Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fly Away Home

When children leave home there is much excitement. The change for them is a gigantic step of independence and maturity. I know from experience that at the same time it is also a leap of faith for parents.

Letting go of the child into the adult world is not easy. In fact it takes much courage and strength to let go. Parents have provided, protected, pacified and punished in an effort to make the day of flying away from the nest a successful one for the child. But as their young one drops over the edge of the nest and before the first flutter of their wings catch the wind, a parent forgets to breathe, and remembers every mistake they made. The well taught fledgling seems to never look back.

Children find the place they will call home. It is no longer where the parents live. Home is their own place of comfort and security. Home is a place Mom and Dad visit. It is a place where they can make mistakes and learn to live life fully in charge, making choices and reaping the harvest, good or bad.

Parents know the importance of letting their children fly away home and so they do, with tears. There is a future hope that parent and child will one day share an eternal home. With that hope there is joy. It is never a mistake to give your child wings that leads them to the home that Jesus is preparing for us. In that truth a parent can rejoice!

Little one, with tears I let go, so you can fly away to a place where you can learn who you are and who God can be in your life. Fly away home!
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