Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wisdom, according to my research, is using knowledge in the correct way. It is making choices that have good outcomes. What is the standard of wisdom? Is there a difference between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom? If so, are both true wisdom? Can there be wisdom on both ends of the spectrum?

My Dad and Mom taught me to love learning. In our home, even now, there is an excitement about learning about the physical and spiritual aspects of our human condition. Knowledge and the right use of that knowledge is celebrated. In my experience there can be no separation of the two realities.

It is also my experience that yes, there is wisdom in the world and wisdom in the spiritual realm. Yes, I know that people decide for themselves what they deem wise. BUT, there is a wisdom the supersedes all wisdom we humans may set up.

Science has revealed to us the knowledge of laws that control the universe. These laws touch every aspect of our lives. There are certain principles that seem to be inherent in every person, and they too control our lives. Where did these laws and principles originate? Since I am a God- fearing person I espouse that they were set in place by our Creator. Others may have other ideas but for my purposes I will state with certainty that God has the highest wisdom because He has created us and our lawful boundaries. He has provided us with knowledge. He should be the lone judge of how this knowledge should be used in the correct way. He is the source of all wisdom, both worldly and godly.

It is nice to know God. He even told us that the beginning of wisdom and knowledge is the fear of the Lord. (Fear in this sense is more like respect.) I respect His law. I follow His principles. I also enjoy relationship with Him! When I ask for wisdom He freely gives it to me.

Wisdom. I want it. My choice is to learn and act in accordance with Gods laws so that I will attain the prize of living life well.
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