Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lizard and the Fly

Today when I sat down at my computer I noticed a little lizard playing at my feet. Of course, I had no desire to have him use my feet or leg as a jungle gym so I promptly scooted him out the back door!

Later this evening we were greeted by some fly-by acrobatics of a huge house fly! We chased and swatted but could not effectively remove the buzzing menace from the house.

So now I sit here at the computer thinking that getting rid of the lizard may have not been the best idea. He could have caught the fly with a quick zap of his tongue! In retrospect I could have placed the creature into a box and waited for the fly and putting the lizard to good use in my house! But I had no idea of the future and so I chose the path that seemed best.

Not seeing into the future limits us, but there is wisdom in sticking to the present and relying on lessons learned in the past or from others who have gone before us. If I had kept the lizard I would have spent much time finding secure housing for him, making sure he was tended to properly etc. I would have lost moments that could have been used in a better occupation. Worrying about a little fly that would buzz past my ear in the future would be a trivial waste of time.

The truth is that I do sometimes fret over those little irritations that may come in the future. I do sometimes spend time chasing down a path that leads only to the possibility that I can change the future. God knows my future and He alone can direct me in todays' decisions so that the future will be in alignment with His perfect will.

So the lizard will go out the door and the fly will buzz through the house, but me? Well, I will keep asking God what I should do today, because only He knows the future!
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