Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost Words, Lost Thoughts

Yesterday I wrote out an entire blog but it failed to post so I am here to apologize to interested readers for the loss.

Everyone has had experiences of losing a dream as we awake. We also lose a thought now and again. Then there are times when we just cannot find the right word to express what we want to say. Losing my blog was a bigger loss. I had complete thoughts and the right words. It was lost because of a computer failure, not my brain dysfunction. It will not stop me from trying to share new thoughts with you.

Loss is a part of life. We think new thoughts and create new words. We also will lose some of them. The truth is that they existed. They lived even for a short time and so they were of some value, even if only to me.

Human life is like that too. It can be short or last many years, but all life has value. Life's value does not come from its length, greatness, nor purposefulness. Life's value comes from its Creator because He alone is given glory through it.
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