Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Do

It is not often now-a-days that couples can celebrate 50 years of being together. It is rare that a man and woman forge a path strewn with thorns, pot holes, stones and ruts and still look at one another with love because they said "I do!"

Today I celebrated with dear friends who will cross that threshold tomorrow. They are a picture of priceless love that was chosen every day and every passing year. No, it has not always been easy. Their story has long been haunted by the debilitating illness of M.S. Through it all they have said "I do" to each other

I do choose you.
I do love you,
I do not give up.

The power in those two words is not that they are said at the begining of the marriage. Their power is in the living and doing. They may be easy to say but they hold a challenge in the living. I believe that in these words lies a golden opportunity. The question is will we as couples step up to the challenge? There is a reward if we do. I challenge you to find that reward!
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