I believe that in these words lies a golden opportunity. The question is will we as couples step up to the challenge? There is a reward if we do. I challenge you to find that reward!

Friday, September 5, 2008


This is a warning to anyone who thinks they can cross the legal line and get away with it! No, I have not crossed that line but I know about the consequences from others experiences. I have crossed other lines though and so I too qualify for this message.

When you get caught beware! You will find that your sins will be turned back onto you through the "Justice" system. You will be married to the DOC for your entire sentence and maybe longer! You will be lied to, and conned by those who despise you. Your family will suffer the same treatment even though they have not committed any crime. You can be sure your life will be a living hell, that causes you to become the prey of people who think themselves righteous. It is an ugly life.

In all of this you must also know that if you do not get caught here you will still suffer the consequences. The only hope any sinner has is in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you admit you are a sinner and you would like to have the hope He brings, let me know and I'll share some really good news with you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Giving Up

I want to give up. I do not want to make any more plans that fail or have any more dreams that cannot come true. I want to just live my life free from hope that disappoints. Is that even possible?

I may be sounding really down right now and I admit I am. I won't cause you to read any more, just know that I am shutting myself into my prayer closet so I can find the comfort of my loving God.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Confrontation. That is a BIG word but even more so when the one confronting is a mother-in-law. Generally I am not a confronter. I don't like strife and most often I overlook other peoples faults and problems.

Okay, yes, there is a "but" to all of that. As a mother I am also ready to confront when necessary. I do try to do it in a respectful and honest way, but (and there goes that word again) I am not always sure that what I say will be taken in the right way or the spirit it was intended. I also try not to get involved in personal matters. I confront on matters that not only affect my child but the entire family.

So, when I am received incorrectly, how do I back up? I can't. The words are out, the offense has occured. I can only only go forward and assure the offended one that my intentions were pure, and though hurtful, were actually meant to keep our relationship open. Keeping things to ourselves can cause walls to build up and become obstacles in the future.

It is a matter of caring enough to confront the issue that may cause a problem. Again the word "but" comes into play, because we must confront in love and humility knowing that we are not perfect and we cannot judge the other.

Confrontation is complicated but it can also simplify if we do it right!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A War against Faith

There is a battle waging. This battle is being fought against my faith, but I stand on a solid foundation:Jesus Christ!

Today my faith took a great hit. I have been left slightly dazed and stunned at the turn of events, but I know in whom I believe. He is good and He is able! His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts. Whatever comes I will praise Him. Whatever comes I will give Him glory. I will never deny His goodness or power.

I hold on to the hope of what lies ahead.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Graced Labor Day

I watched my two grandaughters put on a water show for Labor Day. Tricks, jumps, and Shamu splashes brought smiles, laughter, and much praise! It was a delightful show!

We, the audience, were not the only ones to be delighted. Paige and Brooke were delighted to be the focus of our attention. They grinned, laughed and tried to think up more tricks to keep us from calling it a day. Their enthusiasm for celebrating every day can sometimes be tiring, but today it was inviting. They brought us into their fun and even allowed us to do our own "tricks."

Memories were made today. Brooke calling out to Marley, the dog as he ran out to the back yard, "You're free!" Paige running over to baby Scott over and over and asking "How is Scott doing?" Uncle Joe and Momma Erin doing cartwheels with the girls. Pappy touching his nose with each finger as his trick. Grommers touching her toes, and the rest bowing out of the games. Being together was a treat for the heart and a lift for our spirits.

Tomorrow promises to be a day of prayer. It will be a day when our faith will be tested. But today was a day of unity and sunshine and blessing. We will be strong tomorrow because we have had our Labor Day graced with the simple faith of children!

Thank you, Lord, for whatever You bring us tomorrow. You are good all the time and we place our hope and trust in You alone!