Friday, September 26, 2008

Music Magic

The enjoyment of music is a spiritual experience. Music sometimes disturbs me and causes me to cringe. More often it draws me into a deeper place inside myself where I find spiritual treasures.

Through music I am excited to love, impelled to dance for joy, or exhale my cares letting the floodgates of peace wash over me. It is not only the words but the sounds rising and falling in harmony and melody all in unity.

Music is said to be the universal language. I admit that I can "read" the music of other countries. I can touch the depth of truth hidden within the sounds. I hear the cries of those who are just as human as me.

Music nudges me closer to God, my loved ones, and everyone. My thoughts wander to others as I listen . I am not alone in this world and music is a delicate ribbon connecting me to you. Right now I must go dance! There is a song calling me! Want to come along?
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