Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deaf Ears to Politics

I am turning a deaf ear to the political ads that point fingers at the opposition instead of presenting strategies that they will take for leading our beloved country and ALL citizens. I am tired of hearing how bad the other side is and how our side will be "Different."

Don't get me wrong. There is a need for change. We must find a leader who can stand against the flow that has Washington in its grip. We need something different! BUT, I am convinced that one person, even a strong leader cannot undo, remake, or change the flow without the cooperation of the congress and the majority of the people. I am not looking for someone who can talk change. I want to hear and be convinced that our next president and vice president can convince both sides of the aisle that the change they propose is for everyones best interest.

I am certainly not looking for someone who polarizes so much change that it would be impossible to move in any direction. I am looking for someone who thinks through what really matters.

A message to the candidates: Please do not talk about your opponent! I will make my own judgement about both of you. Tell me what qualifications you bring to the office. I want to hear not only your platform but how you intend to achieve it without placing it all on the backs of the citizens (taxes included). I believe both sides have good ideas and want the best for the country. I am a smart voter. I read between the lines. I will decide by what you intend to do not by what you say the other side will do!

Change is in the wind no matter who gets elected. But do we want the change to put us into slavery because we, as voters, do not want to rise up and work for our own needs, make our own decisions, and live self-controled lives? We have the power in our vote to tell our representatives that we want our freedom, not a government that is the master over every part of our lives.

My cry at the the voting booth is "FREEDOM!!!"
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